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According to Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter, AEW is reportedly struggling to sell advance tickets for its upcoming Saturday night show, “AEW Collision.” The company has announced a batch of dates for the show, which will take place in Newark, New Jersey on July 22, Toronto, Ontario, Canada on June 24, and Chicago, Illinois on June 17. However, ticket sales for these events are reportedly moving slow.

The Newark show has reportedly moved somewhere around 3,500 tickets, while the Toronto show has sold around 1,600 tickets. The Chicago show has not yet sold any tickets.

There are a few possible reasons for the slow ticket sales. One possibility is that AEW is simply not as popular as WWE. WWE is the dominant wrestling promotion in the United States, and it has a much larger fan base than AEW. Another possibility is that AEW’s product is not as appealing to fans as WWE’s product. AEW has been criticized for its focus on hardcore wrestling and its lack of star power.

Whatever the reason for the slow ticket sales, it is a worrying sign for AEW. The company is still relatively new, and it needs to build a strong fan base in order to survive. If AEW cannot sell tickets for its upcoming shows, it could be in trouble.

Here are some possible reasons why AEW is struggling to sell advance tickets for its upcoming Collision dates:

  • AEW is not as popular as WWE.
  • AEW’s product is not as appealing to fans as WWE’s product.
  • AEW is not promoting the shows effectively.
  • AEW is facing competition from other wrestling promotions, such as Impact Wrestling and Ring of Honor.

AEW needs to address these issues if it wants to sell more tickets for its upcoming shows. The company needs to find a way to increase its popularity and make its product more appealing to fans. It also needs to promote its shows more effectively and face the competition from other wrestling promotions.