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FULL TNA Rebellion 2024 Highlights 






Happy that they beat the “Ex-WWE guy immediately

April 21, 2024

Happy that they beat the “Ex-WWE guy immediately wins the world title” allegations, but not exactly excited for Moose/Hardy. I understand that there aren’t really any big names floating around at this point (certainly none that would warrant the teases), but I have to wonder if it wouldn’t have been better to have just skipped the teases entirely and have him return at the Impact tapings (certainly give poor Moose a break from being laid out at the end of PPVs). Best-case scenario is a Bully Ray type situation where they structure his matches to work around his limitations and have him put Moose over.

Knockouts title match was an overbooked mess that resembled a 2003 Jeff Jarrett main event than a Knockouts match. I imagine that Sami Callihan interfering would’ve made more sense if Cardona was at the event (death matches and whatnot), but on it’s own, the ending was just baffling.

PPV was good overall, with the X-Division and Hammerstone matches being the highlights. Happy to see that Mustafa Ali isn’t having one of those “show up, win the X-Division title, drop it a couple weeks later, then disappear” runs that is somewhat common these days. Attendance was better than expected given how it had been trending, but still a far cry from Hard to Kill. Tomorrow’s taping attendance is not looking too good. Probably one of the rockier PPVs for the company in recent memory, especially with the press conference issues (was that guy that collapsed okay?) and general feeling of stagnation surrounding the promotion in recent weeks. It’s hard for me to remember the last time I felt ambivalent or even disappointed by a TNA/Impact PPV, but that’s what I’m feeling right now. Slammiversary in Montreal is a welcome sign of life, though I’m sure the discourse surrounding the ticket sales in the weeks preceding the event will be insufferable. Happy that Tessa Blanchard didn’t show up, but the year is still young.

Once again, they did a PPV in Vegas and did get Johnny Swinger to do an Omega Mart commercial. Leaving money on the table.


And its sad

April 21, 2024

I dont know what this company is doing


Another good show

April 21, 2024

and Gresham/Sami bring some extra dimensions to the roster. Jake Something is an underexplored talent who could be a major star and another homegrown one. Who knows if he has everything needed but he needs a heavyweight division push to find out


Leon Slater, ABC, and the Rascalz are awesome.

April 21, 2024

Them being on the pre show was a treat. Also Trey defending being on the pre show was really cool to see. He’s a good dude.

I’m bummed that Something didn’t win the X-division title, stoked that Laredo won the DMC and all other titles staying with their owners made sense. It was a good PPV overall.

Also, I wouldn’t overthink the Hardy thing. There’s another PPV coming in like 2 weeks and having Matt immediately challenge is a great way to build attention for it. I doubt he wins and I’d bet it’s just filler to add substance to Moose’s run. Making a serious storyline and finding a challenger that is convincing with this fast of a turnaround would’ve been tough. Hardy, albeit old and washed still has the name value to check those boxes. I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s an interference heavy match to hide Matt a little.


TNA feels like it’s going backwards.

April 21, 2024

They had a good niche, they were producing great shows, they had a good balance of camp and seriousness, they were finding wrestlers who could flourish…and now it feels like all that disappeared.

I love TNA but if they pull the trigger on this Matt Hardy world title feud I’m going to need a good long break.

I miss Giselle Shaw matches.

Hope Eric Young is okay. He left a huge pool of blood on that mat

Show wise: the 6 man preshow opener was fantastic, Ali/Something was great (and a little better than I thought it would be) and the rest was…okay. Maybe it’s time for TNA to get storyline heavy for a while.


Not those two’s fault but, man.

April 21, 2024

I tuned in to watch Steph De Lander vs Grace and what I got made me not want to tune in again.


Lights, Camera, Rebellion: A Deep Dive into TNA Rebellion 2024

TNA Wrestling is back in the pay-per-view spotlight, and this time, they’re bringing the heat to Paradise, Nevada. TNA Rebellion 2024, held on April 20th, 2024, promises a night of non-stop action, brutal battles, and championship clashes that will leave fans buzzing. But before the lights dim and the bell rings, let’s delve into the storylines, rivalries, and matches that promise to make this Rebellion one for the ages.

The Main Event Maelstrom: Moose Defends Against the Enigma of Nic Nemeth

Moose, the reigning TNA World Champion, stands tall as a mountain of a man. Dominating with raw power and an unstoppable force, he’s held the title with an iron fist. However, his challenger at Rebellion throws a massive curveball. Nic Nemeth, a comedic genius some might say, has shocked the wrestling world by earning a shot at the gold.

This isn’t your typical champion vs. challenger dynamic. Moose represents pure dominance, while Nemeth embodies a wildcard element. Will his comedic wit translate into ring strategy? Can he overcome the sheer physicality of Moose? This unpredictable clash has wrestling fans on the edge of their seats. Is Nemeth a cunning strategist or simply a comedic sideshow about to get flattened? Only Rebellion will reveal the answer.

Beyond the Title: A Night of Grudge Matches and Championship Battles

The undercard at Rebellion is stacked with matches that promise fireworks. In a Last Man Standing war, Josh Alexander and Hammerstone collide once again. Their rivalry has been brutal, filled with near-knockouts and earth-shattering moves. This time, with no disqualification and no count-outs, expect a barbaric brawl that will push both men to their absolute limits.

The Knockouts Championship is also on the line. Jordynne Grace, a powerhouse with unmatched technical prowess, defends against the rising star, Steph De Lander. De Lander, backed by the ever-vocal Matt Cardona, is hungry for gold. Can Grace overpower the challenger, or will De Lander pull off a monumental upset?

