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That episode was so darned fun.

December 3, 2023

Castagnoli Vs. King and Danielson Vs. Kingston were everything I could have asked them to be.

Abadon has great intensity, too.


Eddie and Bryan match was so fucking good

December 3, 2023

The last third of the Eddie and Bryan match was so fucking good. Even though Eddie keeps losing his matches have been the best so far.

Happy to see Skye Blue improve her promo game.

Julia and Abadon in a program together could be really interesting.


This was nice to see

December 3, 2023

Abadon vs Kiera felt really fresh, both of them don’t get too many opportunities to wrestle on TV so this was nice to see. They both looked good in this short match and Abadon got the win. I really hope this story with Julia gets a few weeks to build instead of being on next week’s Rampage or something, the battle of two sinister characters trying to one up each other in a story sounds interesting. I really liked Kiera in Impact and she looks solid whenever she wrestles, I hope she gets some more opportunities soon to show what she can do.

Does Skye Blue have dirt on TK or something? It feels like the booking of the division is just “give Skye Blue 7000 matches”. She just lost two TBS title matches and now gets a world title shot without much of a good build other than tonight. I did like the promos, especially Toni’s. Her throwing shade at Skye for her ass was funny. “Chin up, tits out” is a catchphrase I didn’t expect to enjoy lol. Skye sounds more comfortable recently, she’s still not great but she should keep getting promo time to improve. I just wish someone else was the first challenger, or if they did go with Skye, at least have them interact more. We have seen Toni vs Skye like 10 times or something already so I hope they get more time to show us what they can do.

I was pleasantly surprised to see Willow and Mercedes get a video package. I was confused that Willow wasn’t teaming with Statlander on Rampage but at least she got something to do on Collison. That Willow/Stat vs Diamante/Mercedes storyline got dropped before All In earlier this year so seeing it return in some fashion is good.


Fun show

December 3, 2023

I was there tonight and it was a really fun show. Genuinely great matches tonight.


Good collision.

December 3, 2023

Things collided nicely.


Bryan did say he’s not gonna be humble in victory nor defeat.

December 3, 2023

Don’t know what else to tell you, Eddie. After Bryan’s gloating, Eddie better go off for the rest of the tournament.


Good Collision!

December 3, 2023



Good show

December 3, 2023

Happy to see Ethan Page and Kip Sabian on TV. And the C2 continues the streak of bangers only. There hasn’t even been a “decent” match, they’ve all slapped. Loving the C2 so far


Dynamite and Collision

December 3, 2023

I love the direction both Dynamite and Collision went this week and hope they keep this up.


Genuinely great matches tonight.

December 3, 2023

I was there tonight and it was a really fun show.


All three CC matches were fantastic.

December 3, 2023

They did a fantastic job between Dynamite and Collision of making Eddie vs Danielson feel like the main event of the week.

Eddie is absolutely going to find the fighting spirit and make the final.

Brody King might be the real star in House of Black by the end of the tournament.


Fun Show

December 3, 2023

Watching after the football games . I liked that Sydal and Daniels tag team. I honestly forgot Sydal was still on the roster. Fun match. Excited for Eddie/Danielson


Nice to see the women’s division

December 3, 2023

It was nice to see the women’s division have segments spread throughout the show instead being stuffed into the 20 minute time block that’s set aside for them on every show. Something that simple as multiple segments, both backstage and prerecorded should be something that always happens until they can somehow find a way to do two matches a show


Daniel Garcia is a true pillar of this company

December 3, 2023

Tony going in on Brody and fading out on Eddie is genuinely such a great decision, it makes me very excited for the next few matches. I genuinely think TK may break our hearts and have Eddie lose out, 0-5 for the tournament he needlessly staked his reputation on. Also Daniel Garcia is a true pillar of this company if we’re talking young talent with legit super star potential.

The C2 has completely energized the product and it’s why you always hear fans clamor for tournaments. I think a tournament is a good “season opener” for your product. They showcase a ton of storylines that are both new and returning. Then they also set up all these wrestlers for consistent screen time while also informing a lot of new information on their characters.

