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Didnt really think about that.

January 27, 2024

CMLL and NJPW with AEW. That would be wild!


I’m surprised how

January 27, 2024

he actually got beat down after the match because even against more established guys he doesn’t look that vulnerable.


Being involved in a mini-feud

January 27, 2024

with Shane Taylor Promotions when you’re the Ace of the company is even more evidence for that passion


Moxley’s passion for this industry is admirable

January 27, 2024

. He wrestled Gringo Loco in a Lucha Deathmatch at Wrestling Revolver on top of doing Rampage and Collision. Also appeared on Dynamite although that’s technically the same day as Rampage.


Rampage moment of the night:

January 27, 2024

Saraya yelling at a kid in the front row to “sit down,” the kid immediately sitting down, and Saraya breaking as she walks away only to come back and start yelling at that child again along with a second child.

Saraya continues rising the ranks as one of the top ringside managers/characters in AEW, every single match she does something that absolutely cracks me up.


Anna Jay impressed me in her match,

January 27, 2024

Kip Sabian held the four-way together with his character spots.


That was a solid hour of wrasslin.

January 27, 2024

If that’s the standard for Rampage going forward, we are eating well.



January 27, 2024

won a match!


Good hour

January 27, 2024

Good hour of wrestling


Rampage is, as usual, a breezy and fun hour of wrestling

January 27, 2024

Actually had some solid storylines developing as of the last couple months. The Ruby and Ang storyline has primarily been a Rampage exclusive, and I think that’s honestly a great idea. Having these exclusive storylines give more if an incentive for people to watch, while still serving as a bridge between Dynamite and Collision.

Mox and Moriarty was, of course, very good. Not much to say.

Looking forward to Fletcher and Takeshita against Jericho. These two are always a treat to watch in the ring.

The Ruby and Ang storyline had a lot of development tonight, with Ang doubting Anna, Saraya and Harley’s shenanigans, and Anna getting a huge win over Ruby, along with her yelling “I didn’t do it!” before putting Ruby in the Queen Slayer. Glad to see Anna getting a strong crowd reaction tonight. This story continues to be my main reason to watch Rampage apart from the high in-ring quality.

More Private Party vs Top Flight is quite interesting in terms of building up these young teams. Marq slapping the water bottle out of Andretti’s hands was a fun bit.

Final match was messy as hell, but very entertaining. Plenty of crazy spots as all four of these guys have proven they’re great in the ring. Really great slimy heel stuff from Kip when it came to backstabbing the Butcher. The tower of doom spot was wild and kind of fell apart, but it was certainly different and Kip just getting behind Butcher to trip him was a fun touch. Kommander winning was unexpected, but it should be a fun match (though, honestly, any of these four would have a great match with Cassidy. He and Kip had a great match at Battle of the Belts 5).


think if you put a gun to Tony Khan’s

January 27, 2024

I head and told him “let Kip Sabian and the Butcher win on television for once”, you’re more likely to put a bunch of holes in his head. I don’t see why he refuses to give most of his roster a freaking victory once in a while to present the illusion that anything can happen in his company. It creates this hard glass ceiling that “here’s the jobbers who job all the fucking time, and here’s the guys who job less”.


Fun hour as always.

January 27, 2024

This CMLL announcement definitely interests me – does this mean we might get some of the roster wrestling frequently for a few weeks across AEW? Komander getting a win was unexpected but actually should be a pretty fun match with OC. Someone needs to show Ruby the set-up tape so she can get revenge on Harley/Saraya


I cannot wait.

January 26, 2024

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Rampage Quick Results:

Jon Moxley def. Lee Moriarty via Death Rider from the top rope.

Konosuke Takeshita def. Christopher Daniels with a running knee strike.

Anna Jay def. Ruby Soho after a distraction from Angelo Parker.

Kip Sabian def. The Butcher, El Hijo del Vikingo, and Komander in a “Freshly Squeezed” Four-Way AEW International Championship Number One Contender’s Match after hitting Anna Jay with a crucifix powerbomb during a ringside scuffle with The Bunny.

Miro confronted Sabian after the match, setting the stage for a future showdown.

Additional Notes:

  • The Butcher and The Bunny attacked Sonny Kiss and Joey Janela after the show went off the air.
  • Jade Cargill and Leyla Grey had a tense moment backstage, hinting at a potential future clash.
  • Tony Schiavone announced that The Acclaimed will defend their AEW Tag Team Championships against Orange Cassidy and Chuck Taylor on Dynamite next week.

Rampage Roars: Mayhem, Mimosas, and a New Challenger Emerges!

The Savannah air crackled with anticipation as AEW Rampage pulsated from the Enmarket Arena on January 26th, 2024. The echoes of Dynamite’s adrenaline-fueled battles still lingered, but Rampage promised a fresh storm of action, intrigue, and, of course, a healthy dose of chaos. And oh boy, did it deliver!

