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Cody is a genius

September 19, 2023

Not only has he figured out how to be traded to Smackdown so he can face Roman again, but he also got Jey moved to Raw. Now Jey can’t interfere in anymore title matches if he goes back to Roman.


Is Miz the SD trade for Jey? Bc I can totally see it being Cody fr…

September 19, 2023

From the best SD to one of the worst Raw of the year… what a polarizing company ffs


Great episode!

September 19, 2023

I loved that Jey being on RAW has snow balled into several stories. Fantastic storytelling.

All the matches delivered and the ending sequence was perfect. Not a single complaint.


I liked the last two weeks of Raw as a whole more,

September 19, 2023

but the storyline advancement in regards to Drew’s character, Jey’s story, and also Rollins’ feud with Nakamura are all very intriguing. I wonder where Chad Gable goes now since Ciampa seems to be Gunther’s next feud. Maybe Gable gives it another go and finally captures the title at Survivor Series?


Good show, not a single bad segment and Raw just keeps being consistent.

September 19, 2023

Although I’m curious to see how long the Nia jax outrage lasts. Backlash and hatred generally lasts longer for women in wrestling, but especially if she stays recklessness free and stays in the company for years. Will the hate subside?


Drew didn’t help him.

September 19, 2023

Chad Gable is the long game. Ciampa will get fed to Gunther at Fastlane then at survivor series Gable will get his rematch.


past misdeeds.

September 19, 2023

KO I’m going to be real I don’t think you can really talk shit about not trusting people due to their own past misdeeds.

Also as a nxt black and gold ride or die please no more diy please it’s over done


Decent episode

September 19, 2023

Quite a bit a filler, but Nakamura/Rollins and the Jey storyline are really good.

Ivar vs Kofi was also surprisingly good


Rhea with Nia Jax.

September 19, 2023

Think JD would be better with just the three guys at this point. The group needs a change and I feel Rhea would be better to go solo at this point. Her feuding with Dom would be hilarious. Maybe do something crazy like Dom cheating on Rhea with Nia Jax.


pretty bad

September 19, 2023

This episode was pretty bad


Pretty chill episode of raw

September 19, 2023

Loving the jey uso drama and all the characters that surround it at the moment.

Loving gables build up back to the intercontinental championship title match.

Really enjoyed Kofie and Ivan in a very enjoyable and great match, they both looked like a million bucks after.

Seth and nakamura are killing it, I’ve been enjoying this feud.

I always enjoy Becky, she’s a star.

Looking forward to Chiampa vs Gunther, match will be insane.

Great main event and ending to raw, Drew, jey, judgment day, and Cody, left me wanting to see what will happen next.


Great show

September 19, 2023

Jey should’ve won but still a great show


Becky set up the open challenge

September 19, 2023

It’s funny that while I was watching Becky set up the open challenge on delay after avoiding online news I thought “this feels like it would be Tegan Nox” and then after the show find out it was supposed to be Tegan Nox. It’s like they just kept the setup the same and had Nattie retcon it.


Only a matter of time before McIntyre turns with a Claymore on Cody

September 19, 2023

Drew McIntyre and Cody Rhodes will definitely feud with each other and I’m so here for it!


Very good show

September 19, 2023

Shinsuke has been doing a great job as a heel, Seth usually has the mind games on his side like he was in his feud against Finn but this time Shin has mastered the mind games.

Good promo from Becky.

It seems that Ciampa will be GUNTHER’s next challenger and it seems that they continue to suggest that perhaps Giovanni will be kicked out of the group.

I like that even though there was interference, Drew vs Jey had a winner and it didn’t end in dq.


Chelsea backstage segment

September 19, 2023

I just came to say, I absolutely lose my shit every Chelsea backstage segment 🤣, she absolutely does not miss geography


The difference in quality between Raw and smackdown

September 19, 2023

Honestly night and day sometimes. I think the big issue is that raw is just very repetitive and it’s hurting the product. JD vs KO and Sami all the time, Cody feuding with a member of JD, Seth being in a feud that makes him look weak. I think the show definitely could use a couple of trades with smackdown to help create fresh new storylines. Maybe you do end up sending Cody to smackdown, maybe you have LA Knight come to Rae to feud with JD or Seth Rollins. That would create some buzz and be a breath of fresh air on Raw.


I get they needed to temporarily write Rhea out

September 19, 2023

And there’s a bit of a story there with Judgment Day doing badly when she’s not there), but sacrificing so much of the women’s division (including no. 1 contender Raquel, and Shayna coming off defeating Ronda) for the sake of Nia Jax in 2023 remains strange.

On the bright side, what action there was in the tag match before said interference was solid. Zoey/Chelsea in particular worked well together.


Zoey/Chelsea in particular worked well together.

September 19, 2023

I get they needed to temporarily write Rhea out (and there’s a bit of a story there with Judgment Day doing badly when she’s not there), but sacrificing so much of the women’s division (including no. 1 contender Raquel, and Shayna coming off defeating Ronda) for the sake of Nia Jax in 2023 remains strange.

