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That’s probably the most shocked

April 13, 2024

I’ve been at the finish to a wrestling match in a pretty long time, couple years at least. I did not think Mox had a shot in hell of walking out with that belt.


I’m just happy Naito got his roll call, everything else was gravy baby.

April 13, 2024

Hope they have a young talent beat Mox, if they aren’t gonna have Naito get his win back


someone please correct me

April 13, 2024

if I’m wrong but this makes Mox the only man in history to hold the WWE, AEW and IWGP world titles


The only issue is they’re doing it

April 13, 2024

with every heavyweight singles title concurrently except the NEVER which Shingo just wrestled from the grasp of the EVIL disrespectful heel.

ZSJ just had to rescue the TV title

Someone has to rescue the Global title from Dolph

And now someone has to rescue the world title from Mox

Edit: forgot Eddie Kingston still has the NJPW Strong title too

Whole lot of same for same going on


This “outsider wins the title

April 13, 2024

for the local hero to come back and take it” has been a stable of NJPW’s playbook longer than most of the people commenting have been alive. It’s what all puroresu is ultimately founded on originally. This is Gedo getting to live out his dream of booking that Onita NJPW run in 2000 but with Mox.


I said it months ago when they announced this match

April 13, 2024

It’s one thing for Naito to drop the title to the next new generation guy in line for the world championship

But it will make the NJPW guy who pries it out of Mox’s hands into a fucking megastar.


I assume Moxley will drop the title at Forbidden Door.

April 13, 2024

What horrendous deed did Tetsuya Naito commit in his past life that cursed him to this continuous suffering?


Well as AEW has only

April 13, 2024

had a small number of Champs so far it is a pretty hard feat to accomplish. If you swap out AEW for other World Championships like TNA I wonder what the stats look like


Jericho, Styles, Omega,

April 13, 2024

Punk and Brock are the only ones that have 2 of the 3


First wrestler to win WWE,

April 13, 2024

AEW and IWGP World Championships.


If this match happened a week

April 13, 2024

earlier then all three Shield members would’ve been world champions. Roman as WWE Undisputed Universal Champion, Seth as World Heavyweight Champion, and Mox as IWGP World Heavyweight Champion.


The longest is the period from May 5 2014

April 13, 2024

(Dean losing the US title) to March 29 2015 (Heist). The second longest is the 5.5 months between Seth dropping the NXT title on Dec 6 2012 and everyone winning something on May 19 2013.

I decided to actually try to crunch some numbers because The Shield are kind of a special interest of mine. If we start in 2010 (because Tyler Black dropped his title as a result of signing with WWE, kickstarting all of this), here’s all the spans of time none of them held a title:

Sept 11 2010 (Tyler Black loses the ROH World Title) to Jan 13 2011 (Seth wins the FCW Jack Brisco championship) – 4 months

Sept 22 (Seth loses Jack Brisco) – Feb 23 2012 (Seth wins FCW World Heavyweight) – 5 months

May 31 2012 (Seth loses FCW WH) – June 15 2012 (Roman wins FCW Tags w/Mike Dalton) – 2 weeks

July 13 2012 (Roman loses FCW Tags) – July 26 2012 (Seth wins NXT Champ) – 2 weeks

Dec 6 2012 – May 19 2013 – 5.5 months as mentioned above

May 5 2014 – March 29 2015, 10.5 months as mentioned above

Nov 5 2015 (Seth vacates WWE Championship) – Nov 22 2015 (Roman wins WWE Championship. I know it was only a few minutes but he held it and therefore the clock resets.) – 2 weeks

Nov 22 2015 (goddamn you, Sheamus) – Dec 13 2015 (Dean wins IC Champ) – 3 weeks

Feb 15 2016 (Dean loses IC) – April 3 2016 (Everyone gets to be WWE Champ) – 2 months

Sept 11 2016 (Dean loses WWE Champ) – Sept 25 2016 (Roman wins US Champ) – 2 weeks

