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AEW Collision: A Night of Thrills, Spills, and Unexpected Victories

AEW Collision Quick Results November 25th, 2023

Hook defeats Rocky Romero

Claudio Castagnoli defeats Daniel Garcia

Brody King defeats Eddie Kingston

The House of Black (Buddy Matthews and Malakai Black) defeat Komander and Gravity

Julia Hart defeats Lady Frost to retain the TBS Championship

FTR defeats The Righteous

Keith Lee defeats Lee Moriarty

Brody King defeats Eddie Kingston

Adam Copeland attacks Jay White

AEW Collision Highlights:

  • Hook’s Impeccable Technique: Hook, the young and promising rising star, showcased his impeccable technical skills as he defeated Rocky Romero in a captivating display of athleticism.
  • Castagnoli’s Swiss Power: Claudio Castagnoli, the Swiss Superman, lived up to his moniker as he defeated Daniel Garcia in a hard-fought match, showcasing his impressive strength and agility.
  • King’s Unpredictable Aggression: Brody King, the formidable member of the House of Black, unleashed his unpredictable aggression as he defeated Eddie Kingston in a shocking turn of events.
  • Black’s Sinister Dominance: The House of Black continued their reign of dominance as they defeated Komander and Gravity in a tag team match, displaying their ruthless tactics and impressive teamwork.
  • Hart’s Resilient Spirit: Julia Hart, the reigning TBS Champion, defended her title against Lady Frost in a no-count-out contest, proving her resilient spirit and impressive athleticism.
  • FTR’s Veteran Experience: FTR, the veteran tag team duo, defeated The Righteous with a convincing victory, demonstrating their experience and teamwork.
  • Lee’s Limitless Power: Keith Lee, the powerful and charismatic “Limitless” Lee, lived up to his nickname as he defeated Lee Moriarty in a singles match, showcasing his superior strength and experience.
  • King’s Continental Classic Triumph: Brody King emerged victorious in the Continental Classic, defeating Eddie Kingston in a brutal affair, securing his spot in the finals of the tournament.
  • Copeland’s Shocking Appearance: Adam Copeland, the legendary Edge in WWE, made a shocking appearance at AEW Collision, attacking Jay White in an unexpected turn of events, leaving fans buzzing about the future of this rivalry.

The electrifying world of professional wrestling once again took center stage as AEW Collision, a captivating event filled with exhilarating matches and unexpected twists, unfolded before a roaring crowd. Held on November 25th, 2023, AEW Collision showcased the very best of what AEW has to offer, delivering an unforgettable night of action and entertainment.

The event kicked off with a bang as Hook, the young and charismatic rising star, squared off against the seasoned veteran Rocky Romero. Hook, known for his technical prowess and unwavering determination, displayed his growing talent as he exchanged blows with the experienced Romero. In a captivating display of athleticism and skill, Hook emerged victorious, proving once again that he is a force to be reckoned with in the AEW roster.

The Continental Classic, a grueling tournament featuring some of AEW’s brightest prospects, continued with two intense matches. In the first encounter, Claudio Castagnoli, the Swiss Superman, showcased his impressive strength and agility as he defeated Daniel Garcia in a hard-fought battle. Garcia, known for his technical expertise and never-give-up attitude, gave it his all, but Castagnoli’s power proved too much to overcome.

Next up, Brody King, the formidable and unpredictable member of the House of Black, faced off against Eddie Kingston, the boisterous and resilient veteran. The match was a clash of styles, with King’s relentless aggression met by Kingston’s unwavering determination. In a shocking turn of events, King emerged victorious, securing his spot in the next round of the Continental Classic.

The House of Black, a group known for their dark and sinister aura, continued their reign of dominance as they defeated Komander and Gravity in a tag team match. Buddy Matthews and Malakai Black, the two enigmatic members of the faction, displayed their impressive teamwork and ruthless tactics as they controlled the match from start to finish. Komander and Gravity, though valiant in their efforts, were unable to withstand the combined might of the House of Black.

The TBS Championship match, a no-count-out contest, saw Julia Hart, the reigning champion, defend her title against Lady Frost, the charismatic and skilled challenger. The match was a whirlwind of action, with both competitors displaying their impressive athleticism and determination. In the end, it was Hart who emerged victorious, retaining her title with a submission victory.

FTR, the veteran tag team duo of Harwood and Dax, continued their impressive run as they defeated The Righteous in a hard-fought match. FTR’s experience and teamwork proved too much for The Righteous to overcome, as they secured a convincing victory.

In a surprising turn of events, Keith Lee, the powerful and charismatic “Limitless” Lee, defeated Lee Moriarty, the up-and-coming prospect, in a singles match. Moriarty, known for his high-flying offense and technical skills, gave Lee a tough fight, but Lee’s superior strength and experience ultimately led to his victory.

The Continental Classic continued with another intense match as Brody King faced off against Eddie Kingston. The match was a brutal affair, with both competitors showing no mercy. King’s relentless aggression was met by Kingston’s unwavering determination, but in the end, it was King who emerged victorious, securing his spot in the finals of the Continental Classic.

AEW Collision concluded with a bang as Adam Copeland, the legendary Edge in WWE, made a shocking appearance and attacked Jay White, the “Switchblade” of AEW. The crowd erupted in a frenzy as Copeland, with his signature Edgecution DDT, sent White crashing to the mat. This unexpected turn of events left fans buzzing as they speculated about the future of this rivalry.

Overall, AEW Collision was an unforgettable night of professional wrestling, showcasing the incredible talent and athleticism that AEW has to offer. The event was filled with thrilling matches, unexpected twists, and memorable moments that left fans wanting more. AEW continues to set the standard for professional wrestling, delivering action-packed events that captivate audiences worldwide.

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