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Impactful Year End: A Night of Champions, Thrills, and Tears in the Best of Impact & Year-End Awards 2023

The lights dimmed, the pyros roared, and the chants of “IMPACT!” echoed through the arena. December 28th, 2023, wasn’t just another day in the wrestling calendar – it was the culmination of a year filled with breathtaking action, heart-stopping moments, and stories etched in the annals of Impact Wrestling history. In this night’s “Best of Impact & Year-End Awards” special, champions were crowned, tears were shed, and the future of the company blazed brightly.

Reign of the “Walking Weapon”: Alex Shelley Retains the Impact World Championship

The main event was a symphony of grappling artistry. Alex Shelley, the reigning champion, faced off against a relentless Josh Alexander, who had been stripped of the title due to injury but clawed his way back for a shot at redemption. The match was a masterclass in storytelling, showcasing both men’s strengths and weaknesses. Shelley, the “Walking Weapon,” wielded his technical prowess with surgical precision, while Alexander, a force of nature, relied on his sheer power and unwavering determination.

The crowd was on its feet, roaring with every near fall and gasp-inducing reversal. Shelley soared with his signature slingshot moonsault, Alexander countered with a thunderous German suplex, and the tension hung thick in the air. In the end, it was Shelley who emerged victorious, delivering a picture-perfect Shell Shock for the pinfall. Exhausted, but triumphant, he held the title aloft, the cheers of the fans a testament to his reign as one of the most captivating champions in Impact history.

Tears, Triumph, and Redemption: The Emotional Rollercoaster of the Year-End Awards

But the night wasn’t just about championship gold. It was a celebration of the year gone by, a time to reflect on the moments that made Impact Wrestling truly special. Tears were shed as Jordynne Grace, the reigning Knockouts Champion, received the “Match of the Year” award for her epic clash with Deonna Purrazzo at Bound For Glory. The “Impact Plus Moment of the Year” went to Eddie Kingston’s emotional return, a testament to the power of raw, heartfelt storytelling.

Laughter erupted as Madison Rayne and Taylor Wilde, the “Impact Wrestling Hall of Fame” inductees, regaled the audience with tales from their illustrious careers. The “Wrestler of the Year” award went to Mike Bailey, whose electrifying performances throughout the year solidified him as a fan favorite and a future champion. Each award, each recognition, was a reminder of the diverse tapestry of talent and stories that make Impact Wrestling so captivating.

A Glimpse into the Future: New Beginnings and Familiar Faces

The night wasn’t just about the past, it was also about the future. The announcement of a new Knockouts Tag Team Championship tournament sent ripples of excitement through the crowd. The unveiling of a new X-Division Champion, Trey Miguel, ignited hopes for a fresh era of high-flying acrobatics. And the return of Johnny Impact, a former World Champion, promised a renewed chapter in his Impact journey.

As the final pyros faded and the credits rolled, one thing was clear – Impact Wrestling had delivered a night to remember. It was a night of champions crowned, tears shed, and dreams rekindled. It was a night that showcased the heart of a company, its dedication to its fans, and its unwavering passion for the art of professional wrestling.

This was more than just a recap of results. This was a glimpse into the soul of Impact Wrestling, a testament to its resilience, its ability to surprise, and its unwavering commitment to delivering moments that stay with you long after the final bell. As we head into 2024, one thing is certain: the future of Impact Wrestling is as bright as the pyrotechnics that illuminate its ring.

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