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Carmelo Hayes facial reaction last week

November 15, 2023

Carmelo Hayes facial reaction last week when he was surprised that Trick didn’t see who attacked him and his facial reaction to the lie detector test he passed and to “accidents” happen…..GUILTY!

I think we all know this but Melo playing it off like he’s not the one who attacked Trick when he knows we all (save for Trick) can see it on face is priceless lol


Great show!

November 15, 2023

MVP (even if it is going to sound peculiar) is Lash Legend imo.

The ending to the show was chef kiss specially with Ilja saying that he was beat the shit out of Corbin even if not directly, plus that Torpedo Moscow into End of Days counter being insane!

I know i said what i said about Xia Li on Raw yesterday, but got to give Shawn credit on this one alongside Xia because they both surprised me (Shawn for being able to pull this segment off really well and Xia for being able to adapt to the whole atmosphere of the tea ceremony so fluidly it felt at times like Lyra had to catch up with how she performed. Also like that Lyra has no fear in the face of Xia Li warning her for not completing the ceremonia that she would have no mercy on her…and overall how this segment does give some extra details to Xia Li since while she is one of the most dangerous people in the ring, outside of it she is pretty respectful even if you can see the condescending attitude still there.

I know praising Joe Coffey is weird but like, his match with Trick, i liked how Joe managed to catch on really quick to how over Trick was and thus him and his Gallus bois managed to work around it really well which shocked me considering Gallus hadn’t been working THIS well even as a crowd heat magnet and they worked really well this time without it just being a byproduct of facing super over with crowd Trick Williams.

Finally, i got to say i liked the way that they used Meta Four’s Lash Legend this show ngl. Because she managed to go from both comedy segment due to Alpha Academy and Chad hyping up Otis being himself, to working really well as big obstacle for Roxanne to attempt to overcome which, seeing as how much Roxanne has already dealt with, is quite the good job. And to cap it off we even had Kiana James screw Roxanne out of the Iron Survivor which unironically sets up a nice storyline between Roxanne, Kiana and Tiffany Stratton because of the latter two being allies and also Tiffany wanting less difficulty on that match thus removing someone like Roxanne Perez out of the equation is a good idea. Good stuff all around.


Great show,

November 15, 2023

HBK nails it as always. NXT continues to take guys I originally didn’t like at all (Corbin, Coffey, Von) and elevates them. Only part that dragged was the Lyra and Xia segment, but I’m glad that Lyra is getting time to exercise her character work, it’s one piece she’s missing to be a main roster star.

Von complaining about asparagus had me laughing hard. Protect this man at all costs.


Chase borrowed from the Family

November 15, 2023

my theory that Chase borrowed from the Family to save the school from Kianna is sadly ended. Him being in debt to the mob doesn’t fit with the crowd walk out.

Idiots saying “he’s dating Jacey” are just idiots. 1) Jacey was unaware of things when she got the letter or photo from Angie last week (and THIS WEEK, Angie had her 5th and 6th appearance, but still not named again…(there’s a NXT Anon video of her and Chase talking, then the segment tonight)), and 2) NXT/WWE are NOT going to go anywhere near a teacher sleeping with a student story! (Even if they’re both obviously in their 20’s/30’s, that’s not an area they’re going to, ESPECIALLY after the CW/NWA/Cocaine thing).

Some kind of accreditation story maybe…but not sure how that works into him owing The Family something…..that leads me back to borrowing money, but that leads to people putting on a talent show to save the university, not walking out.


Called up Roxanne yesterday.

November 15, 2023

lash is not a good enough wrestler to be going over Roxanne. If that’s the best they’ve got for her in nxt she needs to be called up


Mr. Stone friendship tour.

November 15, 2023

I’m invested so deeply in the Von Wagner / Mr. Stone friendship tour.


WWE NXT Results – November 14, 2023

A Night of Title Changes and Surprises

The WWE NXT brand delivered another exciting night of action on November 14, 2023, with title matches, qualifying matches for the upcoming Iron Survivor Challenge, and the return of some fan-favorite superstars.

NXT Tag Team Championship Match: Tony D’Angelo and Stacks vs. Chase U (Andre Chase and Duke Hudson)

In a rematch of their title match from Halloween Havoc, Tony D’Angelo and Stacks regained the NXT Tag Team Championships from Chase U. The match was intense and back-and-forth, with both teams showcasing their athleticism and teamwork. However, D’Angelo and Stacks’ experience and ruthlessness proved to be too much for Chase U to overcome.

Wes Lee vs. Baron Corbin

In a highly anticipated match, Wes Lee defeated Baron Corbin in a hard-fought contest. The match was a display of power and agility, with both superstars showcasing their impressive arsenals of moves. Lee’s high-flying offense was countered by Corbin’s brute strength, but in the end, it was Lee’s speed and determination that led to his victory.

The Warrior Tea Ceremony with Lyra Valkyria and Xia Li

In a beautiful and symbolic segment, Lyra Valkyria and Xia Li performed a traditional Warrior Tea Ceremony. The ceremony was a tribute to their Chinese heritage and a way to prepare themselves for their upcoming challenges.

Roxanne Perez vs. Lash Legend (Iron Survivor Qualifying Match)

In a closely contested Iron Survivor qualifying match, Lash Legend defeated Roxanne Perez. The match was a technical showcase, with both superstars displaying their grappling skills and submission holds. However, it was Legend’s power and aggression that ultimately gave her the edge.

