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These EVP Buck guys are out of control.

April 11, 2024

These EVP Buck guys are out of control. They teased showing this footage for a week, and clearly refused to show the commentary team… did you see how Schiavone looked so mad? I bet you there was tears under the masked guys thing! It’s like they don’t have any respect for their company!

WBD maybe came out and said they were happy with AEW, but that’s obviously a lie! Pretty sure that was exactly like WCW 2001… it was like the Finger Poke of Death! (am I using that right? I was born in 2008).

I really really was a huge fan of AEW but now I’ve gotta say, I’m pretty sure they’re dying.


Cool show overall with great setup for dynasty,

April 11, 2024

petty bullshit was a big turn off however. Hate the whole drama stuff, this isn’t the 90’s anymore just let bygones be bygones. Both WWE and AEW can coexist just fine and continue to prove so, but the one sided rivalry between them is just so petty. That Triple H comment was just dumb.


For people saying AEW

April 11, 2024

is dying clearly don’t watch week to week and just want there downfall. Just go and watch WWE enjoy your mediocre RAW and Smackdowns and stop ruining others enjoyment of AEW


Dustin vs Joe being

April 11, 2024

used as an angle for Swerve vs Joe was predictable but sad after an all timer promo from Dustin last week. I’m getting real sick of supporting this company when it’s clear they don’t know what theyre doing or what’s going to be good. Not the worst dynamite but bad dynamite’s happen and that’s easily excusable but a dynamite that actively makes me wanna stop watching aew. After a bad wrestlemania idk if modern mainstream wrestling is for me.


It’s insane to think AEW

April 11, 2024

It’s insane to think AEW is going into a death spiral because they showed the footage. I also think it’s insane though to think that did anything but hurt their reputation though. You’d think after the lukewarm reaction to the Copeland promo last week, they’d realize their own audience just wants to watch a wrestling show. They don’t need you to snipe at a guy who you fired months ago or take shots at a Triple H line you’re assuming with no evidence was directed at you. “Where the best grudges are held” is more like it.


AEW is ran by cowards.

April 11, 2024

They’re actively trying to take down videos of Punk and Perry. Like what even was the point of airing it in the first place if you end up trying to wipe it from the internet after?

On one hand, I genuinely feel bad for the fans and some of the wrestlers. Rhodes, Mox, MJF, etc are all people I hold in high regards. It sucks they’re stuck on that sinking ship though.


This was a an fun show.

April 11, 2024

Not as good as previous weeks but a lot furthering storylines.

Also did something that people keep saying to do bookend shows with storylines. We are meant to start with Samoa Joe versus Dustin. Swerve attacks and then we got will we see the match followed by it being the main event where once again Swerve comes after Joe.

Penta versus Copeland was a good match. Then we get the follow up to the House of Black versus Copeland as well as Willow and Julia. Which leads to a mixed tag match next week.

We get deluded Jericho who thinks Hook and Shibata are there to learn from him.

Then of course we get the footage which is used to attack FTR and further set up the return of the scapegoat. Then FTR come out with a great promo to add a further layer to the tag match at Dynasty.

Next up Danielson and Ospreay is the focus with a great Danielson interview followed by Ospreay rightly taking a shot back at Triple H before moving on to talk about the match.

Then we get Hook Jericho and Shibata with deluded Jericho not helping his team out costing them victory. Hook being right not to trust that guy.

Okada bully’s another jobber then accepts PACs challenge which brings out Elite and then FTR furthering the story from earlier on.

In a fun segment we get Toni Storm with cheap shot on Rosa with champagne which brings out Deanna who is stopped by Luther and pushed away by Rosa. This followed by Mariah May coming out and getting. Kiss on cheek for encouragement.

A good match followed by the debut of Mina Shirakawa. As the forbidden door opens more for Stardom talent.

Interview with Mercedes who has been involved in the business of Julia and Willow, so another story that is played out across the show and then lights go out and Mercedes is attacked. So we will get who dunnit for a few weeks no doubt.

Then the main event which I covered.

Not the greatest show for wrestling but of lot storytelling going on and through out the show for multiple feuds and matches coming up at Dynasty. Much better pacing for the show as a result. And it’s better that we are getting interwoven storylines again.


