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Ring of Honor Heats Up: A Look Back at ROH Wrestling Live: 5/23/24

Thursday night delivered a double dose of wrestling goodness, with Ring of Honor (ROH) kicking off the night before transitioning seamlessly into its Impact Wrestling counterpart. This ROH show, packed with high-octane action and grudge matches, proved once again why the promotion continues to be a breeding ground for some of the most talented wrestlers in the world.

Proving Grounds and Soaring Stars

The night kicked off with a “Proving Ground” match, pitting the ever-resilient ROH TV Champion, Kyle Fletcher, against the electrifying London Lightning. This stipulation, unique to ROH, throws a young, hungry competitor into the ring against a seasoned champion for a chance to make a name for themselves. Lightning lived up to his moniker, dazzling the crowd with his agility and innovative offense. Fletcher, however, weathered the storm, showcasing his veteran ring savvy and technical prowess. In the end, the champion retained his title, but not without acknowledging the fire and potential burning bright in Lightning’s eyes.

Eight-Man Tag Team Mayhem

Next up was a chaotic yet captivating eight-man tag team affair. The unlikely alliance of Lee Johnson, Dante Martin, Darius Martin, and Action Andretti battled against the imposing team of Cole Carter, Griff Garrison, Ariya Daivari, and Tony Nese. This match was a microcosm of modern high-flying tag team wrestling, with breathtaking dives, innovative combinations, and near-fall after near-fall. The crowd erupted with each high-risk maneuver, their energy feeding the frenetic pace in the ring. In the climax, Dante Martin pulled off a picture-perfect moonsault slam for the pin, securing the victory for his team.

Renewed Rivalry: Mike Bennett vs. Matt Menard

The animosity between Matt Menard and Mike Bennett has been simmering for weeks, and it finally boiled over in a brutal grudge match. Both men threw caution to the wind, trading heavy strikes and vicious suplexes. The intensity was palpable, with each competitor determined to inflict maximum damage. Bennett, fueled by a desire for revenge, unleashed a flurry of offense, culminating in a devastating piledriver for the hard-fought victory. Though the animosity seems far from settled, Bennett walked away with a measure of satisfaction.

Clash of the Titans: Satnam Singh vs. Jimmy Jacobs

This encounter promised a unique clash of styles, with the imposing Satnam Singh facing off against the unpredictable and cunning Jimmy Jacobs. Singh dominated the early goings, using his immense size and power to ragdoll Jacobs around the ring. However, the veteran Jacobs, known for his unorthodox tactics, refused to be cowed. He used his agility and experience to exploit Singh’s weaknesses, peppering him with strikes and utilizing a series of well-placed submissions. In the closing moments, Jacobs countered a Singh charge with a perfectly timed DDT, securing the upset victory in a match that defied expectations.

Nyla Rose Dominates

The formidable Nyla Rose made a statement in a dominant singles match. Her opponent, unfortunately, is not included in the official records. Regardless, Rose showcased her raw power and technical precision, dismantling her challenger with a series of brutal maneuvers. The match served as a reminder of Rose’s place at the top of the ROH women’s division, leaving the audience to wonder who would be brave enough to step up to her next.

Shane Taylor and Anthony Ogogo: A Force to Be Reckoned With

The reigning ROH World Tag Team Champions, Shane Taylor and Anthony Ogogo, continued their reign of dominance in a hard-fought tag team match. Details about their opponents are scarce, but the champions left no doubt about their skill and teamwork. Ogogo’s striking prowess was on full display, while Taylor’s agility and high-flying offense kept the crowd on their feet. The duo secured the victory with their signature “Welcome to the Land of Opportunity” finisher, solidifying their place as one of the most dominant tag teams in ROH history.

Angelico and Serpentico Cause Chaos

The ever-intriguing duo of Angelico and Serpentico brought their signature brand of chaos to the ring. While their opponents remain unknown, Angelico’s breathtaking aerial maneuvers and Serpentico’s devious tactics created a whirlwind of excitement in the ring. The outcome of the match is not documented, but one thing is certain: Angelico and Serpentico continue to be a captivating and unpredictable force in ROH.

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