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Need to access from Netherland (Use Urban VPN Extension on Google Chrome and Change ip address to Netherland to watch full show below.

Need to access from Netherland (Use Urban VPN Extension on Google Chrome and Change ip address to Netherland to watch full show below.


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NXT Level Up Preview: Heights and Gulak Set for Technical Clinic

NXT Level Up returns with another exciting lineup of matches, featuring a technical showcase between Tavion Heights and Drew Gulak, a hard-hitting encounter between Von Wagner and Luca Crusifino, and a clash of contrasting styles between Brinley Reece and Elektra Lopez.

Heights and Gulak Primed for Can’t-Miss Collision

In the main event of the evening, Tavion Heights and Drew Gulak are set to engage in a technical clinic that promises to be a masterclass in wrestling fundamentals. Heights, known for his high-flying athleticism and aerial maneuvers, will face a formidable challenge against Gulak, a seasoned veteran renowned for his technical prowess and submission expertise.

Heights has been steadily gaining momentum in NXT, showcasing his impressive agility and in-ring acumen. He has impressed with his ability to execute high-risk moves with precision and control, leaving a lasting impression on the NXT audience. However, facing Gulak will be a different proposition altogether.

Gulak, a former WWE Cruiserweight Champion, is a seasoned veteran who has earned his stripes in the competitive world of professional wrestling. He is a master of submission holds and possesses a deep understanding of leverage and positioning. His technical mastery has allowed him to overcome opponents far bigger and stronger than himself, making him a force to be reckoned with.

The clash between Heights’ athleticism and Gulak’s technical prowess promises to be a captivating display of contrasting styles. Heights will attempt to use his speed and agility to catch Gulak off guard, while Gulak will look to slow the pace down and utilize his technical expertise to control the match.

Wagner and Crusifino Set for Collision of Power and Resilience

In a hard-hitting encounter, Von Wagner will take on Luca Crusifino in a clash of power and resilience. Wagner, a dominant force in NXT, has established himself as a formidable opponent with his raw power and aggressive in-ring style. He has been on a roll lately, showcasing his dominance and leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Crusifino, on the other hand, is known for his resilience and never-give-up attitude. He has faced off against some of NXT’s toughest competitors and has never backed down from a challenge. His determination and fighting spirit have earned him the respect of his peers and the admiration of the NXT audience.

The match between Wagner and Crusifino promises to be a hard-fought battle of attrition. Wagner will look to overpower Crusifino with his brute strength, while Crusifino will rely on his resilience and determination to withstand the onslaught and find an opening to strike back.

Reece and Lopez Set for Clash of Contrasting Styles

In a clash of contrasting styles, Brinley Reece will face Elektra Lopez in a match that promises to showcase two distinct approaches to professional wrestling. Reece, known for her technical prowess and submission skills, will look to utilize her grappling expertise to control the match and force Lopez to tap out.

Lopez, on the other hand, is a fiery competitor who relies on her athleticism and high-impact offense to overwhelm her opponents. She is known for her aggressive in-ring style and never-say-die attitude, making her a formidable challenger for Reece.

The contrast in styles between Reece and Lopez will be an intriguing aspect of this match. Reece’s technical approach will clash with Lopez’s high-flying offense, creating a dynamic and unpredictable encounter. Both competitors will have to adapt and adjust their strategies to overcome their opponent’s strengths and find a path to victory.


The upcoming episode of NXT Level Up promises to be an action-packed affair, featuring a diverse lineup of matches that will highlight the talent and determination of the next generation of WWE Superstars. From the technical clinic between Heights and Gulak to the hard-hitting collision between Wagner and Crusifino and the clash of contrasting styles between Reece and Lopez, NXT Level Up will deliver an exciting blend of athleticism, technical prowess, and never-give-up spirit.

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