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IMPACT Wrestling Makes a Bold Statement at Final Resolution 2023

The curtain fell on IMPACT Wrestling’s Final Resolution pay-per-view on December 9th, 2023, leaving a trail of excitement, drama, and surprising developments that will shape the landscape of the company moving forward. From thrilling championship matches to emotional battles and unexpected twists, Final Resolution delivered a night to remember for all IMPACT fans.

Champions Retained, New Challengers Emerge

The evening kicked off with the IMPACT World Tag Team Championship on the line as Bullet Club’s Ace & Bey, collectively known as ABC, defended their titles against the veteran team of Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers. Despite a valiant effort from Edwards and Myers, who were accompanied by Alisha Edwards at ringside, ABC retained their championship in a hard-fought battle. However, their victory was short-lived as the Rascalz (Zachary Wentz & Trey Miguel) emerged to confront the champions, setting the stage for a future title clash.

In the Digital Media Championship match, the battle between Tommy Dreamer and Deaner proved to be a tale of experience versus innovation. Dreamer managed to overcome Deaner’s high-flying offense with his veteran savvy, retaining his championship in a thrilling contest. This win further cements Dreamer’s status as a legend in the business and sets the stage for him to continue mentoring the next generation of IMPACT stars.

Trent Seven Makes His Explosive Debut

The main event saw a clash of titans as Josh Alexander and NJPW World Television Champion Zack Sabre Jr. squared off against the legendary Motor City Machine Guns (Alex Shelley & Chris Sabin). This match was a technical masterpiece, showcasing the exceptional wrestling skills of all four competitors. In the end, Alexander and Sabre Jr. emerged victorious, adding another chapter to their impressive partnership.

Following the match, a major announcement was made that sent shockwaves through the IMPACT Universe. Scott D’Amore, the Executive Vice President of IMPACT Wrestling, revealed that he had signed a new talent: none other than Trent Seven! This signing marks a significant moment for IMPACT, as Seven brings his immense talent and experience to the company. D’Amore even presented Seven with a contract, which he signed on Mike Bailey’s back, solidifying their partnership.

Josh Alexander and Will Ospreay to Clash Again at Hard to Kill

The excitement didn’t stop there. With the crowd chanting “TNA,” D’Amore announced that Josh Alexander will once again face Will Ospreay at Hard to Kill on January 14th. This rematch promises to be an epic encounter, following their thrilling battle at Bound for Glory this past October.

Alisha Edwards Exacts Her Revenge, Moose Takes Down Rhino

In a heated singles match, Alisha Edwards finally got her revenge against Jody Threat, who had previously attacked her and put her out of action. Edwards put on a dominant performance, proving that she is a force to be reckoned with in the Knockouts division.

The rivalry between Moose and Rhino reached its boiling point in a brutal Street Fight. The match was filled with brawling, hardcore spots, and no-disqualification action. Despite Rhino’s resilience, Moose ultimately emerged victorious, leaving Rhino lying in the middle of the ring.

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work

In a tag team showcase, Jordynne Grace and Trinity teamed up to take on the formidable duo of Deonna Purrazzo and Gisele Shaw. Despite a hard-fought battle, Grace and Trinity managed to overcome their opponents, demonstrating the power of teamwork and partnership.

Final Thoughts

IMPACT Wrestling’s Final Resolution 2023 was a resounding success, delivering a night of action-packed entertainment and impactful moments. From thrilling title matches to surprising announcements and emotional battles, the event left fans buzzing with excitement for the future of IMPACT Wrestling. With the landscape of the company shifting and new stars on the horizon, the road to Hard to Kill promises to be electrifying.

Beyond the Matches: Analyzing the Deeper Impact of Final Resolution

While the in-ring action was undoubtedly captivating, the true significance of Final Resolution lies beyond the matches themselves. The event served as a pivotal moment for IMPACT Wrestling, laying the groundwork for several intriguing storylines and showcasing the company’s commitment to growth and innovation.

The Trent Seven Factor:

The signing of Trent Seven represents a major coup for IMPACT Wrestling. Seven is a highly respected and decorated veteran with extensive experience in the world of professional wrestling. His arrival brings a wealth of knowledge and talent to the roster, further solidifying IMPACT’s reputation for attracting top-tier performers.

The “TNA” Chants and the Future of the Company:

The crowd’s enthusiastic chanting of “TNA” during the main event was a powerful moment that spoke volumes about the legacy and enduring appeal of the brand. This response indicates a strong connection between fans and the company’s rich history, suggesting a desire for IMPACT to embrace its past while forging a path forward.

The Ospreay-Alexander Rivalry and a Potential Dream Match:

The announcement of the rematch between Josh Alexander and Will Ospreay at Hard to Kill has ignited a wave of anticipation among fans. Their previous encounter at Bound for Glory was a technical masterpiece, and their upcoming clash promises to be even more explosive. The potential for a dream match between Alexander and Ospreay in the future adds another layer of excitement to this burgeoning rivalry.

The Emergence of New Stars and Partnerships:

Final Resolution also showcased the emergence of several promising new stars and partnerships. The victory of Mike Bailey and Trent Seven over the Rascalz signaled their potential as a dominant tag team, while Alisha Edwards’ revenge against Jody Threat solidified her position as a rising star in the Knockouts division. These developments highlight IMPACT’s commitment to developing and promoting new talent, ensuring the future of the company remains bright.

Beyond the Ring: Expanding the IMPACT Universe:

IMPACT Wrestling has always been known for its dedication to storytelling and character development. Final Resolution further emphasized this commitment, as backstage segments and promos provided valuable context and depth to the ongoing storylines. The inclusion of Josh Alexander and Zack Sabre Jr.’s pre-match promo, Alisha Edwards’ passionate interview, and Moose’s post-match declaration of dominance all served to enhance the overall narrative and draw fans deeper into the IMPACT Universe.

Looking Ahead: The Road to Hard to Kill

With Final Resolution now in the rearview mirror, all eyes turn towards Hard to Kill on January 14th. The upcoming event promises to be another action-packed spectacle, featuring the highly anticipated rematch between Josh Alexander and Will Ospreay, Jordynne Grace’s defense of the Knockouts Championship against Trinity, and countless other exciting matches and storylines.

In conclusion, IMPACT Wrestling’s Final Resolution 2023 was more than just a pay-per-view event. It was a statement of intent, a declaration of the company’s commitment to providing high-quality wrestling entertainment with a focus on compelling storylines, talented performers, and a healthy blend of tradition and innovation. As the road to Hard to Kill unfolds, fans can expect even more surprises, captivating matches, and moments that will leave a lasting impact on the world of professional wrestling.

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