June 4 2017 (Dean loses IC Champ) – Aug 20 2017 (Dean & Seth win Raw Tag) – 2.5 months

Nov 6 2017 (Dean & Seth lose Raw Tags) – Nov 20 2017 (Roman wins IC Champ) – 2 weeks

Jan 28 2018 (Seth & Jason Jordan lose Raw Tags) – April 8 2018 (Seth wins IC Champ) – 2 months

June 18 2018 (Seth loses IC Champ) – Aug 19 2018 (lol jk Seth wins IC Champ) – 2 months

Jan 14 2019 (Dean loses IC Champ) – April 7 2019 (Seth wins Universal Champ) – 3 months

Oct 31 2019 (Seth loses Universal) – Jan 4 2020 (Mox wins IWGP US Heavyweight) – 2 months

April 7 2024 (Roman loses everything) – April 12 2024 (Mox wins IWGP World Heavyweight) – 5 days


Give it 6 months max

April 13, 2024

Seth and Roman will get theirs these three are the absolute Pillars of the modern era of wrestling.


Fun fact:

April 13, 2024

The Blackpool Combat Club have been together longer than The Shield in their original run.

The impact those three guys had in that short amount of time is incredible.


Mox saw a disturbance

April 13, 2024

on the force and decided to kill Naito for the championship.


It’s hilarious,

April 13, 2024

these guys actually run wrestling 🤣


Windy City Witnesses a New Era: NJPW Windy City Riot 2024 Recap

The Windy City roared with the thunder of chops, the echoes of lariats, and the eruption of the crowd as New Japan Pro-Wrestling’s Windy City Riot 2024 tore through Chicago on April 12th. This wasn’t just another show; it was a turning point, a night that rewrote the NJPW landscape. Let’s delve into the heart of this electrifying event and explore the stories etched into the squared circle.

New Champion Crowned: Jon Moxley Grabs the Brass Ring

The main event was a clash of titans. Tetsuya Naito, the charismatic Ingobernable de Japon leader, sought to reclaim the prestigious IWGP World Heavyweight Championship. Standing in his path was the “Death Rider” himself, Jon Moxley. This wasn’t just a championship match; it was a battle of philosophies. Naito, the cool and calculating leader, against Moxley, the unhinged yet passionate warrior.

The match was a tapestry of storytelling woven with brutal strikes and near-fall finishes. Naito unleashed his signature Destino variations, each one sending shivers down the audience’s spine. Moxley countered with relentless offense, his lariats echoing through the arena. As the action intensified, the champion’s resilience shone through. He kicked out of a punishing Destino, the crowd erupting in a frenzy. Finally, after a thunderous Paradigm Shift, Moxley pinned Naito, silencing the arena for a moment before exploding in a thunderous ovation.

Moxley’s victory wasn’t just a personal triumph; it marked a new era in NJPW. The hardcore icon, a symbol of American wrestling, now stood atop the Japanese promotion. His post-match promo solidified this. He called Chicago his home, his voice hoarse with emotion, and declared his reign just beginning. With a defiant glint in his eyes, he challenged the entire NJPW roster, specifically mentioning the rising star, Shota Umino. This reign promises to be a wild one, a collision of American brutality and the technical brilliance NJPW is known for.

Showcasing the Future: Umino’s Test and Perry’s Rebellion

Shota Umino, the Young Lion, had a pivotal night. He faced the brash Jack Perry in a match that transcended win or lose. Perry, sporting a jacket emblazoned with “Cry Me A River,” a clear reference to CM Punk, took numerous shots at the former WWE star throughout the match. He even attempted a GTS, adding another layer of intrigue to the ongoing wrestling world drama.

Despite the theatrics, the match was a display of athleticism and heart. Umino, with his signature dropkick and unwavering spirit, showcased his potential. Perry, fueled by his undeniable talent and rebellious spirit, matched him blow for blow. Ultimately, Umino emerged victorious, but the true story was the mutual respect earned. After the bell, Perry extended a handshake, a gesture Umino readily accepted. This moment symbolized the passing of the torch, a veteran acknowledging the talent of the next generation.