Moxley Unleashes the Fury: The night kicked off with a tempestuous clash as Jon Moxley, the living embodiment of unbridled fury, took on the rising star, Lee Moriarty. Mox, a grizzled veteran with scars etched on both flesh and soul, stalked the ring like a predator, his eyes burning with the fire of a thousand battles. Moriarty, fueled by youthful audacity, met the challenge head-on, his agility and technical prowess flashing like lightning.

The match was a symphony of brutality and athleticism. Moxley, a bulldozer of destruction, battered Moriarty with thunderous lariats and piledrivers. Moriarty, a cunning fox, weaved through the onslaught, his kicks and submissions snapping like viper strikes. But Moxley, fueled by a primal rage, refused to be contained. He weathered the storm, turning Moriarty’s every counter into a catalyst for his own fury. A Death Rider from the top rope sealed the deal, leaving Moriarty sprawled, bloodied, but far from broken. Moxley stood tall, a testament to his unyielding spirit, but the battle had etched its mark on him, a reminder that even the most ferocious beasts bear the scars of the hunt.

Takeshita Takes Flight: The spotlight next fell upon the rising sun of Japanese wrestling, Konosuke Takeshita. His opponent, the legendary Christopher Daniels, a veteran who had seen it all, stood across the ring, a stoic monument to experience. Yet, Takeshita, a whirlwind of youthful energy, refused to be cowed. He danced around Daniels, his kicks blurring like hummingbird wings, his throws defying gravity. Daniels, wise and cunning, countered with precision, his suplexes grounding Takeshita’s aerial assault.

The match was a mesmerizing ballet of contrasting styles. Takeshita, a dazzling comet, streaked across the canvas, while Daniels, a seasoned oak, stood firm, absorbing the blows and delivering measured counterpunches. But Takeshita’s relentless onslaught proved too much. A thunderous running knee strike sent Daniels crashing to the mat, and Takeshita, poised and triumphant, stood tall, a new star blazing in the AEW firmament. His victory was a declaration, a promise that the future of professional wrestling belonged to the likes of him.

Soho’s Sting, Jay’s Seduction: The women’s division took center stage next, with the fiery Ruby Soho facing the enigmatic Anna Jay. This match was a simmering pot of emotions, fuelled by the machinations of the nefarious Angelo Parker. Soho, a punk rock warrior, unleashed her fury on Jay, her strikes crackling with righteous anger. Jay, draped in a cold, seductive aura, countered with graceful precision, her submission attempts whispering promises of pain.

The match was a study in contrasts. Soho, a whirlwind of righteous fury, brawled with reckless abandon, while Jay, a viper in the shadows, waited for the perfect moment to strike. The tension was thick, the crowd roaring with every near fall, every desperate grapple. In the end, it was Jay, capitalizing on a distraction from Parker, who emerged victorious, her icy smile a chilling testament to her manipulative brilliance. Soho, defeated but defiant, refused to be broken, her eyes burning with a promise of revenge. The battle lines were drawn, and the war for the soul of the women’s division was far from over.

Mimosas and Mayhem: The Freshest Contender Emerges: The main event exploded onto the scene with the “Freshly Squeezed” Four-Way AEW International Championship Number One Contender’s Match. Kip Sabian, the self-proclaimed “Superbad Deathmatch King,” entered to a chorus of cheers and jeers, his signature mimosa in hand. The Butcher, a hulking slab of meat, followed, his eyes glinting with primal hunger. El Hijo del Vikingo, a masked marvel from Mexico, soared through the air, his high-flying maneuvers defying gravity. And Komander, the masked luchador from Tijuana, brought his own brand of chaos to the party.

The match was a chaotic symphony of destruction. Sabian, surprisingly agile for his flamboyant persona, dodged lariats and landed picture-perfect dropkicks. The Butcher, a wrecking ball of human flesh, plowed through opponents with reckless abandon. Vikingo, a bird of prey, soared through the air, his kicks and dives leaving opponents reeling. And Komander, a whirlwind of lucha libre fury, added his own unique brand of mayhem

The match descended into a whirlwind of limbs, Lucha Libre flips, and near-falls. Vikingo took Sabian to the top rope, attempting a moonsault, but Sabian countered with a mid-air DDT, sending both crashing to the canvas. The Butcher, seeing an opening, charged towards them, but Komander intercepted him with a brutal Spanish Fly, his masked face a blur of motion. The crowd roared as the ring became a kaleidoscope of bodies and flying kicks.

Suddenly, chaos erupted as The Bunny, Angelo Parker’s venomous partner, stormed the ring, attacking Soho at ringside. This distraction proved costly for Jay, who was caught off guard by a crucifix powerbomb from Sabian. The crowd gasped as Sabian pinned Jay, a stunned silence reigning for a moment before erupting in a thunderous ovation. Sabian, mimosa still in hand, looked down at his stunned victory, a mix of elation and disbelief clouding his face. He had pulled off the impossible, becoming the unlikely number one contender for Orange Cassidy’s AEW International Championship.

