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December 28, 2023

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Continental Classic Finals:

  • Blue League: Eddie Kingston def. Bryan Danielson with a brutal piledriver.
  • Gold League: Jon Moxley def. Jay White and Swerve Strickland after a Paradigm Shift on White.

Other Key Match Results:

  • Skye Blue def. Kris Statlander in a high-flying showcase of women’s wrestling.
  • Devil’s Henchmen (masked goons) def. MJF & Samoa Joe for the ROH Tag Team Championships in a chaotic brawl.

Major Storyline Developments:

  • Britt Baker unmasked as the mastermind behind the “Devil” attacks, throwing the entire AEW landscape into question.
  • Eddie Kingston’s emotional victory, fueled by grief and a promise to his late friend Brodie Lee.
  • Jon Moxley’s return to championship glory, proving his resilience and hunger.
  • MJF and Joe’s uneasy alliance shattered by the Devil’s interference, leaving their future uncertain.

New Year’s Eve Promises:

  • Explosive confrontations as Moxley and Kingston demand title shots.
  • MJF and Joe seek vengeance against the Devil’s forces.
  • Can anyone stop Britt Baker’s reign of terror?

AEW Dynamite: New Year’s Smash Unmasks Chaos, Crowns Champions, and Leaves Us Breathless

The air crackled with anticipation in Philadelphia on December 27th, 2023. AEW Dynamite: New Year’s Smash wasn’t just a holiday tradition; it was a crucible, a battleground where the past year’s storylines would converge and ignite the path towards the new year. And boy, did it deliver. From explosive championship clashes to shocking revelations, New Year’s Smash was a rollercoaster ride that left the entire wrestling world gasping for air.

Champions Forged in Fire:

The Continental Classic, AEW’s global tournament, reached its climax with two brutal finals. In the Blue League, the “Mad King” Eddie Kingston and the “American Dragon” Bryan Danielson waged war. It was a clash of philosophies, Kingston’s raw intensity meeting Danielson’s technical mastery. Blood painted the canvas red, and Kingston, fueled by a personal vendetta against Danielson, refused to stay down. Ultimately, after a grueling back-and-forth, Kingston secured the pin, tears of triumph streaming down his face. The crowd erupted, their cheers echoing Kingston’s emotional victory.

Meanwhile, the Gold League final pitted Jon Moxley, the “Death Rider,” against Jay White, the “Switchblade,” and Swerve Strickland, the “Messiah of the Cool.” The match was a chaotic ballet of violence, each competitor vying for the gold with desperation. Moxley, ever the brawler, traded haymakers with White’s cunning strikes, while Strickland danced between them, opportunistic and lethal. In the end, it was Moxley who capitalized on the chaos, pinning White with a Paradigm Shift after a grueling triple powerbomb. The former AEW World Champion stood tall, the Continental Classic trophy held aloft, a testament to his relentless spirit.

The Devil’s Dance:

But the shadows stretched long on this New Year’s Smash. The mysterious “Devil” continued to plague AEW, orchestrating attacks and sowing discord. MJF, the arrogant champion, and Samoa Joe, his reluctant partner, found themselves targeted by the Devil’s masked goons. Their ROH Tag Team Championship match became a desperate battle for survival against the unknown assailants. Despite their uneasy alliance, MJF and Joe fought with the ferocity of cornered wolves, only to be overwhelmed by the sheer number of attackers. The Devil’s minions snatched the titles, leaving MJF fuming and Joe questioning his own trust in the “Salt of the Earth.”

Unmasking the Truth:

But the most shocking revelation wasn’t the Devil’s brutality. It was the identity of their ringleader. In a backstage interview, Renee Paquette, the ever-sharp interviewer, confronted the enigmatic Mariah May. Under Paquette’s unwavering gaze, May’s facade crumbled, revealing the cunning Britt Baker, D.M.D., beneath the mask. Baker, with a twisted smile, declared herself the true Devil, the puppet master behind the chaos. The crowd gasped, the pieces finally clicking into place. Baker’s recent grudge against Joe, her history of manipulating events, it all made horrifying sense.

New Year’s Eve Promises Mayhem:

New Year’s Smash ended with a bang, not just from the explosive matches, but from the revelation of the Devil’s true face. AEW World Champion Adam Cole, watching from the back, his face etched with a mix of amusement and apprehension, knew he’d just entered a new level of danger. The lines between hero and villain had blurred, alliances shattered, and the question hung heavy in the air: who will emerge victorious in this twisted game of thrones?

