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unnecessary main event

August 5, 2023

Jey Uso get the shit kicked out of him 24 hours before the biggest match of his life while Roman hasn’t matched up in a month

And now either result tomorrow looks stupid. Either Roman does the obvious and beats Eighty Percent of Jey Uso or the invincible Roman Reigns loses to someone who just had a big match the night before


Not Looking Solid Summerslam

August 5, 2023

Not feeling this WWE SummerSlam 2023 at all. I’m sure it will be a solid event but I was more hyped for WWE Elimination Chamber this year than I am for this WWE Summerslam. Lackluster buildup for all matches.


Iyo vs Zelina match was pretty good

August 5, 2023

Love to see Shotzi’s new look. Also loved the green hair so I was sad see it go but this looks good too, and is unique compared to most women on the roster. Nice to see her vs Bayley advance, also the Iyo vs Zelina match was pretty good. I like seeing them wrestle each other as they’re the smallest women in the SD division. I’m shocked Iyo lost again as Ms MITB. Zelina was kind of fading into the background without a story after MITB so I’m glad she resolidified herself here. I assume she and Shotzi will face Damage CTRL in a tag match next week or soon after that which should be fun.

I liked the Bianca/Charlotte/Asuka vignettes, especially Charlotte’s fsr. She looked great on the boat and the environment fit her well. However I’m a bit underwhelmed that like it was before Wrestlemania 39, the women’s title go home build doesn’t have them interacting. This match can go to any of these three, it’s the most unpredictable women’s title match to me in a long time which is exciting.

Again…. where are Fyre/Dawn? This is like the 6th week in a row they’ve been absent 😭. Maybe they can start a fued with Michin so they all have something good to do. Idk atp lol

Pretty good episode, I’d say I’m decently excited for tomorrow even with the dissapointing cuts.


Bobby and the Profits full heel

August 5, 2023

Hoping they don’t turn Bobby and the Profits full heel. It gets really tiring having every group/duo of cool black people be bad guys automatically. Plus, listen to that pop Bobby got, that was arguably the loudest pop on the show along with LA.


Big E’s career is done

August 5, 2023

If Big E’s career is done at this point, he’s obviously an all time greatest tag team wrestler doesn’t that kinda mean he’s an all time great period?


Jey loses tomorrow

August 5, 2023

When Jey loses tomorrow, Really not sure how they’re going to make the next 8 months interesting before we finally get to Cody Rodes and Roman second match.

Maybe they can find a way to revitalize it the same way Sami Zayn breathed new life into it when The Bloodline story was starting to feel stale.

Otherwise though it feels like the peak of The Bloodline story with Jey is here and there’s still going to be a lot of time to go afterwards. Makes me feel like Cody dethroning Roman isn’t going to be thrilling like “CODY DID IT!!!” so much as it’ll be a “Well thank goodness that’s finally over”.


The Street Profits

August 5, 2023

I love the new attitude of The Street Profits. I’m looking forward to their partnership with Bobby Lashley


yeah movement

August 5, 2023

WWE is trying to set up the “yeah movement” as a real thing…setting up a meta-narrative that Knight is being held back by “the company” to get him red hot.


LA Knight has been one of the fastest rising stars in the industry

August 5, 2023

LA Knight missed out on a number of ppvs and hasn’t been bitching about it… Becky and Sheamus who are prereniually near the top of the card and over and spotlighted can’t keep their mouths shut about not having the spotlight on them for a moment.


hype video were cool

August 5, 2023

Those caricatures and animated versions of the Anoa’i family during the hype video were fucking cool. I kinda want Disney to make a movie based on those characters.


Edge not on WWE SummerSlam

August 5, 2023

I’m a little surprised Edge not on WWE SummerSlam 2023…I’m curious to see who spoils his special ceremony


Raw is fan connected show

August 5, 2023

WWE Raw has been the more connected show. For example, Gunther have been feuding with Riddle, with the help of Sami and Owens. Then that transition into Sami, Owen vs Dominic. Meanwhile Roman have been isolated than the rest of the division, Theory is just there. WWE Smackdown have been very weak imo


the rock is coming back

August 5, 2023

Grayson saying “it doesn’t matter” make me believe the rock is coming back


Grayson Waller t-shirt

August 5, 2023

Grayson Waller wearing a Thank You Trish t-shirt hilarious 😂 😂😂



August 5, 2023

Grayson Waller trying to get The Rock back on WWE TV I gotta give him his Props

The 1 in a Million

The Game

August 5, 2023

The Return.. of The Game…


Very good episode

August 5, 2023

LA Knight is MegaOver and it seems that they are already preparing him for his big push.

It’s great to see the crowd still love Bobby! and he along with the Street Profits will be a great group.

Shotzi looks amazing with her new look and this feud with Bayley can do wonders for her.