But the night wasn’t over yet. As Sabian celebrated, a dark figure emerged from the shadows. It was Miro, the self-proclaimed “God’s Favorite Champion,” his presence radiating menace. He stared down Sabian, his eyes full of cold fury. The crowd held their breath, sensing the storm brewing before them. Could this be a premonition of the chaos to come? Would Sabian’s victory be short-lived, a mere appetizer in the main course of Miro’s wrath?

Rampage ended with a flurry of questions hanging in the air. Moxley stood victorious, but with a hint of vulnerability etched on his face. Takeshita soared as a new star, but the shadows of past rivals still loomed. Jay emerged victoriously, but the taste of Angelo Parker’s manipulation lingered. And Sabian, the unlikely contender, now faced the wrath of a vengeful god. Rampage had delivered on its promise of excitement, intrigue, and chaos, leaving the AEW Universe buzzing with anticipation for the battles to come. As the final echoes of cheers faded, one thing was certain: the next chapter in AEW’s epic saga was just beginning.

AEW Rampage: Friday Night Fireworks Ignite the Road to Collision

The air crackles with anticipation, the Enmarket Arena in Savannah, Georgia, a cauldron bubbling with the fervent energy of AEW faithful. Tonight, Friday Night Rampage explodes with a stacked card, each match a smoldering fuse ready to ignite the road to the explosive Collision event. Buckle up, wrestle maniacs, because we’re hurtling towards a night where champions will be tested, contenders will rise, and the future of AEW hangs in the balance.

Main Event Mayhem: Jon Moxley vs. Lee Moriarty – A Clash of Generations

The battle lines are drawn, the Wild Thing, Jon Moxley, stares across the ring at the rising star, Lee Moriarty. Mox, a grizzled veteran, his scars testaments to countless wars, his eyes burning with the untamed fire of a champion. Moriarty, the prodigy, lightning-fast and fearless, his ambition a supernova threatening to consume the established order. This isn’t just a match; it’s a clash of generations, a crucible where legacies are forged and legends are born.

Expect Mox to unleash a torrent of violence, his barbed wire bat a grim reaper’s scythe. Moriarty, a blur of innovative offense, will dance on the edge of chaos, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible. This is a high-stakes chess match, each counter a calculated risk, each strike a potential game-ender. The winner earns more than bragging rights; they earn the right to stand in the ring with the Death Triangle, their fingers brushing the brass ring of championship glory.

International Intrigue: The “Freshly Squeezed” Fray for a Championship Shot

The coveted AEW International Championship hangs in the balance, and four hungry predators stalk its luscious flesh. Kip Sabian, the self-proclaimed “Superbad Deathmatch King,” his arrogance a shimmering peacock feather. El Hijo del Vikingo, a high-flying luchador, his gravity-defying artistry a mesmerizing ballet of pain. Komander, the Cuban Deathmatch Destroyer, his brutality a hurricane of crimson and fury. And The Butcher, a hulking force of nature, his meat cleaver a grim reaper’s lullaby.

This is a collision of styles, a four-way symphony of destruction. Sabian’s opportunism will clash with Vikingo’s aerial acrobatics, while Komander’s hardcore savagery will dance with The Butcher’s earth-shattering power. Alliances will form and crumble like sandcastles in a tidal wave, betrayals will blossom like poisonous flowers. Only one will emerge from the wreckage, their hand outstretched, fingers grasping the golden ticket to a showdown with Orange Cassidy at Collision.

Women’s Warfare: Anna Jay vs. Ruby Soho – A Battle for Redemption and Revenge

The ring transforms into a gothic tableau for a clash of two souls consumed by darkness. Anna Jay, the Dark Order’s rising star, her eyes glinting with a cold, calculating fire. Ruby Soho, the fallen angel, her desperation a palpable aura crackling around her like static electricity. This isn’t just a match; it’s a battle for redemption and revenge.

Anna Jay, haunted by the whispers of the past, seeks to prove her worth beyond the shadow of her allies. Ruby Soho, scarred by betrayal and loss, craves the taste of victory, a balm for the wounds inflicted by the cruel hand of fate. Expect a brutal ballet of submission holds and bone-crunching strikes, each move a testament to their inner demons. The victor will rise from the ashes, their wings unfurled, ready to soar towards the uncertain horizon.

Japanese Jewel: Konosuke Takeshita vs. Christopher Daniels – A Clash of Titans

The canvas becomes a stage for a clash of titans, a meeting of East and West. Konosuke Takeshita, the rising sun of Japanese wrestling, his explosiveness a typhoon of fury. Christopher Daniels, the seasoned veteran, his ring wisdom a weathered oak, standing tall against the storm. This is a clash of generations, a battle where experience meets youthful exuberance.

Takeshita will unleash a whirlwind of kicks and suplexes, his agility a blur against Daniels’ methodical, calculated offense. Daniels, a master of the mind games, will use his veteran cunning to exploit Takeshita’s recklessness, each counter a story etched in sweat and blood. This is a masterclass in ring psychology, a display of technical prowess that will leave the audience breathless. The victor will stand tall, their name echoing through the arena, a testament to the enduring power of the grappler’s spirit.

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