So now we enter a new week with the C2 heating up, Edge Vs Christian, Kenny Omega in singles action, a women’s title match, and a possible Devil reveal. AEW is hot, and people should stop pretending it isn’t



The air crackled with anticipation in the heart of Las Vegas. AEW Collision, the final stop before Full Gear, held its breath, ready to unleash a night etched in the annals of professional wrestling history. 17th November 2023 – a date forever marked by collisions of egos, ambitions, and fists.

Let’s rewind and relive the carnage. Buckle up, because this ain’t your average backyard brawl. This is AEW.

Collision Course: Contenders Clash for TNT Title Supremacy

The night kicked off with a four-way war for a golden opportunity: a TNT Championship match on Rampage. Trent Beretta, the “Angel of Death,” locked horns with the ever-opportunistic Penta El Zero Miedo, the monstrous Brian Cage, and the surprising Komander. It was a ballet of brutality, with limbs contorting and bodies flying. Cage, a walking tank, decimated with powerbombs, while Penta’s trademark moonsault nearly decapitated Trent. Komander, the underdog, danced with death, delivering a tornillo that sent chills down spines.

But Trent, fueled by sheer grit, countered a Cage powerbomb with a poisonrana. The ring exploded, everyone down. Then, chaos. Penta and Komander nailed Cage with an assisted cannonball, Beretta with a back elbow. Steel chairs became unwelcome guests, tempers flared, and the referee threatened to throw it all out.

But in the eye of the storm, Beretta saw his opening. A German suplex to Komander, a tornado DDT to Penta. Cage, awoken from the chaos, planted Trent with a pump handle driver. Just as Cage aimed for the killshot, Penta and Komander hit him with a double superkick.

The crowd roared. This wasn’t just a match; it was a testament to the human spirit, a refusal to yield. In the end, opportunism prevailed. As everyone lay battered, Beretta capitalized on the carnage, pinning Komander for the hard-fought victory. He stood tall, the TNT Championship a glimmer in his eyes. Rampage awaited, and a new contender emerged.

Miro vs. Garcia: A Submission Symphony of Pain

From the four-way frenzy, we descended into a different kind of hell. A chess match of submission holds, a battle of wills. Miro, the Bulgarian Beast, faced Daniel Garcia, the Red Death. This wasn’t about brute force; it was about control, about squeezing the very essence of life out of your opponent.

Garcia, the smaller man, danced on the edge, using his agility to escape Miro’s bone-crushing grasp. He contorted his body, locked in leg locks, but Miro, the master of the Game Over, countered with brutal suplexes and headbutts. The Bulgarian commentary boomed, adding another layer of intensity to the silent struggle.

Garcia, desperate, hit a belly-to-back suplex, a glimmer of hope in his eyes. But Matt Menard, ever the loyal teammate, interfered, leading to a Miro charge. Garcia, quick as a viper, countered with a crossface. The crowd held its breath. Miro, however, was a puzzle too complex to solve. He powered out, then unleashed a gut-wrenching suplex.

The final act was swift. Miro, fueled by primal rage, drove Garcia’s head into the mat repeatedly. “Game over,” he declared, locking in the dreaded submission hold. Garcia, his eyes glazing over, tapped out. Miro stood tall, the Game Over etched on his face, a chilling reminder of his dominance.

Kings of the Black Throne Claim Their Prize

While the ring recovered from the submission symphony, Malakai Black and Brody King, the Kings of the Black Throne, cast their shadows over the arena. Their opponents – Brandon and Brent “The Boys” – were lambs to the slaughter. The Kings moved with a predatory grace, toying with their prey.

A Dante’s Inferno, a slingshot powerbomb, a Regalplex – every move was a lesson in brutality. The Boys, though valiant, were no match for the Kings’ calculated savagery. Brandon was tossed out like yesterday’s trash, and Brent met his demise with the Kings’ signature double team finisher.