Great main event!, Jey beating Solo was the right thing to do, he looks even better heading into summerslam.

I like that Solo is like the underboss you have to overcome to get to Roman, first Cody and now Jey.

The crowd was very good tonight.


Smackdown is kinda weak

August 5, 2023

After watching a whole ton of WWE Raw to get ready for WWE SummerSlam 2023, WWE smackdown is kinda weak in comparison. Not because wwe smackdown is bad, but because raw has been so so good lately.


That’s professionalism

August 5, 2023

Thought it was great how the other wrestlers hid that botch so well that the vibe of the match didn’t change.


LA Knight fan

August 5, 2023

Been an LA Knight fan for a long time, and been hoping he gets a push. That being said, he looks like he’s nervous about being in that spot. I feel like his confidence isn’t coming through lately, the way it did prior.


LA Knight botch

August 5, 2023

Feel bad for LA Knight with that botch. Hope it doesn’t hurt his momentum any with the crowd.


I love Bayley

August 5, 2023

I love that Bayley has two storylines going on at the same time. Her thinking that she’s co-MITB with Iyo is funny delusional heel shit


LA Knight’s popularity

August 5, 2023

LA Knight’s popularity is being acknowledged tenfold by the company. They took advantage of it to give suspense at MITB, they’ve brought it up more than once, even mentioned tonight how far he draws ab audience from, and he’s literally kicking off the show.

If they don’t push him at this point, they’re just being deliberate. Put the US title on this dude!


Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits

August 5, 2023

Good luck trying to get people to boo Bobby Lashley and the Street Profits lmao.

This might be even better than the Hurt Business.


WWE Smackdown Great so far

August 5, 2023

This Smackdown has been great so far. Got a vintage feeling from it! The botch between Sheamus and LA Knight was iffy though.. I know people will call him out on it but it wasn’t that serious.


WWE SmackDown 8/4/23 Preview: The Road to SummerSlam Heats Up

The road to SummerSlam is officially underway, and SmackDown is heating up with some major match announcements and title implications.

In the main event, Jey Uso will face his cousin Solo Sikoa in a highly anticipated match that could have major implications for the upcoming Tribal Chief vs. Tribal Chief match at SummerSlam.

Uso and Sikoa are both members of the Anoa’i family, and they have been on a collision course ever since Solo Sikoa made his SmackDown debut earlier this year. The two cousins have been trading barbs on social media and in interviews, and they are finally set to square off in the ring.

The winner of this match could get the inside track on challenging Roman Reigns for the Universal Championship at SummerSlam. Reigns is currently scheduled to defend his title against Brock Lesnar in the main event of SummerSlam, but if Uso wins this match, he could insert himself into the title picture.

In another major match announcement, Sheamus will take on LA Knight in a battle for SummerSlam Battle Royal momentum. The SummerSlam Battle Royal is a 30-man match that will take place on the Kickoff Show before SummerSlam, and the winner will earn a guaranteed spot in the main event.

Sheamus and Knight are two of the most dominant Superstars on SmackDown, and they are both looking to make a statement in this match. The winner of this match will be a major contender to win the SummerSlam Battle Royal.

In the women’s division, Asuka will defend her SmackDown Women’s Championship against Charlotte Flair and Bianca Belair in a Triple Threat Match. This match is sure to be a classic, as all three women are capable of winning.

Asuka is the current champion, but she will have her hands full with Flair and Belair. Flair is a former SmackDown Women’s Champion, and she is always looking to reclaim her title. Belair is a former Raw Women’s Champion, and she is one of the most popular Superstars in the WWE.

This match is sure to be a wild and unpredictable affair, and it could be the start of a new era in the SmackDown Women’s division.

These are just a few of the matches that are scheduled for SmackDown on August 4th. With SummerSlam just a few weeks away, the stakes are high, and the action is sure to be intense.

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Other Matches and Storylines

In addition to the matches mentioned above, there are a number of other matches and storylines that are sure to be heating up on SmackDown leading up to SummerSlam.

  • The New Day will be looking to defend their SmackDown Tag Team Titles against The Brawling Brutes.
  • Drew McIntyre will be looking to get revenge on Happy Corbin.
  • Gunther will be looking to continue his undefeated streak.
  • Ronda Rousey will be looking to make a statement in her return to SmackDown.

These are just a few of the storylines that will be playing out on SmackDown in the weeks leading up to SummerSlam. It is sure to be an exciting time for WWE fans, and the action is sure to be non-stop.


SmackDown on August 4th is sure to be a must-see event for WWE fans. With so many big matches and storylines on the card, it is sure to be an exciting night of action.

Be sure to tune in to SmackDown on August 4th at 8/7 C on FOX to see all the action. You won’t want to miss it!

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