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ROH Wrestling Live 2/22/24: A Night of High Stakes and Shocking Turns

Ring of Honor Wrestling returned with a bang on February 22nd, 2024, delivering a night of electrifying matches, unexpected twists, and title implications that left the ROH faithful buzzing. From hard-hitting main events to emotional farewells, ROH Live 2/22/24 offered something for every wrestling fan. So, buckle up, because we’re diving deep into the results and the stories that unfolded within the squared circle.

Main Event Mayhem: Lethal vs. Gresham – Pure Championship on the Line

The main event spotlight shone brightly on Jonathan Gresham defending his Pure Championship against the formidable “Black Machismo” Jay Lethal. This encounter promised a technical masterpiece, and it did not disappoint. Gresham, the embodiment of the Pure rules, utilized his speed and precision to counter Lethal’s power and experience. They weaved a tapestry of near falls, reversals, and innovative holds, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats.

Just when Gresham seemed to be gaining momentum, Lethal countered with a picture-perfect Lethal Injection for a two-count. The tension grew as both men pushed their limits, trading signature moves and showcasing their fighting spirit. In a heart-stopping moment, Gresham connected with a thunderous lariat, sending Lethal crashing to the mat. As he locked in the Figure-Four Leglock, the arena held its breath. Lethal, ever the resilient champion, fought the pain, eventually forcing the break.

The final moments were a whirlwind of reversals and desperation. Gresham countered a Lethal Injection attempt into a roll-up, narrowly escaping with a three-count and retaining his Pure Championship. This thrilling encounter solidified Gresham’s reign as a worthy champion and established Lethal as a persistent threat, setting the stage for future clashes.

Emotional Farewell: Castle’s Last Stand

A somber yet heartwarming moment unfolded as Christopher Daniels bid farewell to ROH after an illustrious career spanning two decades. “The Fallen Angel” took on Colt Cabana in a match filled with mutual respect and emotional callbacks. Throughout the match, they exchanged signature moves and sequences that resonated with long-time fans, creating a nostalgic atmosphere.

The crowd erupted in “Thank you, Daniels!” chants as he battled with heart and determination. Despite Cabana’s valiant efforts, Daniels delivered the Angel’s Wings for the emotional victory. In a touching post-match segment, Daniels received a thunderous ovation and heartfelt tributes from fellow wrestlers and fans alike. His departure marked the end of an era in ROH, but his legacy will undoubtedly live on.

Other Match Highlights:

  • In a hard-hitting three-way ROH World Tag Team Championship match, champions Shane Taylor Promotions (Moses & Kaun) retained their titles against The Foundation (Tracy Williams & Rhett Titus) and The Trustbusters (Ariya Daivari & Daimien Priest). The action was fast-paced and brutal, showcasing the raw power of all six competitors.
  • The Briscoes continued their dominant run by defeating Jay Lethal & Josh Woods in a tag team match. Mark & Jay Briscoe displayed their trademark teamwork and aggression, leaving their opponents reeling.
  • Mandy Leon earned a hard-fought victory over Allysin Kay in a Women’s World Championship Eliminator Tournament match. This intense encounter showcased the rising talent of Leon and solidified her position as a contender for the Women’s World Championship.

Shocking Twist: Gresham’s New Challenger Emerges

Following the Pure Championship main event, a shocking turn of events unfolded. As Gresham celebrated his victory, a returning Bandido stormed the ring, challenging him for the Pure Championship. The crowd erupted in surprise as Bandido, known for his high-flying lucha libre style, declared his intentions to compete under the Pure rules. This unexpected development sets the stage for a fascinating clash between two contrasting styles, leaving fans eagerly anticipating their upcoming encounter.

Overall, ROH Live 2/22/24 delivered an unforgettable night of action, emotion, and surprises. From the technical brilliance of the main event to the heartfelt farewell of Christopher Daniels, the evening offered something for every wrestling fan. With shocking developments and title implications hanging in the balance, ROH has set the stage for an exciting future, leaving fans eager to see what unfolds next.

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