Title Changes and Tag Team Turmoil

The undercard was a whirlwind of action. Zack Sabre Jr., the “Technical Wizard,” submitted the fan-favorite Matt Riddle in a technical masterpiece. With this win, Sabre Jr. captured the vacant NJPW World Television Championship, solidifying his position as one of the best technical wrestlers in the world.

The NJPW STRONG Openweight Tag Team Championship scene witnessed a shakeup. The dominant duo of TMDK capitalized on the chaos of a four-way match, dethroning the Guerrillas of Destiny (GOD). This victory marked a new chapter for the tag team division, with fresh challengers ready to stake their claim.

The NJPW STRONG Women’s Championship also saw a new champion crowned. Stephanie Vaquer dominated the high-flying AZM, retaining her title and establishing herself as a force to be reckoned with. However, the highlight of the women’s division came after the match. Vaquer, basking in her victory, received a challenge from Alex Windsor, another rising star. This potential future bout promises to be a showcase of athleticism and technical prowess.

Beyond the Ring: A Night of Surprises and Emotional Farewells

The Windy City Riot wasn’t just about in-ring action. The night saw the emotional farewell of the legendary referee Red Shoes Unno, who received a heartwarming tribute from the wrestlers and the crowd. It was a poignant reminder of the dedication and passion that goes beyond the squared circle.

There were also moments of intrigue. Following Tama Tonga’s shocking WWE debut earlier in the day, speculation ran wild. Could this be the beginning of a talent exchange program between NJPW and its American counterparts? Only time will tell, but the mere possibility adds another layer

Windy City Witnesses a New Era: NJPW Windy City Riot 2024 Recap (continued)

The Rebellion Continues: KENTA and the American Influence

One of the most talked-about aspects of the night was the participation of KENTA. The veteran strong-style wrestler teamed up with a surprising trio: Gabe Kidd, Clark Conners, and David Finlay. This makeshift group, dubbed “The Rebellion,” took on a team of established NJPW stars in a chaotic Riot Rules match. The bout was a brutal display of brawling, with KENTA leading the charge. His signature kicks and DDTs found their mark, leaving opponents reeling.

While the team ultimately emerged victorious, the bigger story was KENTA’s continued defiance. He seemed to relish the opportunity to disrupt the established NJPW order, aligning himself with younger American wrestlers. This raises several questions. Is KENTA forming a permanent faction? Will this “American influence” become a recurring theme in NJPW? Only KENTA himself knows the answers, but his actions have sent shockwaves through the promotion.

What Lies Ahead: An Era of Change

The Windy City Riot was more than just a pay-per-view; it was a turning point for NJPW. Jon Moxley’s reign as champion promises a new era, one that bridges the gap between American and Japanese wrestling styles. The rise of young stars like Shota Umino and the emergence of new champions like Stephanie Vaquer signal a changing of the guard. KENTA’s rebellion adds another layer of intrigue, potentially leading to exciting clashes and unpredictable alliances.

Here are some of the key questions NJPW needs to answer moving forward:

  • How will Moxley defend the IWGP World Heavyweight Championship? Will he face established NJPW stars, or will there be a focus on inter-promotional clashes?
  • Can Shota Umino live up to the expectations and become the next big NJPW star?
  • Who will step up to challenge the newly crowned champions – Zack Sabre Jr., TMDK, and Stephanie Vaquer?
  • Will KENTA’s rebellion grow, and how will it impact the NJPW landscape?

NJPW Windy City Riot 2024 left fans buzzing with excitement and anticipation. It was a night of change, a night of defiance, and a night that promises a captivating new chapter for the historic promotion. The future of NJPW is wide open, and with the talent on display in Chicago, one thing is certain: the journey ahead will be nothing short of electrifying.

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