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that was a fantastic episode

April 21, 2024

Anyone else notice Schiovane being a bit.. off? Just seemed half a second late to call stuff all night or just wouldn’t call it altogether, completely missed the first Shatter Machine, had little reaction to the second one


It was great to see another AEW show

April 21, 2024

in my area and it’s a great way to build hype for dynasty. Really fun night and solid cards overall. I’m sure there was some storyline reasons I likely missed but good wrestling is fine too.

I do like the Gunn’s and bcg as a whole but I’m a little confused with Jay White. Has he had some great matches that I’ve just missed accidently? People really were excited when he came to aew and I’m just not seeing it.

I really liked having collision and rampage as it’s own thing. There was also some RoH that was filmed before collision. It was only 3 matches I want to say? It all rounds out to be a solid 4 hour show and I think that’s fair for the ticket price. I’m glad that we were a good crowd, maybe that will help us get more shows in the area!


Haven’t been watching full episodes,

April 21, 2024

only catching highlights on Youtube for the last bit, checked out Skye Blue v Leyla Hirsch match. That slip off the top rope, if that was truly a botch? The recovery by Skye to not miss a beat, throw a heel at Leyla’s head and end it was extremely well done.


4/20 Blaze It Up with a Brawl: A Deep Dive into AEW Collision

Folks, dust off your fanny packs and prep the popcorn, because on April 20th, AEW Collision is rolling into the Peoria Civic Center, Illinois, and it’s bringing the heat! This show isn’t just another Saturday night throwaway; it’s a collision course for chaos, a crucible for rivalries, and a sizzling appetizer before the five-course feast of AEW Dynasty on April 21st.

Bunkhouse Brawl Heats Up Peoria

The main course of Collision promises a donnybrook unlike any other. The Blackpool Combat Club’s Bryan Danielson and Claudio Castagnoli step into the unforgiving environment of a Bunkhouse Brawl against the Don Callis Family’s Kyle Fletcher and Konosuke Takeshita. This one’s personal for the American Dragon. With Will Ospreay, a close ally of Fletcher and Takeshita, being Danielson’s upcoming opponent at Dynasty, expect a preview of the brutality to come.

Danielson is no stranger to these barbaric battles. His legendary clashes with guys like Takeshi Kitano and Jon Moxley are the stuff of wrestling lore. But Claudio Castagnoli, the Swiss Superman, brings a different flavor to the table. His upper body strength and daredevil maneuvers could be a game-changer in this anything-goes environment.

On the other side of the ring, Kyle Fletcher may be smaller, but his technical brilliance and relentless aggression are undeniable. Partnering him is the “Denjin” Konosuke Takeshita, a powerhouse with a devastating elbow strike and a penchant for violence. This clash of styles promises a war, and Peoria better brace itself for the fallout.

High-Stakes Showdown: The Elite vs. PAC & FTR

The tension is thicker than Illinois molasses in the main event. The Elite, the AEW World Trios Champions – the Young Bucks and the Rainmaker Kazuchika Okada – go head-to-head with their upcoming challengers at Dynasty, FTR and the Bastard PAC. This isn’t just a preview; it’s a statement. Both teams will be looking to gain a mental edge before the biggest battle of their careers.

The Young Bucks, the heart and soul of the Elite, are known for their high-flying, innovative offense. But with FTR’s ruthless tag team tactics and PAC’s brutal striking in the mix, they’ll need to be at their creative best.

Adding another layer of intrigue is the presence of Kazuchika Okada. The Rainmaker is a wrestling anomaly, a champion with a legendary record. His experience and in-ring acumen could be the X-factor for the Elite. However, FTR, the two-time ROH Tag Team Champions, are a well-oiled machine. Their technical prowess and devastating finishing moves have earned them respect across the globe.

And then there’s PAC, the Bastard. A fearless competitor with a chip on his shoulder, PAC brings a level of intensity unmatched by many. His aerial assaults and brutal submissions are guaranteed to make this a match to remember. This isn’t just a championship clash; it’s a war of philosophies, a battle between experience and youthful exuberance. The winner on April 20th will have all the momentum heading into Dynasty.

Grudge Matches and Rising Stars

Collision isn’t just about the main event. The undercard is packed with grudge matches, exciting debuts, and opportunities for rising stars to shine.

The Acclaimed, the self-proclaimed hottest tag team in the world, take on The Gunns, a duo with a point to prove. The Gunns, fueled by their recent betrayal at the hands of Billy Gunn, will be out for blood. This promises to be a fast-paced, action-packed bout with bragging rights on the line.

In another intriguing clash, the unlikely trio of Adam “Edge” Copeland, the legendary Eddie Kingston, and the ROH Pure Champion Mark Briscoe, collide with Top Flight and Action Andretti. This is a battle of veterans and hungry newcomers, with a unique blend of styles that could create magic in the ring.

Speaking of rising stars, two of the brightest young talents in the women’s division, Leyla Hirsch and Skye Blue, lock horns. Both athletes boast impressive athleticism and a growing arsenal of moves. This match could be a launching pad for either woman on the ever-evolving AEW women’s roster.

Powerhouse Hobbs is also set for singles action. This behemoth is a force to be reckoned with, and his opponent remains a mystery. Expect Hobbs to showcase his raw power and dominance, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake.

Rampage: The 4/20 After-Party

But the party doesn’t stop after Collision! AEW Rampage will be

aired live immediately following the show, offering a double dose of AEW action. While the full card hasn’t been revealed yet, here are some potential bouts that could make Rampage a must-watch:

  • Rob Van Dam’s Return: The legendary RVD is confirmed to be back in AEW, and speculation is running rampant about his opponent. Will he face a young upstart, a seasoned veteran, or perhaps even challenge for a title? The possibilities are endless, and RVD’s return alone guarantees a buzzworthy match.
  • More Championship Action: AEW could capitalize on the momentum of Collision by featuring title matches on Rampage. The TNT Championship, the TBS Championship, or even the AEW World Tag Team Championship could be on the line, adding another layer of intrigue to the night.
  • Women’s Showcase: With a stacked women’s roster, AEW could dedicate a segment on Rampage to the ladies. A multi-woman match, a tag team bout, or even a high-profile singles match could give the talented female wrestlers a platform to shine.

What Else to Expect at AEW Collision

Beyond the confirmed matches, there are a few other things to keep an eye on at AEW Collision:

  • Surprise Debuts: AEW has a history of throwing curveballs with surprise debuts. Could a new wrestler from the independent scene, a returning legend, or even someone from a rival promotion make their shocking AEW debut at Collision?
  • Championship Challenges: With Dynasty just around the corner, wrestlers vying for championship gold might use Collision as a platform to make a statement. Expect promos, backstage confrontations, and maybe even a surprise championship challenge to add some extra spice to the night.
  • The Return of the King? Rumors have been swirling about the potential return of a certain “King.” Could the charismatic MJF make a surprise appearance at Collision, setting the stage for his highly anticipated comeback?

Collision: A Night of Non-Stop Action

AEW Collision on April 20th promises to be a night of electrifying action, heart-pounding matches, and rising stars on the verge of greatness. With a main event that could steal the show, grudge matches set to settle scores, and the potential for surprise debuts and championship challenges, Collision is a must-watch for any wrestling fan. So, mark your calendars, grab your snacks, and get ready for a collision course of chaos that will leave you buzzing long after the final bell rings.

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