On the bright side, what action there was in the tag match before said interference was solid.


So Kofi Kingston vs. Ivar was probably match of the night…,

September 19, 2023

I don’t want to say that the Viking Raiders’ gimmick itself is what’s holding them back from being pushed, but I think it’s the fact that WWE Creative isn’t really doing anything at all with their whole Vikings gimmick besides airing spooky and mystical vignettes of them with Viking Raiders’ shields and burning shit in a huge Bonfire and occasionally having “Viking Rules matches” which just seems to entail just a regular no disqualification match but with the ring surrounded and covered in a bunch of Viking Raiders’ equipment and props… Creative needs to be more creative with them and their whole viking gimmick/premise like having them actual do Middle Ages Viking shit, without the whole murdering and raping people obviously… They could have them pillage and plunder people on the main roster and have fun segments where they hold huge banquets and feasts for themselves. Erik and Ivar are two really great and impressive talents when it comes to in-ring skills. I mean Ivar literally did a perfect moonsault tonight.

Also, from what I’ve learned from the live thread, Tegan Nox was originally supposed to answer Becky Lynch’s open challenge for the NXT Women’s Championship but apparently Vince McMahon was the one who changed it to have Natalya be the one to answer Becky’s open challenge, but is Vince not aware of the fact that the last time Natalya wrestled on television it was a match against Rhea Ripley over the Smackdown Women’s Championship where Natalya was an underdog babyface so why does he have her heeling it up and trying to make Becky Lynch feel bad about winning the NXT Women’s Championship and making Natalya sound super entitled and acting like she deserves the NXT Women’s Championship more than Becky Lynch?


I thought for sure Kingston was done after the moonsault…

September 19, 2023

Kofi vs Ivar was so much better than it had any right to be!

On paper I never would’ve guessed that’d be match of the night, it’s like they decided they were gonna do their own world title main event level match just for the hell of it, couldn’t believe it while watching, what a performance from those guys.


to fight Judgement Day

September 19, 2023

Cody is bringing Jade to fight Judgement Day?


WWE RAW on September 18, 2023 was a night of action, excitement, and intrigue. The card was stacked with top-notch matches, including Cody Rhodes vs. Dominik Mysterio, Drew McIntyre vs. Jey Uso, and Becky Lynch defending the WWE NXT Women’s Championship against an unknown opponent.

Cody Rhodes vs. Dominik Mysterio

The show opened with a rematch between Cody Rhodes and Dominik Mysterio from WWE Money in the Bank. The two Superstars had a hard-hitting and competitive match, but in the end, Rhodes emerged victorious with a Cross Rhodes.

After the match, Rhodes was interrupted by Rhea Ripley and Finn Bálor, the leaders of The Judgment Day. Ripley and Bálor challenged Rhodes to a match at WWE Clash of Champions, and Rhodes accepted without hesitation.

Kofi Kingston vs. Ivar

Next up was a singles match between Kofi Kingston and Ivar of The Viking Raiders. Kingston was in control for most of the match, but Ivar mounted a late comeback. In the end, however, Kingston was able to hit the Trouble in Paradise for the win.

Shinsuke Nakamura vs. Ricochet

This match was originally scheduled to be a singles contest between Shinsuke Nakamura and Ricochet, but Seth “Freakin'” Rollins inserted himself into the match, making it a Triple Threat.

The match was chaotic and fast-paced, with all three Superstars getting their fair share of offense. In the end, Nakamura was disqualified for hitting Rollins with a low blow.

Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

After the disqualification, Rollins demanded a rematch against Nakamura. The referee agreed, and the two Superstars went one-on-one.

Nakamura was determined to get revenge on Rollins for costing him the match, and he attacked Rollins with a vengeance. Nakamura hit Rollins with a series of strikes and kicks, and he even locked Rollins in the Kinshasha submission hold.

However, Rollins was able to escape the Kinshasha and hit Nakamura with a Superkick for the win.

“Big” Bronson Reed vs. Chad Gable

This match was a showcase for the two Superstars’ impressive strength and athleticism. Reed and Gable traded blows throughout the match, but in the end, Reed was too much for Gable to handle. Reed hit Gable with the Tsunami splash for the win.

Becky Lynch vs. Mandy Rose

In the main event of the evening, Becky Lynch defended the WWE NXT Women’s Championship against Mandy Rose. Lynch was the favorite to win, but Rose put up a valiant effort.

The match was back-and-forth throughout, but in the end, Lynch was able to retain her title with the Manhandle Slam.

After the match, Lynch was confronted by Bianca Belair, who challenged her to a match for the WWE NXT Women’s Championship at WWE Clash of Champions. Lynch accepted the challenge, and the two Superstars stared each other down as the show went off the air.


WWE RAW on September 18, 2023 was a solid show with some strong matches and storylines. The main event between Becky Lynch and Mandy Rose was the highlight of the night, and the match between Cody Rhodes and Dominik Mysterio was also very good.

