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NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 31: May 18th Ignites Tournament Fire!

The roar of the crowd echoed through the Esforta Arena in Hachioji, Japan, on May 18th, 2024, as the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 31 tournament reached its halfway point. Tensions were high, alliances were tested, and every competitor poured their heart and soul into the ring, all vying for a coveted spot in the finals. With a night filled with upsets, surprising dominance, and glimpses of future rivalries, here’s a deep dive into the electrifying results of NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 31: May 18th!

Block A: Upsets and Familiar Battles

The night kicked off with a Block A clash between rising star Kosei Fujita and the ever-reliable Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champion, Clark Connors. In a display of resilience, Fujita pulled off a stunning upset, defeating Connors with a modified Camel Clutch at the 9:16 mark. This win propelled Fujita into contention, shaking up the Block A standings.

Following this upset, Block B saw Drilla Moloney deliver a dominant performance against Dragon Dia. The hard-hitting Moloney wasted no time, connecting with a devastating Drilla Killa for the pin just over four minutes into the match. This dominant victory solidified Moloney’s presence in the Block B race.

HAYATA and Yoshinobu Kanemaru, veterans of countless battles, reignited their rivalry in Block A. HAYATA, fueled by years of experience, unleashed a punishing offense, culminating in a thunderous 403 Impact for the pinfall win at the 7:26 mark. This victory not only propelled HAYATA into contention but also hinted at a potential resurgence for the veteran competitor.

Block B: High-Flying Action and Championship Aspirations

DOUKI and Ninja Mack brought the high-flying action to Block B. Both competitors dazzled the crowd with a series of breathtaking aerial maneuvers, pushing each other to their limits. However, DOUKI’s experience proved decisive, as he secured the win with the Italian Stretch #32 submission hold at the 7:49 mark. This victory kept DOUKI firmly in the Block B hunt.

Block A returned with a one-sided affair as BUSHI made quick work of TJP. BUSHI’s signature BUSHI Roll put TJP away in a mere 2:55, leaving the former champion with a mountain to climb to stay relevant in the tournament.

The spotlight shifted back to Block B for a highly anticipated encounter between Robbie Eagles and KUSHIDA. Both competitors showcased their technical prowess, treating the crowd to an enthralling display of mat wrestling. However, Eagles’ aerial assaults proved too much for KUSHIDA, as he secured the pinfall win after a thrilling 11:18 battle. This victory solidified Eagles as a major contender in Block B.

Block A: Dominance and Unexpected Challenges

Block A showcased another dominant performance as the red-hot Blake Christian continued his undefeated run. Christian faced off against the ever-athletic Titan, but his high-octane offense proved unstoppable. Christian secured the pin after a fast-paced 7:21 match, extending his lead atop Block A.

Block B then witnessed a battle of contrasting styles as Francesco Akira challenged the veteran technician Taiji Ishimori. Akira, fueled by a desire to prove himself, surprised the crowd by countering Ishimori’s trademark speed with a powerful offense. An impactful Fireball followed by a DDT from the ropes secured the victory for Akira at the 8:35 mark. This upset win not only shook up the Block B standings but also announced Akira as a serious threat to the established stars.

Block A: Battles of Determination and a Shocking Result

The penultimate match of Block A saw Kevin Knight lock horns with the ever-dangerous El Desperado. Desperado, known for his ruthless tactics, targeted Knight’s leg early on. However, Knight displayed incredible resilience, battling through the pain to secure a hard-fought victory with a pin after a grueling 12:01 encounter. This win not only kept Knight in contention but sent a message to the entire Block A that he wouldn’t be easily dismissed.

The night culminated with a Block B clash between two fan favorites – Hiromu Takahashi and SHO. Both competitors delivered a high-octane performance, pushing each other to their limits. Takahashi, fueled by his signature fighting spirit, managed to overcome SHO after a back-and-forth battle that lasted a thrilling 18:23 minutes. This victory kept Takahashi in the thick of the Block B race.

Standings and Looking Ahead

With the halfway point reached, the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 31 tournament is wide open. Here’s a breakdown of the current standings for both Block A and Block B:

Block A:

  1. Blake Christian (4-0)
  2. Kosei Fujita (2-2)
  3. HAYATA (2-2)
  4. BUSHI (2-2)
  5. El Desperado (2-2)
  6. Kevin Knight (2-2)
  7. TJP (0-4)
  8. Titan (0-4)

Block B:

  1. Robbie Eagles (3-1)
  2. Hiromu Takahashi (3-1)
  3. DOUKI (3-1)
  4. Francesco Akira (2-2)
  5. Drilla Moloney (2-2)
  6. SHO (2-2)
  7. KUSHIDA (1-3)
  8. Dragon Dia (0-4)

The current standings paint a clear picture: the competition is fierce, and every competitor has a shot at reaching the finals. Blake Christian’s undefeated run in Block A makes him the current frontrunner, but with several hungry challengers hot on his heels, his dominance can be challenged at any moment. Kosei Fujita’s upset victory and the resurgence of veterans like HAYATA add a layer of unpredictability to Block A.

Block B boasts a similarly tight race. Robbie Eagles and Hiromu Takahashi share the top spot, both showcasing their championship aspirations. DOUKI’s experience keeps him in the running, while Francesco Akira’s upset win against Taiji Ishimori throws a wrench into the Block B mix. Drilla Moloney’s dominance and SHO’s continued relevance add further intrigue to the block’s narrative.

Burning Questions and Potential Rivalries

As the tournament progresses, several burning questions beg to be answered:

  • Can Blake Christian maintain his undefeated run in Block A?
  • Will veterans like HAYATA and El Desperado mount serious challenges for the top spot in Block A?
  • Can Robbie Eagles or Hiromu Takahashi establish themselves as the clear favorite in Block B?
  • Will Francesco Akira continue to surprise everyone with his impressive performances in Block B?
  • How will the remaining matches between these talented competitors unfold?

Beyond the individual battles, the tournament has also sparked glimpses of potential future rivalries. The contrasting styles of Blake Christian and Kosei Fujita suggest a thrilling encounter is brewing in Block A. The veteran clash between HAYATA and El Desperado promises a war of experience and cunning. Block B simmers with the possibility of a high-flying showdown between Robbie Eagles and Hiromu Takahashi, while the contrasting styles of DOUKI and Francesco Akira could lead to a fascinating clash.

What’s Next? Anticipation Builds for the Second Half

With the first half of the NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 31 tournament complete, the anticipation for the remaining matches is at a fever pitch. Every competitor has a story to tell, and every match carries the weight of championship aspirations. Alliances might be forged or broken, and the true contenders will rise to the forefront.

Fans can expect high-octane action, technical brilliance, and moments of pure heart as the junior heavyweights battle it out for a coveted spot in the finals. NJPW Best of the Super Juniors 31 promises to deliver unforgettable moments and crown a new champion worthy of the prestigious title. Keep your eyes peeled for the upcoming matches, and prepare to be awestruck by the phenomenal displays of athleticism and fighting spirit that these talented competitors will bring to the ring!

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