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Fantastic ending to the show.

April 4, 2024

Didn’t like everything on it, but you can’t always like everything on the product.

Swerve vs Joe is gonna be great as well as Copeland vs Penta.


I don’t want to throw shade at Mox,

April 4, 2024

but Swerve’s blading really puts Mox’s in perspective. Swerve only blades occasionally, but it has been compelling every single time.


what the fuck is going on with AEW right now.

April 4, 2024

Edge coming out and literally Cope-ing, Mone “making money” except the arena is half empty and she isn’t wrestling until May.

I just don’t understand what happened. This shit used to be must watch all the time.


You know Vince had an

April 4, 2024

under the desk camera prolly lmao


Mariah May reminds me of a young Toni Storm.

April 4, 2024

Thunder Rosa reminds me of an older Thunder Rosa.


Ms. Toni happy to get to the bottom

April 4, 2024

of all this skeleton business.


Enjoyed that match throughly.

April 4, 2024

If that went longer I wouldn’t have complained.


Mercedes is definitely not a natural on commentary,

April 4, 2024

but it’s hard for anyone to look good on a night Toni has the headset.


This match weirdly feels like a match that

April 4, 2024

wouldn’t happen before they added more PPVs before that you wouldn’t imagine them leaving TYB or Orange Cassidy off the show so whoever loses here would probably have lost earlier instead so they have more time to build their PPV match. (Unless OC is just wrestling Roddy again)


Does anyone know if the guy

April 4, 2024

in the crowd is actor Clancy Brown of Detroit: Become Human fame?


Chuck has rosacea right?

April 4, 2024

But I swear he’s still applying blush


Lmao this fat fuck came out of the heel

April 4, 2024

tunnel he’s gonna turn and we’re gonna have to watch this feud for months I’m going to punch a wall


so weird

April 4, 2024

why are they doing this segment on stage instead of backstage?


Jericho gonna think he’s getting over

April 4, 2024

as a heel and we’re gonna be forced to see his dumb ass even more.


Oh for fucks sakes

April 4, 2024

she mispronounced the damn city they are in, lol. That’s why they booed her, poor Renee!


Chris if you hit the HOOK

April 4, 2024

signal you’ll break it and get glass in your hands


Anything Jericho is involved

April 4, 2024

in at this point is like 3 thumbs down on a rivalry in SvR 06.


If chris isn’t gonna go on vacation

April 4, 2024

and will be on tv, just turn him heel so we can boo him anyways


Jericho, it’s time to move past the spiky jacket.

April 4, 2024

Out here looking like a 2004 Road Warrior


What music does Jericho use?

April 4, 2024

Is it an original song or licensed?


Does Commissioner Gordon

April 4, 2024

man the Hook Signal?


Hook looks like the kinda guy

April 4, 2024

who likes bad adult swim cartoons.


Hook said “Bet.”

April 4, 2024

& Jericho doesn’t understand Gen Z talk lol


Show Timing and Info

April 3, 2024

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I cannot wait.

April 3, 2024

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AEW Dynamite: April 3rd, 2024 – A Night of Tensions and Title Dreams

Get ready for a night of explosive action, grudge matches, and championship aspirations! AEW Dynamite returns on April 3rd, 2024, promising a stacked card that will leave fans buzzing. Buckle up, wrestling enthusiasts, because we’re about to delve into the heart of the action.

Battle Lines Drawn: Samoa Joe vs. Swerve Strickland Contract Signing

The main event heats up before it even begins! We’ll witness the contract signing for the upcoming AEW World Championship match between the reigning champion, Samoa Joe, and the charismatic challenger, Swerve Strickland. Tensions have been simmering ever since Strickland’s shocking victory in the Eliminator Tournament. This contract signing promises to be a war of words, with both men aiming to establish dominance before they step foot in the ring.

Will Swerve unleash his signature verboose assault, peppering Joe with insults and flamboyant threats? Or will the champion remain a stoic force, silencing Strickland with his intimidating presence and a well-placed jab about the challenger’s past shortcomings? Watch closely for any potential physical altercations, as emotions are sure to run high. This contract signing could be the spark that ignites a full-blown brawl, setting the stage for an even more intense championship match.

Clash of the Titans: Will Ospreay vs. Powerhouse Hobbs

This highly anticipated encounter pits two contrasting styles against each other. Will Ospreay, known for his high-flying aerial maneuvers and death-defying in-ring acrobatics, takes on Powerhouse Hobbs, a powerhouse wrestler whose sheer strength and relentless aggression have made him a force to be reckoned with.

This match is a clash of wills. Can Ospreay overcome the immense power of Hobbs with his dazzling agility and innovative moveset? Or will Hobbs ground the “Aerial Assassin” with his devastating strikes and suplexes? This is a dream match for fans who appreciate both technical brilliance and raw, brute power. Expect a display of athleticism and resilience that will leave you gasping for air.

Tag Team Turbulence: Young Bucks vs. Best Friends

The AEW World Tag Team Championship Tournament heats up with a fierce semifinal match. The Young Bucks, the veteran duo known for their superkicks and synchronized offense, face off against Best Friends, the fan-favorite team of Trent Beretta and Orange Cassidy.

This is a match that has personal stakes attached. Both teams have a rich history, having battled each other numerous times. The Young Bucks yearn to reclaim the gold they once held, while Best Friends are eager to prove their mettle and finally capture the prestigious tag team titles.

Expect fast-paced action, innovative tag team maneuvers, and plenty of comedic moments courtesy of Orange Cassidy’s signature nonchalant style. Will the Young Bucks utilize their experience and cunning to outsmart their opponents? Or will Best Friends’ camaraderie and unpredictable offense be enough to secure a spot in the finals?

Grudge Match: Jay White vs. Billy Gunn

A heated rivalry comes to a head as Jay White, the arrogant “Switchblade,” collides with Billy Gunn, the veteran known for his signature “ass drop.” This match stems from weeks of bad blood, with White constantly disrespecting the legacy of Gunn and his sons, the Gunn Club.

For Gunn, this is a chance to prove that experience still counts and that disrespect will not be tolerated. Expect Gunn to unleash his years of pent-up frustration with a flurry of punches and slams. White, however, may try to use his technical prowess and strategic mind games to outmaneuver his older opponent.

Will this be a quick victory for the brash “Switchblade,” or will Billy Gunn pull off an upset and send a message of respect to the entire AEW roster?

Thunder Rosa Defends Her Title Shot: Thunder Rosa vs. Mariah May

With a future shot at the AEW Women’s Championship on the line, Thunder Rosa, the formidable “La Mera Mera,” steps into the ring against Mariah May, a rising star hungry for an opportunity. Don’t underestimate May, however. She has displayed impressive technical skills and a fierce determination.

This match will be a test for both competitors. Rosa needs to showcase her dominance and solidify her claim to a title shot. May, on the other hand, must demonstrate that she possesses the talent and grit to challenge the top female wrestlers in AEW. This encounter promises to be a display of athleticism, technical prowess, and sheer willpower.

Chris Jericho Calls Out Hook: Will Tensions Rise?

The “Demo God,” Chris Jericho, has a surprise for the AEW faithful. He has issued a call-out to Hook, the undefeated rising star and son of the legendary Taz. This is an intriguing development with the potential to spark major fireworks.

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