With just days until AEW’s New Year’s Eve extravaganza, the stakes have never been higher. Will Moxley and Kingston’s Continental Classic victories translate into title shots? Will MJF and Joe seek vengeance against the Devil’s disciples? And most importantly, can anyone stop the cunning, ruthless Britt Baker, now that her true colors are revealed? Tune in to AEW Dynamite on New Year’s Eve, because on this night, champions will be crowned, alliances will be forged and broken, and the future of AEW will hang precariously in the balance.

Beyond the Headlines: Dissecting the Mayhem of AEW Dynamite: New Year’s Smash

New Year’s Smash wasn’t just about crowning champions and unmasking villains; it was a masterclass in storytelling, weaving threads of past narratives into a tapestry of shocking twists and electrifying battles. Let’s dissect the night’s events beyond the headlines, examining the deeper implications and hidden gems that make this episode a landmark in AEW history.

Continental Classic: Scars and Redemption:

Kingston’s victory in the Blue League was more than just a tournament win; it was a cathartic release. His rivalry with Danielson, fueled by the tragic death of their friend Brodie Lee, reached a fever pitch as the Mad King unleashed years of pent-up anger. The brutality of the match wasn’t just a display of athleticism; it was a raw, emotional outpouring of grief and a desperate struggle for closure. In the end, Kingston’s tears weren’t just of triumph, but of a burden lifted, a promise fulfilled to his fallen friend.

Moxley’s Gold League win, conversely, was a testament to his unwavering will. Battling against the cunning of White and the agility of Strickland, Moxley proved that even a wounded beast can reclaim its crown. The Paradigm Shift pinning White was more than just a move; it was a symbol of Moxley’s refusal to be defined by past defeats, a declaration that the Death Rider is back and hungrier than ever.

The Devil’s Dance: Shades of Gray and Uneasy Alliances:

The ROH Tag Team Championship match wasn’t just about titles; it was a microcosm of the moral ambiguity consuming AEW. MJF, the arrogant champion, and Joe, the reluctant hero, were forced into an uneasy alliance against the darkness. Their clash with the masked goons showcased a brutal dance of desperation, highlighting the cracks in their partnership. Did Joe truly trust MJF’s motives? Does MJF have any capacity for genuine altruism? These questions lingered in the air, leaving the audience questioning who the true villain was.

But the arrival of Britt Baker as the Devil shattered the illusion of simple hero-villain dichotomies. Baker, once the seemingly repentant dentist, has fully embraced the darkness, reveling in chaos and manipulation. Her reveal as the mastermind throws previous storylines into a new light. Was her recent alliance with Wardlow genuine, or just another pawn in her game? Were her attacks on Thunder Rosa purely personal, or part of a grander plan? The Devil’s mask has fallen, but its shadow looms large, casting doubt on every interaction, every alliance.

New Year’s Eve Promises Fireworks:

With the landscape irrevocably altered, New Year’s Eve promises to be an explosive affair. Moxley and Kingston, newly crowned Continental Champions, are likely to demand championship opportunities. Will they join forces against the common enemy, or will their rivalry resurface? MJF and Joe, wounded and betrayed, must decide whether to lick their wounds or unleash their fury on the Devil’s disciples. And most importantly, can anyone stop Britt Baker’s reign of terror?

New Year’s Eve won’t just be a celebration; it will be a crucible where grudges will be settled, alliances tested, and the fate of AEW will be rewritten. The air crackles with the promise of violence, redemption, and perhaps, a glimmer of hope amidst the chaos. This is not just professional wrestling; it’s a modern morality play unfolding in the squared circle, and we, the audience, are front row to the spectacle.

Beyond the Matches: A Universe Redefined:

New Year’s Smash wasn’t just about individual stories; it was about reshaping the entire AEW landscape. Factions will realign, betrayals will simmer, and new alliances will forge in the aftermath. The lines between darkness and light have blurred, leaving everyone, from established veterans to rising stars, vulnerable to the Devil’s machinations.

The revelation of the Devil’s true identity opens a Pandora’s box of possibilities. Could other seemingly innocent faces be hiding sinister motives? Who will be the next pawn in Baker’s twisted game? The paranoia and suspicion sown by the Devil will test the bonds of friendship and loyalty, creating a breeding ground for unpredictable twists and turns.

