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Collision Course: A Riveting Recap of AEW Collision 2024

The echoes of thunderous applause still linger in the air after a night of nonstop action at AEW Collision 2024. Held on June 22nd, the event delivered a knockout punch with a thrilling mix of high-flying maneuvers, brutal takedowns, and unexpected alliances. From title clashes to grudge matches, Collision proved once again why AEW reigns supreme in the world of professional wrestling.

Champions Rise and Fall: The Title Picture Takes Shape

The spotlight shone bright on championship gold at Collision. In the main event, the “Aerial Assassin” Will Ospreay defended his AEW International Championship against the monstrous Brian Cage. The match was a breathtaking display of contrasting styles. Ospreay, known for his agility and daredevil moves, soared through the air with signature maneuvers like the Hidden Blade and the OsCutter. Cage, a powerhouse with unmatched strength, countered with thunderous clotheslines and brutal powerbombs.

The crowd was on its feet throughout, gasping at Ospreay’s near misses and erupting in cheers when Cage launched himself into offensive maneuvers that defied his size. In a shocking turn of events, Cage managed to overpower Ospreay with a devastating Drill Claw, securing the pinfall victory and claiming the coveted International Championship. This unexpected title change throws the division wide open, with hungry challengers undoubtedly lining up for a shot at Cage’s reign.

Another pivotal championship clash saw the “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada stake his claim on the AEW Continental Championship in an Eliminator Match against the legendary Ultimo Guerrero. Their clash was a masterclass in technical wrestling, with both competitors showcasing their years of experience and strategic brilliance. The match flowed with a captivating mixture of mat-based submissions and hard-hitting strikes.

Okada controlled the early portions with his signature dropkicks and Rainmaker pose teases. However, Guerrero, fueled by his trademark lucha libre spirit, countered with innovative maneuvers and his devastating Guerrero Driver ’98. The climax arrived when Okada, displaying remarkable resilience, countered a frog splash with a mid-air tombstone piledriver, pinning Guerrero for the hard-fought victory. With this win, Okada positions himself as the next challenger for the Continental Championship, a potential dream match brewing for AEW fans.

Unexpected Alliances and Fierce Rivalries Take Center Stage

Beyond the championship battles, Collision delivered a series of captivating grudge matches and surprising team-ups. The unlikely alliance of Chris Jericho and the monstrous Big Bill took on the high-flying Private Party in a chaotic brawl. Jericho’s veteran experience clashed with Private Party’s youthful exuberance, while Big Bill’s sheer size added a layer of unpredictability. The match was filled with comedic moments – Jericho attempting a Lionsault off Big Bill’s shoulders was a particular highlight – but ultimately, Private Party used their aerial offense to their advantage, securing the win with their signature Gin and Juice combination.

Another unexpected team-up saw the stoic submission specialist, Hook, join forces with the legendary MMA fighter, Katsuyori Shibata, and the imposing Samoa Joe to take on the athletic trio known as The Premier Athletes. This match became a war of styles, with Hook’s technical precision clashing against the high-octane offense of The Premier Athletes. Shibata’s trademark strikes and Joe’s brutal powerbombs added another layer of intensity. The unlikely alliance of veterans and rookies proved successful, with Hook securing the tap-out victory with his signature Redrum submission.

The grudge between The House of Black (Malakai Black and Brody King) and Matt Menard continued at Collision, with the imposing duo facing a surprise opponent in the enigmatic luchador Hechicero. This match was a dark and brutal affair, filled with Black’s signature mist-based offense and King’s devastating power moves. Hechicero, despite his smaller stature, held his own with innovative lucha maneuvers and a surprising amount of ferocity. However, The House of Black ultimately emerged victorious, with King pinning Menard after a brutal lariat.

Rising Stars Shine Bright: The Future of AEW is Here

Collision also served as a platform for AEW’s rising stars to showcase their talent. The young and hungry duo of Killswitch and Nick Wayne battled the veteran Iron Savages (Bronson and Boulder) in a high-octane tag team match. Wayne’s daredevil dives and Killswitch’s innovative offense pushed the boundaries of what’s possible in the ring. The Iron Savages countered with their brutal brawling style and impressive teamwork. In the end, Killswitch and Wayne emerged victorious, sending a strong message to the entire tag team division.

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