This was a good Dynamite,

April 11, 2024

but all the good stuff has completely been overshadowed by an all-time absurdly booking decision that will cause a wildfire of discourse for all the wrong reasons.


Just like the Punk interview itself,

April 11, 2024

I’m surprised that people think this is a seismic shift in either direction. Punk looks like a dick, like we knew, and AEW hyped up an anticlimactic video. Person who comes out looking best is probably Jungle Boy, who was completely calm the whole time and was about to get out of Punk’s weak choke.

I do think it was good they aired it though because at least it demystifies it all.


Nothing going to change.

April 11, 2024

AEW will still get 700k views and WWE will still be no.1

Trying to make something out of nothing


It’s funny because I read either earlier this morning or

April 11, 2024

yesterday that Cody initially refused to use Dusty’s legacy to get cheap face heat for his character and told people not to mention his dad during promos years ago. Once he started doing that, his character took off and all the sympathetic babyface heat came to him because people wanted to see a kid make his dad proud in heaven.

The Bucks have openly refrained from wanting to use their EVP status as characters, and went out of their way to make sure people didn’t think their EVP status meant they would push themselves. So they put over so many people early in AEW eating losses that TK had to step in and put a stop to that. Now they’re embracing the persona that their internet haters has given them as these EVP Heels who do what they want when they want, and it’s actually slowly working. From what we know from people like Sting and others who have said nothing but great things about them, they’re actually very good and nice family men who aren’t like what their characters are.


Tonight was a black eye for them.

April 11, 2024

AEW need to ignore WWE and focus on doing what they do as well as they can.


Jericho simmer for a week or two more.

April 11, 2024

Probably an unpopular opinion given the discourse around Jericho feuds, but I wish they’d let the tension between Hook and Jericho simmer for a week or two more.


This is my take on this whole thing.

April 11, 2024

I am a big aew fan, I actively dislike WWE. I used to be a massive cm punk fan and feel disappointed by him (just in general not cause of the footage) this won’t stop me from watching dynamite but I don’t agree with the move of airing the footage.

Also this is the first time I ever considered buying twitter premium just to be able to filter away any post that says punk or cm punk


They got their shots in, just move on now.

April 11, 2024

And I think that’s just what they’ll do. People comparing this to WCW 2000 or predicting doom and this or that either don’t watch anyway or are think that everything that isn’t a 10/10 show means that the company/promotion is finished.

Windy City Riot/Rampage on Friday, 3 hours on Saturday and then Dynasty is already next weekend which we know will be absolutely amazing. They will be fine.


Everyone saying

April 11, 2024

“It’s just one episode of Dynamite” in defending the Punk angle are missing the point.

This is indicative of the kinds of petty childish shit that they’ll keep doing until the company tanks. This is the new low on the measuring stick for AEW booking. They’ve never not taken jabs and they always will and it’s going to turn a lot of people off because it will just get old and played out.

Osprey whining on TV because he took vague comments personally makes him look like an insecure brat.

Copelands recent promo defending Tony Kahn has instantly aged like sour milk, and he along with the other actual adults in that company should be embarrassed to be working for this rich man child.


I can already hear the podcast mics being set up as we type.

April 11, 2024

This CM Punk drama will feed wrestling talking heads for the rest of the year


Thought they did a great job of using the All In footage

April 11, 2024

to heat up an otherwise-lukewarm Bucks v FTR title match.

Also blows my mind that Swerve can be the hottest babyface in the company while pulling such classic heel stunts. Dude is undeniable at this point.


Punk is the Trump of wrestling.

April 11, 2024

Same type of asshole, same type of fans


Punk approached Perry and got in his face.

April 11, 2024

He shoved him first. Perry backed up. Punk shoved him again then tried to choke him. They were pulled apart, and Punk took a swing at Perry. Then Punk got in Tony Khan’s face.

Punk was 100% the instigator.

That being said, please stop mentioning Punk. Please stop mentioning ‘the other place’. Just show up, put on a good show and ignore outside influences. I watch AEW for AEW, not for petty slapfights.


I feel awful for guys like Malakai Black,

April 11, 2024

Hook, Jerry Lyn, Aubrey and the other refs. They’re all going to get asked about this in future interviews because we have proof they were first hand witnesses to it.


