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ROH Wrestling Live: A Night of Shocks, Upsets, and Title Turmoil (Results – 6/6/24)

Bell Time Rings on a Shocking Night for ROH

While diehard wrestling fans were glued to their screens for TNA iMPACT!’s 20th Anniversary show, ROH Wrestling Live snuck in a night of its own full of surprises, title clashes, and rising stars proving their mettle. This Friday night ROH event, held on June 6th, 2024, threw a curveball at predictions, leaving fans both exhilarated and eager for what comes next.

The Undercard Heats Up

The early matches of the night served as a delicious appetizer for the main course. We saw a high-octane three-way clash between Leon St. Giovanni, Blake Christian, and newcomer Rey Horus. Horus, a masked luchador with a reputation for aerial acrobatics, impressed the crowd with his agility and innovative offense. While St. Giovanni displayed his veteran savvy, it was Christian’s explosiveness that ultimately secured him the victory.

The ROH Pure Division Championship was on the line as the resilient Wheeler Yuta defended his title against the ever-aggressive Josh Woods. This technical wrestling showcase had the crowd on the edge of their seats as both men traded submission holds and counters with incredible precision. In the end, Yuta managed to retain his championship with a beautifully executed crossface.

Main Event Mayhem

As the night progressed, the energy in the arena ramped up. The ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Championship was up for grabs, with the established trio of The Foundation (Jonathan Gresham, Darius Lockhart, and Mark Briscoe) facing off against the hungry upstarts, The Righteous (Vincent, Bateman, and Dutch). This chaotic six-man brawl was a sight to behold, with high-risk maneuvers and near falls keeping the audience on their toes. However, it was a well-timed spear from Vincent that took out Gresham, allowing The Righteous to claim the coveted ROH Six-Man Tag Team Titles in a major upset.

Women’s Division Heats Up

The ROH Women’s Division continues to showcase its depth with a compelling match between the powerhouse, Rok-C, and the technical marvel, Maria Kanellis. Rok-C dominated much of the match with her brute strength, but Kanellis countered with her experience and cunning. Ultimately, Rok-C managed to overpower Kanellis with a devastating Lariat to secure the hard-fought victory. This win could propel Rok-C into a future championship opportunity.

A New Champion Emerges

The main event of the evening was a shocker. The reigning ROH World Champion, Bandido, put his title on the line against the unpredictable Brody King. Bandido, known for his high-flying style and daredevil risks, found himself grounded by King’s brutal power strikes and submission holds. The champion fought valiantly, but it was a thunderous clothesline from King that left Bandido incapacitated. The referee called for the bell, crowning Brody King the NEW ROH World Champion! This unexpected title change sent shockwaves through the ROH fanbase, leaving everyone wondering what King’s reign will hold.

Post-Match Mayhem and Rising Tensions

The celebration for King was short-lived. Moments after the victory, a returning Rush, clad in his trademark red and gold gear, stormed the ring. Rush and King had a heated rivalry in the past, and the tension between them was palpable. Rush shoved King to the ground, planting the seeds for a potential future title match. This unexpected turn of events left the audience buzzing with anticipation for what lies ahead.

What Does the Future Hold for ROH?

ROH Wrestling Live on June 6th, 2024, was a night of unexpected twists and turns. A new champion was crowned, a title match was teased, and young stars continued to impress. Here are some key takeaways and burning questions that emerged from this electrifying event:

  • The Rise of Brody King: King’s brutal style and dominant victory over Bandido solidify him as a force to be reckoned with. Will he prove to be a tyrannical champion, or will he lead ROH into a new era?
  • The Return of Rush: The animosity between Rush and King is undeniable. Will their rivalry reignite, and will Rush challenge for the ROH World Title once again?
  • The Fate of Bandido: While dethroned, Bandido remains a fan favorite. How will he respond to this loss? Will he seek an immediate rematch, or will he focus on rebuilding his momentum?

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