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The King and Queen Are Crowned: A Look Back at WWE Ultimate Show King of The Ring

The sands of Saudi Arabia shifted once again as WWE rolled into the Kingdom for their annual Ultimate Show extravaganza. This year’s event, however, held a special weight. Not only did it feature a stacked card with championship matches and grudge battles galore, but it also culminated the highly anticipated King and Queen of the Ring tournaments. Anticipation hung thick in the air as the WWE Universe awaited the crowning of their new royalty.

The night kicked off with a bang as the explosive pairing of Sasha Banks and Naomi challenged Damage CTRL (Dakota Kai and Iyo Sky) for the WWE Women’s Tag Team Championship. It was a fast-paced, high-flying affair with both teams showcasing their impressive in-ring chemistry. In the end, however, the cunning tactics of Damage CTRL prevailed, allowing them to retain their titles with a well-executed double team maneuver.

Next up was a grudge match steeped in betrayal. Rey Mysterio, fueled by weeks of torment from his former Judgment Day cohorts, Priest and Dominik Mysterio, took them on in a brutal No Disqualification brawl. The steel cage was lowered, and all hell broke loose. Weapons were aplenty, bodies were sent crashing through tables, and the animosity between the former allies was palpable. In a shocking turn of events, Edge, seemingly seeking revenge on Judgment Day for their past actions, made a surprise appearance. He cleared the ring, allowing Rey to pick up the hard-fought victory. The question lingered, however, whether Edge’s actions were truly a sign of a reformed spirit, or a calculated move with his own agenda.

The stakes continued to rise as the evening progressed. Sheamus, the resilient Celtic Warrior, battled the monstrous Gunther in a hard-hitting matchup for the WWE Intercontinental Championship. It was a clash of strength and technical prowess, with Sheamus’s fighting spirit facing off against Gunther’s sheer dominance. Despite valiant efforts, Sheamus ultimately fell victim to Gunther’s devastating Imperium Bomb, allowing the champion to retain his title.

The momentum continued to shift as the United States Championship was put on the line. The enigmatic Ricochet, known for his high-octane offense, faced off against the ever-dangerous Damian Priest. The match was a display of athleticism and agility, with Ricochet taking to the skies with breathtaking maneuvers. However, Priest’s calculated strikes and dark charisma ultimately proved too much. He countered Ricochet’s signature shooting star press with a thunderous Helluva Kick, securing the win and the United States Championship.

Now, the stage was set for the culmination of the Queen of the Ring tournament. The two finalists, the cunning veteran Shayna Baszler and the powerhouse Iyo Sky, locked horns in a strategic chess match. Baszler utilized her technical prowess to ground Sky, while Sky countered with her lightning-fast strikes and innovative offense. In a display of incredible athleticism, Sky managed to evade Baszler’s devastating Kirifuda Clutch and delivered a moonsault for a near fall. However, the Queen of Spades wouldn’t be denied. She trapped Sky in the Kirifuda Clutch once again, forcing the rising star to tap out. Shayna Baszler, the ruthless mastermind, was crowned the new Queen of the Ring.

The tension continued to build as the WWE Championship was put on the line in the main event. The dominant Roman Reigns, reigning supreme for over two years, faced off against the resilient Drew McIntyre. It was a battle of titans, with both superstars showcasing their unwavering determination. McIntyre, fueled by a desire to reclaim the championship he once held, unleashed a barrage of offense on the champion. Reigns, however, weathered the storm and countered with his signature Superman Punch and Spear. As the match reached its climax, a masked figure emerged from the crowd, delivering a steel chair shot to McIntyre’s back. The referee was momentarily distracted, allowing Reigns to capitalize with a Spear for the pinfall victory. The masked assailant was revealed to be Sami Zayn, his motives shrouded in mystery. With this shocking betrayal, Reigns retained his championship, but a dark cloud hung over his victory.

The New Era of Royalty

The night wasn’t over, however. With the dust settled from the main event, it was time to crown the new King of the Ring. The tournament’s two finalists, the powerhouse Ilja Dragunov and the charismatic Jey Uso, stood center stage. The match was a display of raw power and technical brilliance. Dragunov’s relentless strikes met their match in Uso’s agility and experience. The crowd roared with anticipation as both men pushed themselves to the limit. In the end, it was Uso’s cunning that prevailed. He countered Dragunov’s Clothesline with a devastating superkick, followed by a thunderous Uso Splash for the pinfall victory. Jey Uso, the returning prodigal son, was crowned the new King.

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