In Conclusion:

AEW Dynamite: New Year’s Smash wasn’t just a great episode; it was a turning point. It was a night where champions were crowned, masks were shattered, and the very fabric of AEW was reshaped. As we head into the new year, one thing is certain: AEW is more unpredictable, more captivating, and more dangerous than ever before. Buckle up, wrestling fans, because the Devil’s game has just begun, and New Year’s Eve promises to be an unforgettable showdown.

AEW Dynamite: New Year’s Smash explodes with Triple Threats, Tag Title Chaos, and Mystery in the Air!

The year is about to end with a bang, and AEW Dynamite’s “New Year’s Smash” edition on December 27th promises to be a spectacle that’ll leave fans counting down the seconds to 2024. Brace yourselves for a night of explosive clashes, championship battles, and the potential unveiling of a mystery that has been plaguing the roster for weeks. In this preview, we’ll dive headfirst into the adrenaline-pumping lineup, dissect the narratives at play, and predict the potential fallout that could shape the landscape of AEW in the new year.

Continental Classic: Where Legends Collide and Stars Emerge

The culmination of the captivating Continental Classic tournament arrives with the semifinals heating up the ring. In the Gold League, a clash of titans unfolds as Jon Moxley, the Purveyor of Violence, faces off against Jay White, the Switchblade, and Swerve Strickland, the House Party’s resident daredevil. Each man brings a unique brand of brutality to the table: Moxley’s relentless aggression, White’s cunning opportunism, and Swerve’s gravity-defying athleticism. Predicting a winner is near impossible; this is a match where every strike, every submission, every near-fall will have the crowd on the edge of their seats.

Meanwhile, the Blue League offers a battle of veterans and rising stars. “The American Dragon” Bryan Danielson grapples with the fiery intensity of Eddie Kingston, a man on a tear through the tournament. The technical wizardry of Danielson versus the raw, emotional power of Kingston promises a symphony of pain and glory. Can Danielson maintain his dominance, or will Kingston’s relentless spirit finally see him through to the finals?

Tag Team Turmoil: Defending Honor in the Face of Shadows

The ROH World Tag Team Championship hangs in the balance as the unlikely duo of MJF and Samoa Joe prepare to defend their titles against masked assailants sent by the enigmatic “Devil.” This pairing, born out of necessity, has proven surprisingly effective, showcasing MJF’s ruthless cunning alongside Joe’s devastating power. However, the identity of their opponents remains a chilling mystery. Will it be the formidable Wardlow and his kingdom, seeking to reclaim the gold they lost? Or could it be a surprise appearance from The Factory, hungry to make a statement on the biggest stage?

The uncertainty surrounding this match adds an extra layer of intrigue. The potential for betrayal lingers in the air, as friction between MJF and Joe has simmered throughout their partnership. Could this be the night where the Devil’s machinations finally sow discord, leaving the titles vulnerable? Or will these unlikely allies rise above the shadows and emerge stronger than ever?

Beyond the Main Event: A Tapestry of Thrills and Spills

The undercard of “New Year’s Smash” is no mere filler. Renowned interviewer Renee Paquette sits down with Mariah May, the enigmatic powerhouse who has captivated audiences with her unorthodox style and cryptic pronouncements. This interview has the potential to shed light on May’s motivations and future plans, adding another layer of intrigue to the ever-evolving AEW landscape.

Action abounds throughout the rest of the card, with high-octane matchups like the high-flying Lucha Brothers taking on the ruthless Andrade El Idolo and Rush, and the ever-popular Jade Cargill defending her TBS Championship against the fiery Anna Jay. These clashes promise to showcase the diverse talent and styles that make AEW so compelling.

A New Year Dawns: Revelations and Reckoning

“New Year’s Smash” isn’t just about explosive matches and dazzling athleticism; it’s about setting the stage for the year to come. With Worlds End, AEW’s annual pay-per-view, just around the corner, the stakes are higher than ever. The winners of the Continental Classic will go head-to-head for the coveted Triple Crown, encompassing the NJPW Strong Openweight, Ring of Honor World, and the newly established AEW Continental titles. This championship will be a symbol of international dominance, a testament to the global reach and diverse talent of AEW.

But beyond the gold, “New Year’s Smash” promises to unveil the identity of the Devil, the shadowy figure who has been manipulating the roster and sowing discord. The potential for a major revelation, a shocking betrayal, or even a brutal confrontation hangs heavy in the air. This night could be a turning point, a moment where long-held grudges erupt and new alliances are forged.

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