The Judgment Day is emerging as one of the most interesting and compelling factions in WWE, and their feud with Cody Rhodes is sure to be one of the top storylines heading into WWE Clash of Champions.

Overall, WWE RAW on September 18, 2023 was a good show that left fans wanting more.

Predictions for WWE Clash of Champions

Here are some predictions for the upcoming WWE Clash of Champions pay-per-view:

  • Cody Rhodes will defeat The Judgment Day in a six-man tag team match.
  • Bianca Belair will defeat Becky Lynch for the WWE NXT Women’s Championship.
  • Drew McIntyre will defeat Jey Uso in a steel cage match.
  • Seth “Freakin'” Rollins will defeat Shinsuke Nakamura in a ladder match.
  • Roman Reigns will retain the Undisputed WWE Universal Championship against TBD.

These are just a few predictions, and the actual results of the matches could be anything. WWE Clash of Champions is always one of the most exciting pay-per-views of the year, and this year’s event is sure to be no exception.tuneshareGoogle it

PREVIEW Of WWE RAW 18th September 2023 Preview: A Night of Action and Intrigue

WWE RAW is set to return on September 18, 2023, with a night of action and intrigue on the horizon. With several intriguing segments and matches confirmed, fans can expect to be on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Cody Rhodes vs. Dominik Mysterio

One of the most anticipated matches of the night is sure to be the clash of generations between Cody Rhodes and Dominik Mysterio. Rhodes, fresh from a WWE Money in the Bank rematch, will be looking to get back on track against the young and up-and-coming Mysterio.

The two Superstars have been trading barbs on social media in recent weeks, with Rhodes accusing Mysterio of disrespecting his father, Rey Mysterio. Mysterio, on the other hand, has vowed to prove to Rhodes that he is the future of WWE.

Given the stakes involved, this match is sure to be a must-watch. Rhodes is one of the most popular Superstars in WWE, and Mysterio is one of the most promising young talents in the business. The winner of this match could very well be in line for a major push in the coming months.

Drew McIntyre vs. Jey Uso

Another intriguing match scheduled for September 18 is the rematch between Drew McIntyre and Jey Uso. McIntyre, who has been vocal about his displeasure with Uso’s move to Monday Night RAW, will be looking to settle the score with the Bloodline member.

The two Superstars had a heated confrontation backstage on a recent episode of RAW, which set the stage for their upcoming match. McIntyre is one of the most powerful Superstars in WWE, while Uso is one of the most agile and skilled competitors in the business.

This match is sure to be a hard-hitting contest, and fans can expect to see both Superstars give it their all. The winner of this match could very well earn themselves a spot in the WWE Championship picture.

Rhea Ripley vs. Raquel Rodriguez (WWE Women’s World Title Match)

The WWE Women’s World Title will be on the line on September 18, as Rhea Ripley defends her title against Raquel Rodriguez. Rodriguez has been on a tear in recent weeks, and she is determined to become the new Women’s World Champion.

Ripley, on the other hand, is looking to make her first title defense a successful one. She has been one of the most dominant Superstars in WWE since winning the title in April, and she is not about to give it up without a fight.

This match is sure to be a close one, as both Superstars are evenly matched. The winner of this match will be crowned the new WWE Women’s World Champion, and they will be responsible for leading the women’s division into the future.

Ricochet vs. Shinsuke Nakamura

Ricochet and Shinsuke Nakamura are two of the most exciting Superstars in WWE, and they are set to clash in a high-flying match on September 18. Both Superstars are known for their acrobatic abilities and their innovative movesets.

This match is sure to be a thrill ride for fans, as both Ricochet and Nakamura will be looking to outdo each other in the ring. The winner of this match could very well be in line for a shot at the Intercontinental Championship.

Nia Jax’s Return

Nia Jax made a shocking return to WWE on the September 11 episode of RAW, attacking Raquel Rodriguez and Rhea Ripley during their main event match. The return of Jax has left fans wondering about her intentions.

It will be interesting to see what Jax has in store for Rodriguez and Ripley on September 18. Will she attack them again? Will she challenge one of them to a match? Or does she have something else planned?

Fans will have to tune in to RAW on September 18 to find out.

Other Segments

In addition to the matches listed above, fans can also expect to see a number of other intriguing segments on September 18.

  • The Rock is scheduled to appear on RAW, and he is expected to address his upcoming match against Roman Reigns at WrestleMania 39.
  • Seth Rollins and Sami Zayn are sure to continue their feud, and it could lead to a match between the two Superstars.
  • Becky Lynch and Bianca Belair could also have a confrontation, as they are both vying for a shot at the WWE Women’s Raw Championship.


WWE RAW on September 18 is sure to be a night of action and intrigue. With several intriguing segments and matches confirmed, fans can expect to be on the edge of their seats from start to finish.

Tune in to RAW on September 18 to see all of the action unfold.

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