It’s genuinely disheartening

April 11, 2024

to see what AEW has become.


I want wrestling to be fun.

April 11, 2024

Dredging up real-life fights where the owner said he feared for his life is not fun. I know wrestling pushes boundaries, but this one just did not work for me.

At this point, I just want both companies to ignore one another.


AEW Dynamite: A Night of Revelations, Title Clashes, and Unforgettable Throwbacks (April 10th, 2024 Preview)

Brace yourselves, wrestling fans! This Wednesday’s episode of AEW Dynamite promises to be a night etched in history. Emanating from the Charleston Coliseum in West Virginia, the show is stacked with matches that will leave you on the edge of your seat. But beyond the in-ring action, a single element casts a long shadow – the highly anticipated reveal of backstage footage from the infamous AEW All In event.

The All In Fallout: A Revelation Years in the Making

For those unfamiliar, AEW All In was a groundbreaking independent wrestling show in 2018 that laid the groundwork for what we know as AEW today. However, the event was also marred by backstage altercations, with rumors swirling about a physical confrontation between CM Punk and “Hangman” Adam Page. This incident, shrouded in secrecy for years, is finally coming to light.

Tony Khan’s decision to air the footage is a bold move. Will it spark controversy? Will it offer closure? Regardless, it’s sure to be a pivotal moment in AEW history, potentially rewriting narratives and reigniting old feuds.

Title Contenders Collide: Championship Aspirations on the Line

The championship scene in AEW is heating up, and Dynamite delivers a double dose of title aspirations. In the main event, the charismatic “Rated R Superstar” Adam Copeland, reigning supreme as the TNT Champion, faces off against the formidable Penta El Zero Miedo.

Copeland, a legend in his own right, has breathed new life into the TNT Championship. His reign has been defined by thrilling, fast-paced matches. Penta, the embodiment of dark lucha libre, is a relentless competitor renowned for his high-flying maneuvers and bone-chilling mystique. This clash promises to be a high-octane spectacle, pushing both men to their limits.

Meanwhile, the AEW World Championship picture gets hotter with a crucial Eliminator Match. The resilient veteran, Dustin Rhodes, the “Natural,” takes on the imposing figure of Samoa Joe, the current World Champion. Rhodes, ever the challenger, seeks another shot at the top prize. But standing in his way is the unstoppable force of Joe, whose reign has been dominated by sheer power and technical brilliance. This match has the potential to be a brutal war of attrition, testing the mettle of both competitors.

Beyond the Championships: A Mix of Grudges and Generations

The undercard of Dynamite boasts a tantalizing mix of matchups. The ever-popular Chris Jericho teams up with the rising star HOOK and the legendary Katsuyori Shibata to take on the brash and arrogant Shane Taylor Promotions. This intergenerational clash promises chaos and high-flying action, with the unpredictable Jericho adding an element of wildness to the already combustible mix.

The women’s division also takes center stage with a singles match between the young and hungry Anna Jay and the tenacious Mariah May. Both competitors are looking to make their mark, and this match could be a launching pad for either of them.

Celebrations and Tributes: A Toast to Champions and Legends

Even outside the ring, Dynamite will be filled with moments to cherish. AEW’s Women’s World Champion, Toni Storm, will raise a celebratory toast to the recently crowned Thunder Rosa. This gesture of respect and camaraderie highlights the growing strength of the women’s division in AEW.

Unpredictable Twists and Turns: Prepare for the Unexpected

With the backdrop of the All In footage reveal and the high-stakes championship matches, anything is possible on this episode of Dynamite. Will there be last-minute surprises? Will old rivalries be reignited? The possibilities are endless, and AEW has a track record of delivering shocking twists and turns that leave fans speechless.

A Night You Don’t Want to Miss

AEW Dynamite on April 10th, 2024, is shaping up to be an unmissable night. From the historic unveiling of the All In footage to the championship clashes and intriguing undercard matches, this episode promises to be a landmark moment in AEW history. So, mark your calendars, gather your fellow wrestling enthusiasts, and prepare for a night of electrifying action, captivating drama, and the potential for history to be rewritten.

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