The Alpha Academy Appears on The SuperNova Sessions

In an entertaining segment, The Alpha Academy (Chad Gable and Otis) appeared on The SuperNova Sessions, hosted by McKenzie Mitchell. The duo entertained the audience with their signature humor and charisma, and they also offered their thoughts on the upcoming Iron Survivor Challenge.

The Brawling Brutes (Ridge Holland and Butch) vs. OTM (Odyssey Jones, Malik Blade, and Bryson Palmer)

In a dominant performance, The Brawling Brutes defeated OTM. The match was a showcase of the Brutes’ power and teamwork, as they overwhelmed their opponents with their hard-hitting strikes and coordinated maneuvers.

Trick Williams vs. Joe Coffey (Iron Survivor Qualifying Match)

In a surprising upset, Trick Williams defeated Joe Coffey in an Iron Survivor qualifying match. The match was a back-and-forth affair, with both superstars exchanging blows and showcasing their impressive strength. However, it was Williams’ cunning and agility that led to his victory.

Gigi Dolin vs. Arianna Grace

In a quick and decisive match, Gigi Dolin defeated Arianna Grace. The match was a display of Dolin’s technical prowess and submission mastery, as she quickly put Grace away with her signature submission hold.

Overall, WWE NXT delivered another exciting night of action, with title changes, qualifying matches for the upcoming Iron Survivor Challenge, and the return of some fan-favorite superstars. The show was a fitting end to a week of great wrestling, and it left fans eager to see what happens next on the NXT brand.

Backstage Fallout and Looking Ahead to NXT Deadline

In the aftermath of the show, there was plenty of backstage fallout and speculation about what lies ahead for the NXT brand. Tony D’Angelo and Stacks celebrated their NXT Tag Team Championship victory, while Chase U vowed to reclaim the gold. Wes Lee reveled in his victory over Baron Corbin, while Corbin fumed and plotted his revenge. Lyra Valkyria and Xia Li reflected on their Warrior Tea Ceremony and expressed their readiness for the challenges ahead. Lash Legend celebrated her Iron Survivor qualifying match victory, while Roxanne Perez vowed to bounce back stronger. The Alpha Academy looked forward to the Iron Survivor Challenge and promised to make their mark. The Brawling Brutes continued their dominant run, while OTM regrouped and vowed to learn from their defeat. Trick Williams reveled in his Iron Survivor qualifying match victory and declared himself a force to be reckoned with. Gigi Dolin continued her winning streak and expressed her confidence in becoming the next NXT Women’s Champion.

With the NXT Deadline event just around the corner, the stakes have been raised and the intensity is sure to increase. The Iron Survivor Challenge will be a grueling test of endurance and skill, and the winners will earn the opportunity to challenge for the NXT Championship or NXT Women’s Championship. Meanwhile, the rivalries between Wes Lee and Baron Corbin and More.

Rivalry Escalates, Diamonds and Gold on the Line

The rivalry between Wes Lee and Baron Corbin intensified as the two exchanged heated words and threats of violence. Both superstars were determined to prove their worth and earn a spot in the NXT Championship picture. Meanwhile, Lyra Valkyria and Xia Li continued to form a formidable bond, vowing to support each other through the trials and tribulations ahead. Their Warrior Tea Ceremony had strengthened their resolve, and they were confident in their ability to overcome any obstacle.

The Iron Survivor Challenge loomed, and the pressure mounted on the qualifying participants. Trick Williams, fresh off his upset victory over Joe Coffey, exuded confidence and declared himself the underdog with something to prove. On the other hand, Lash Legend, despite her recent success, felt the weight of expectations. She knew she had a target on her back, but she was determined to live up to the hype and secure a spot in the Iron Survivor match.

The NXT Tag Team Championship picture became even more intriguing when Chase U, still reeling from their loss to Tony D’Angelo and Stacks, received an unexpected challenge from the mysterious duo of Gallus (Mark Coffey and Wolfgang). Gallus, known for their brute strength and intimidating presence, made their intentions clear: they were coming for the NXT Tag Team Championships.

Amidst the escalating rivalries and championship aspirations, the NXT Women’s Championship scene remained captivating. Gigi Dolin’s impressive winning streak continued, and she set her sights on the coveted title. However, she was not the only one vying for the gold. Tiffany Stratton and Fallon Henley, having earned their spots in the Iron Survivor Challenge, were determined to prove their worth and emerge as the next NXT Women’s Champion.

The Path to NXT Deadline Paves the Way for Epic Encounters

As the NXT Deadline event drew closer, the excitement and anticipation reached a fever pitch. The Iron Survivor Challenge promised to be an epic battle of endurance and skill, with the winners earning the opportunity to challenge for the NXT Championship or NXT Women’s Championship. The rivalries between Wes Lee and Baron Corbin, Lyra Valkyria and Xia Li, and Trick Williams and Joe Coffey were set to intensify, leading to potential showdowns at NXT Deadline. And the NXT Tag Team Championship picture was thrown into disarray with the arrival of Gallus, who were determined to make their mark on the NXT brand.

With so much at stake, the road to NXT Deadline was sure to be filled with twists, turns, and unforgettable moments. The NXT brand was poised to deliver another captivating chapter in its storied history, leaving fans eager to see who would emerge victorious and claim the coveted diamonds and gold.

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