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Does anyone care about The Outcasts?

February 3, 2024

I literally couldn’t care less about anything to do with The Outcasts currently right now…

The Outcasts started out as a stable comprised of Saraya, Toni Storm, and Ruby Soho. Then, Toni Storm had a bad falling out with Saraya and dissociated herself from the group to go on do the absolute best character work so far in her career… And then, The Outcasts just became a simple tag team of just Saraya and Ruby Soho for quite a while… And then, Anna Jay got randomly slotted in as a new member for The Outcasts to finally replace Toni Storm which made no sense at all because when the hell had Anna Jay and Saraya ever had an on-screen conversation with each other let alone developed a tight bond with each other up until that point??? It was so random lol… And then, we got this weird angle where Angelo Parker was annoyingly bothering Ruby Soho all the time in backstage interviews and Ruby made it pretty clear that she was annoyed by Angelo Parker constantly pestering her… And then, Ruby Soho all of sudden developed romantic feelings for Angelo Parker and she all of sudden was completely smitten with Angelo Parker constantly pestering her and even literally distracting her and causing her to lose her matches and so we ended up getting this on-screen romance angle between the two of them that doesn’t make any sense and that’s so boring and underdeveloped and that just creates segments that act as pure filler… And then, Ruby Soho and Saraya started butting heads with each other over Ruby’s relationship with Angelo Parker because it was negatively interfering in their tag team matches and causing them to lose and I just guess Anna Jay disassociated herself from The Outcasts in between all of that completely off-screen because she just completely stopped coming out with The Outcasts and just went on to do her own thing as a babyface now… And then, Saraya introduced Harley Cameron as her new helper to Ruby Soho out of pure spite and I guess The Outcasts was now comprised of Saraya, Ruby Soho, and Harley Cameron… Like… the fuck…? And then, Ruby was understandably pissed off by Saraya and so she finally stood up to Saraya and essentially left The Outcasts… And then, Saraya purposely destroyed Ruby Soho and Angelo Parker’s underdeveloped relationship by using Harley Cameron in a set up to make it seem like Angelo Parker was cheating on Ruby with Harley and so Ruby is still with The Outcasts anyways???


AEW stories tend to be like that. Look at what else they have now:

February 3, 2024

Eddie trying to prove that he belongs with someone like Danielson, who is having dream matches to prove he doesn’t.

Deonna wants Toni to be the wrestler and friend she once was.

The Undisputed Kingdom wants gold.

Wrestlers from another promotion doing a mini-Invasion

Simple, effective, and easy to follow. That’s all it needs to be.


I think watching wrestling for the wrestling

February 3, 2024

is more of a niche at this point. Back in the late 90s I read someone calling the way WWF books “Wheel of Fortune”. You’re supposed to figure out what’s going to happen before the characters do. They teach the audience to follow the trail. So I get being upset when the dynamics of a show are turned on it’s head.

It’s also why I can give AEW so much leeway with stories, because, after 25 years, I’m tired of looking for breadcrumbs in people’s facial expressions or catchphrases or cues from promos to be paid back later. I want to watch people like Kingston pour his heart out in the ring or Danielson challenge himself to put on the best matches of the year. I don’t need stories much more complex than that.


I wasn’t mad at the thing,

February 3, 2024

but if I was mad at the same long running tv show/s for 20+ years, I think I’d just move on lol. I did more or less move on, so I don’t care what they do at this point. I got the Sami and Jey thing, I’m good.

They could’ve just watched good lucha things or Willow and Statlander and Stokely but no, be angry forever I guess. Be defined by watching MORE POPULAR THING I guess. Be more mad for the next 2 months, learn nothing. I don’t get it, and I’ve been very mad at fiction before, but even then…sigh

Anyway, this episode was pretty damn good. I’m glad Undisputed Kingdom still has Roderick yelling first names and a goofy guy in wheelchair, even if those are now two different gimmicks.


Love how they focused

February 3, 2024

on Hechicero for the 8-man tag. Used his entrance, and Excalibur kept putting him over during the match. That Danielson match is going to be special.


feels good

February 3, 2024

Damn it feels good to have an alternative nationally-televised wrestling promotion to watch


Good show.

February 3, 2024

Queen Aminata has been such a good addition to the roster.


So hear me out y’all.

February 3, 2024

Stokley just said he got a new luxury car. Not the most subtle hint, but clever in kayfabe.

This was never about having Stat turn on Willow. Stokely tried to drive a wedge between them to separate Willow from her friend. The one who beat a certain free agent for the NJPW Strong title and put her on the shelf for the better part of the last year.

Stokely gets his revenge on Stat by making her watch her friend get taken out. Mercedes gets her revenge on Willow. Stat gets mad and the entire women’s division is both on fire and on notice.

I am 100% invested in this and that comment about the luxury vehicle put my at 120%.


Stat grabbing his arms

February 3, 2024

and making him clap sent me. You can tell they’re having fun with it.