The message was clear: the Kings had arrived. They weren’t just here to fight; they were here to claim their throne, one fallen opponent at a time. Rampage trembled in anticipation.

RUSH vs. Harwood: A No Contest Eruption

In a clash of titans, RUSH, the “Ingobernable,” met Dax Harwood, one half of the acclaimed tag team Harwood & Wheeler. This wasn’t just a match; it was a collision of egos, of unyielding pride

…a clash that refused to be contained by the ring. From the opening bell, it was puro fuego, a puroresu-inspired brawl with a dash of lucha libre flair. RUSH, a whirlwind of fury, pelted Harwood with chops that echoed through the arena. Harwood, the stoic powerhouse, countered with lariats that sent RUSH reeling.

The battle spilled outside the ring. RUSH, fueled by La Faccion Ingobernable’s bravado, slammed Harwood into the barricade with reckless abandon. Back in the ring, Harwood turned the tide with a spinebuster, but RUSH, ever the opportunist, countered with a missile dropkick. The crowd, a pulsating organism, roared with every near fall, every desperate kick-out.

Wheeler, unable to contain his anxiety, leaped onto the apron, earning himself a shove from the official. In the blink of an eye, chaos erupted. La Faccion Ingobernable swarmed the ring, attacking both Harwood and the referee. The official called for the bell, but the fight was far from over.

The ring became a warzone. Bodies flew, fists connected, and steel chairs sang their song of destruction. In the midst of it all, RUSH, perched on the top rope, eyed Harwood with predatory hunger. He launched himself, but Harwood, fueled by the injustice, met him mid-air with a monstrous clothesline.

Both men crashed to the mat, the ring groaning under their combined weight. The referee, overwhelmed, threw his hands up in the air. No contest. The crowd, unsatisfied, demanded more. They chanted Harwood’s name, their voices a testament to his unwavering spirit.

Wardlow’s Domination: A Statement and a Warning

While the ring crew surveyed the wreckage, a lone figure emerged from the darkness. Wardlow, the monstrous powerhouse, his eyes burning with predatory intent. His opponent, Evan Daniels, a mere blip on his radar, stood frozen in fear.

Wardlow didn’t waste time. He snatched Daniels like a ragdoll, slammed him with a spinebuster, and delivered a Swanton Bomb that nearly caved in the man’s chest. The referee, fearing for Daniels’ safety, called the match. It wasn’t a victory; it was a statement.

Wardlow, the monster in the making, had arrived. He surveyed the carnage, his eyes lingering on the TNT Championship hanging above the ring. A challenge unspoken, a promise etched in his every move: the title was his, and Full Gear was his proving ground.

The Aftermath: A Canvas of Triumph, Tragedy, and Unanswered Questions

As the final echoes of the night faded, AEW Collision left its mark. Trent Beretta, the unlikely hero, stood tall, the TNT Championship a beacon in his eyes. Miro, the king of submissions, reigned supreme, the Game Over a chilling reminder of his power. The Kings of the Black Throne cast long shadows, their reign of terror just beginning.

But amidst the victors, there were questions. Would Harwood and Wheeler rise from the ashes of their no-contest chaos? Could anyone stop Wardlow’s monstrous ascent? And what would Full Gear hold for these warriors, scarred but not broken?

One thing was certain: AEW Collision was just the beginning. The pieces were set, the stakes were raised, and Full Gear loomed on the horizon, a promise of a grand collision, a spectacle that would rewrite the landscape of AEW.

This wasn’t just a night of wrestling; it was a story etched in sweat, blood, and the roar of the crowd. It was a collision of ambitions, a testament to the human spirit, and a glimpse into the future of AEW, a future as unpredictable as it was thrilling. And as the lights dimmed and the echoes subsided, one question hung heavy in the air: who will collide next, and who will emerge victorious?