The X-Division Championship, known for its high-flying action and daredevil maneuvers, sees Mustafa Ali lock horns with Jake Something. Ali’s speed and agility are legendary, while Something brings a unique blend of power and surprising athleticism. This clash of styles promises an aerial assault that will leave fans breathless.

Lights Out and Full Metal Mayhem: When the Rules Go Out the Window

Rebellion 2024 throws in two wild card matches that guarantee chaos. The first is the much-anticipated “Lights Out” match. The details are shrouded in secrecy, with only the participants remaining a mystery. Will it be a hardcore brawl with weapons galore? A cinematic lights-out brawl throughout the arena? The element of surprise adds another layer of intrigue to this unpredictable encounter.

The night culminates with a Full Metal Mayhem match, a TNA staple known for its anything-goes brutality. Frankie Kazarian, a crafty veteran with a newfound edge, takes on Eric Young in a rematch that promises to be even more violent than their previous encounter. These two men have a long and bitter history, and with no disqualifications and no count-outs, expect them to pull out all the stops in their quest for victory.

Countdown to Rebellion: Pre-Show Heats Up the Night

The action doesn’t begin at the pay-per-view. The “Countdown to TNA Rebellion 2024” pre-show features three exciting matches that will set the tone for the night. Crazzy Steve, the reigning TNA Digital Media Champion, defends his title against the high-flying Laredo Kid. The Knockouts Tag Team Championships are up for grabs as champions Spitfire face the formidable team of Decay. And in a six-man tag team affair, the veteran duo of Leon Slater and ABC take on the ever-popular Rascalz.

TNA Rebellion 2024: More Than Just a Wrestling Event

TNA Rebellion isn’t just about in-ring action. It’s a celebration of professional wrestling, a night where storylines culminate, rivalries are settled, and champions are crowned. It’s also a showcase for TNA’s talented roster, giving them a platform to shine and create unforgettable moments.

Whether you’re a die-hard TNA fan or a newcomer to the world of professional wrestling, Rebellion 2024 promises to be an unforgettable event. With a captivating main event, thrilling undercard matches, and unpredictable wild card encounters, this pay-per-view has something for everyone. So, mark your calendars

The Wrestlers, the Rivalries, and the Stories that Fuel Rebellion

Beyond the Championship Battles: A Look at the Personal Struggles

While the championship titles are the ultimate prize, TNA Rebellion 2024 delves deeper than just gold. Several undercard matches are fueled by personal vendettas and ongoing narratives that add emotional weight to the action.

  • Rich Swann vs. Joe Hendry: This encounter pits two charismatic personalities against each other. Swann, a former World Champion known for his high-flying offense and infectious energy, seeks redemption after a recent string of losses. Hendry, the “Iron King,” brings a brash, arrogant attitude to the ring, constantly reminding everyone of his undefeated record. This is a clash of styles and personalities, with both men desperate to prove their worth.
  • The System vs. Speedball Mountain: This tag team encounter features a battle of experience versus youthful exuberance. The System, a veteran duo consisting of Eddie Edwards and Brian Myers, relies on cunning strategy and teamwork to overpower their opponents. Speedball Mountain, comprised of Mike Bailey and Trent Seven, brings a frenetic pace and innovative offense to the ring. Can the experience of The System overcome the youthful energy of Speedball Mountain, or will the veterans be outmaneuvered by the upstarts?

The Knockouts Take Center Stage: A Deep Women’s Division on Display

TNA Rebellion 2024 highlights the strength of the Knockouts division. Beyond the Knockouts Championship match, the pre-show features a battle for the Knockouts Tag Team Championships. Champions Spitfire, known for their aerial assault and innovative double-team maneuvers, defend against the dark and mysterious Decay (Rosemary and Havok). This clash of styles promises a unique blend of athleticism and eerie brutality.

Unpredictable Alliances and Shocking Returns: Will Rebellion Spark New Rivalries?

The world of professional wrestling is a breeding ground for unexpected twists and turns. With Rebellion just around the corner, speculation runs wild about potential surprises. Could a returning superstar make a shocking appearance? Will a betrayal rock the foundations of a long-standing tag team? The element of surprise is a key ingredient that keeps fans on the edge of their seats, and TNA Rebellion 2024 is sure to deliver on that promise.

Lights, Camera, Action: The Pageantry and Production of TNA Rebellion

TNA Rebellion is more than just a collection of wrestling matches. It’s a spectacle, a night where high-octane action meets captivating visuals and electrifying music. The entrance stage will come alive with dazzling lights and pyrotechnics, setting the tone for each competitor’s arrival. The energetic commentary team will weave a narrative throughout the night, adding drama and excitement to every contest. TNA Rebellion promises a captivating production that will enhance the in-ring action and create a truly immersive experience for viewers.

The Road to Rebellion: Where Can You Catch Up on the Stories?

For new fans or those wanting to refresh their memories before Rebellion, several resources are available. TNA’s official website and social media platforms offer recaps of past events, ongoing rivalries, and exclusive interviews with the wrestlers. Several wrestling news websites and podcasts also provide in-depth analysis and predictions for upcoming matches. By diving into these resources, fans can fully immerse themselves in the world of TNA and appreciate the intricate storylines leading up to Rebellion 2024.

TNA Rebellion 2024: A Night Where Legends are Made

TNA Rebellion 2024 is more than just a pay-per-view event. It’s a platform for wrestlers to showcase their talent, a night where legacies are solidified, and new stars are born. The main event could see the rise of an unlikely champion, while the undercard matches have the potential to create unforgettable moments and launch future rivalries. With its blend of high-flying action, emotional storytelling, and unpredictable twists, TNA Rebellion 2024 promises to be a night that wrestling fans won’t soon forget. So, get ready for the lights to dim, the bell to ring, and witness a night of pure wrestling mayhem!

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