I am so into the Stokely shenanigans lol

February 3, 2024

One of my favorite Rampage shows in a while, a lot of good action and good promos (except the Sammy one, he just sucks as a babyface)


Show Timing and Info

February 2, 2024

Livestream links for AEW Rampage 2/2/24 2nd February 2024 Live Online will be added before the show starts. HD Full show replay links for AEW Rampage 2/2/24 2nd February 2024 Live Online will be added during the show.HD and HDTV Fullshow replay links for AEW Rampage 2/2/24 2nd February 2024 Live Online will be added after the show ends.


I cannot wait.

February 2, 2024

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High Flyers, Hard Hitters, and Lucha Libre Legends: A Deep Dive into AEW Rampage (2/2/24)

The echoes of Dynamite’s explosive main event have barely faded, yet AEW Rampage stands poised to deliver another electrifying Friday night experience. This week’s episode, emanating from the raucous crowd of New Orleans, Louisiana, promises high-flying action, hard-hitting brawls, and a taste of international lucha libre mastery. So, buckle up, wrestling fans, because we’re about to take a deep dive into the heart of AEW Rampage (2/2/24)!

Taking Flight: Top Flight vs. Private Party – Tag Team Eliminator Match

The quest for gold intensifies as two of AEW’s most exciting young tandems collide in a Tag Team Championship Eliminator Match. On one side, we have the athletic marvels known as Top Flight – Darius and Dante Martin. Soaring through the air with breathtaking dives and executing innovative double-team maneuvers, they are a true spectacle to witness. Their agility and aerial wizardry have captivated audiences, and a victory here would propel them closer to their dream of Tag Team glory.

Standing in their way are the charismatic duo of Private Party – Isiah Kassidy and Marq Quen. Known for their infectious energy, flashy style, and synchronized offense, they’ve established themselves as formidable contenders in the tag team division. Their experience and in-ring chemistry shouldn’t be underestimated, and they’ll be hungry to prove they deserve another shot at the coveted titles.

This match promises to be a high-octane showcase of aerial acrobatics, fast-paced action, and high-risk maneuvers. Both teams have something to prove, and the pressure will be on as they battle for a vital step towards championship glory. Will Top Flight continue their meteoric rise? Or will Private Party reclaim their place in the title picture? Don’t miss this electrifying encounter!

Powerhouse Punch: Ricky Starks & Big Bill vs. Dark Order – Tag Team Eliminator Match

While Top Flight and Private Party showcase athleticism, the other Tag Team Eliminator Match promises pure power and hard-hitting brutality. The reigning champions, Ricky Starks and Big Bill, personify raw strength and dominance. Starks’ intensity and technical prowess are perfectly complemented by Big Bill’s monstrous size and devastating strikes, making them a formidable force to be reckoned with.

Their challengers, the beloved Dark Order, represent resilience and unwavering spirit. John Silver and Alex Reynolds, despite their recent setbacks, always give their all in the ring. Their high-energy tag team offense and willingness to sacrifice for each other have earned them legions of fans. However, can their underdog spirit overcome the sheer power of the champions?

This clash promises to be a slugfest, a battle of contrasting styles. Expect thunderous strikes, bone-crunching throws, and high-impact sequences. Can the Dark Order overcome the odds and pull off an upset? Or will Starks and Big Bill solidify their dominance with another emphatic victory? Buckle up for a hard-hitting collision that will leave you breathless!

Queen of the Ring Returns: Willow Nightingale vs. Queen Aminata

Following her impressive debut on Dynamite, the charismatic Willow Nightingale returns to the ring, this time facing the imposing Queen Aminata. Nightingale’s infectious positivity and unique blend of lucha libre and technical wrestling have quickly won over the hearts of fans. Her “magical girl” persona is a breath of fresh air, and she’s not afraid to mix it up with anyone.

Queen Aminata, on the other hand, exudes an aura of regal confidence and possesses a diverse arsenal of strikes and submissions. She’s not afraid to use her power and experience to intimidate her opponents. This clash promises to be a battle of contrasting styles and personalities. Can Nightingale’s magic overcome Aminata’s ruthlessness? Or will the Queen maintain her dominance?

Lucha Libre Legends Take Center Stage: CMLL Stars vs. The Menagerie

AEW Rampage takes international flavor as four legendary lucha libre stars from Mexico’s CMLL make their AEW debut. Mistico, Volador Jr., Hechicero, and Mascara Dorada are renowned for their high-flying maneuvers, technical brilliance, and captivating theatricality. Witnessing them share the ring with AEW’s established stars is a dream come true for many wrestling fans.

Opposing them will be The Menagerie, a unique faction featuring Christopher Daniels, Matt Sydal, Matt Menard, and Angelo Parker. This eclectic group boasts a blend of experience, high-flying ability, and technical prowess. They’ll be eager to test their skills against the legendary luchadors and prove themselves on the big stage.

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