Collision Course: AEW Rampage Hits the Brakes, Full Gear Looms Large (11/17/23 Preview)

The air crackles with anticipation. It’s Friday night, and the Kia Forum in Los Angeles is a pressure cooker. Not just any Friday, mind you, but November 17th, 2023 – the eve of All Elite Wrestling’s Full Gear. While the wrestling world prepares for its annual extravaganza, AEW throws a curveball. No Dynamite tonight. Instead, we have Collision, a special one-off show designed to be the appetizer before the main course. But don’t be fooled by the “one-off” label. This Collision packs a punch, a smorgasbord of AEW’s finest ready to whet our appetites for Full Gear’s buffet of brutality.

So, buckle up, wrestling connoisseurs, because we’re about to dissect this card, match by match, and predict the chaos that will ensue.

Main Event: Redemption, Whether Wanted or Not – Miro vs. Daniel Garcia

The “Redeemer” Miro. A juggernaut of a man, his reign of terror as TNT Champion etched in our memories. Now, with that gold relinquished, Miro stands at a crossroads. Does he reclaim his former glory, or forge a new path? His opponent, Daniel Garcia, embodies that very question. Plagued by self-doubt after his recent loss to MJF, Garcia teeters between the stoic “Dragon” he aspires to be and the chaotic “sports entertainer” his J.A.S. brethren represent. This match? It’s a battle for Garcia’s soul, played out in Miro’s unforgiving ring.

Expect brutality. Expect Miro to toss Garcia around like a ragdoll. But also expect flashes of Garcia’s brilliance, moments where he channels the “Dragon” and makes Miro pay. This won’t be a quick squash. This will be a war, a grueling test of wills that could leave both men broken, but one man redeemed.

Champions Collide: Shida & Statlander vs. The Outcasts

A rare treat: the AEW Women’s World Champion, Hikaru Shida, and the TBS Champion, Kris Statlander, joining forces. Their opponents? The self-proclaimed outcasts, Saraya and Ruby Soho, a duo as unpredictable as they are vicious. This isn’t just a tag match; it’s a statement. The champions, united, ready to decimate anyone who dares challenge their dominance. The outcasts, hungry for gold, fueled by chaos, ready to prove that titles belong to those who break the rules.

Expect high-octane action. Shida’s lightning-fast strikes will clash with Saraya’s technical prowess, while Statlander’s alien strength will collide with Soho’s daredevil dives. This won’t be a ballet; it’ll be a rock concert, a cacophony of limbs and screams that will leave the crowd breathless.

Dax Harwood vs. Rush: A Prelude to Tag Team Carnage

The tension is palpable. Dax Harwood, one half of the reigning AEW Tag Team Champions, faces off against Rush, the other half of the team challenging for those titles at Full Gear. This isn’t a friendly exhibition; it’s a calculated strike, a message sent in blood and sweat. Harwood, the stoic powerhouse, will test Rush’s fiery spirit, his resilience. Rush, the human missile, will try to break Harwood’s composure, expose his weaknesses.

Expect a masterclass in tag team wrestling. Harwood’s precision strikes will counter Rush’s aerial assaults. Submissions will blend with high-flying maneuvers, creating a tapestry of pain and desperation. This won’t be just a preview; it’ll be a glimpse into the future, a taste of the carnage that awaits at Full Gear.

And More!

The rest of the card? It’s a kaleidoscope of potential chaos. Andrade El Idolo clashes with the ever-evolving Daniel Garcia. The Blackpool Combat Club’s Claudio Castagnoli and Wheeler Yuta team up against the cocky duo of Ethan Page and Matt Hardy. Skye Blue and Julia Hart, former rivals, join forces against the unpredictable Emi Sakura. Each match, a microcosm of storylines, rivalries, and potential explosions.

Full Gear’s Shadow Looms Large

Collision isn’t just an appetizer; it’s a pressure cooker. Every move, every near-fall, every drop of sweat is a preview of the battles to come. Will Miro’s redemption be complete, or will he fall back into darkness? Will Shida and Statlander remain united, or will The Outcasts sow discord? Will Harwood expose Rush’s weaknesses, or will the human missile leave him broken? These questions, and a million more, hang heavy in the air.

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