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NXT Battleground 2024: A Night of Champions Crowned and Debuts Made

Fasten your seatbelts, NXT fans! Because on June 9th, 2024, NXT Battleground roared into the UFC Apex in Las Vegas, Nevada, promising a night of fierce competition and history-making moments. With six thrilling matches on the card, the NXT brand aimed to showcase its brightest stars and solidify its position as a breeding ground for future legends. Let’s delve into the heart of the action and dissect the biggest takeaways from this electrifying NXT spectacular.

The NXT Championship: Can Trick Williams Retain Against the All Out Ego?

Trick Williams swaggered into the ring, the NXT Championship gleaming on his shoulder. However, his confidence was met with a barrage of boos as his challenger, Ethan Page, marched down the ramp. Page, known for his arrogance and undeniable in-ring ability, had been on a tear in recent weeks, targeting the NXT Title with laser focus. The two engaged in a fast-paced, technical match that showcased Williams’ agility and Page’s brute strength. Williams, the self-proclaimed “Showstopper,” lived up to his nickname, pulling off high-flying maneuvers that left the crowd gasping. Page, however, countered with a devastating powerbomb, nearly securing the victory. The pivotal moment arrived when Oro Mensah, Williams’ ally, interfered, causing a disqualification. Despite the win being awarded to Page, the title remained with Williams due to disqualification. The controversial ending left a sour taste in fans’ mouths, with questions swirling about the legitimacy of Williams’ reign.

A New Era Dawns: The Birth of the NXT Women’s North American Champion

One of the most anticipated matches of the night was the NXT Women’s North American Championship Six-Pack Ladder Match. Six exceptional women – Lash Legend, Sol Ruca, Fallon Henley, Jada Parker, Michin, and Kelani Jordan – clawed their way towards the coveted prize suspended high above the ring. The match was a chaotic spectacle of daring climbs, brutal bumps, and near-misses. Sol Ruca, known for her high-flying style, impressed with a moonsault off the ladder onto a group of competitors. Michin, the powerhouse of the group, demonstrated incredible strength by holding onto the ladder with one hand while fending off multiple challengers. In the end, it was Lash Legend who emerged victorious. With a well-timed clothesline, she sent Fallon Henley crashing and grabbed the championship belt, etching her name in NXT history as the inaugural NXT Women’s North American Champion. Whether Legend can prove herself a worthy champion or another challenger will rise to the occasion remains to be seen.

A Champion Tested: Roxanne Perez Battles the Imbecile

The NXT Women’s Championship was also on the line as the fiery Roxanne Perez defended against the formidable Jordynne Grace, the reigning Impact Wrestling Knockouts Champion. This inter-promotional clash was a clash of styles. Perez, the NXT Champion, relied on her speed and athleticism, while Grace, nicknamed “The Machine,” countered with her raw power and technical prowess. The two women battled back and forth, showcasing their impressive arsenals. Perez took to the air with a series of dazzling maneuvers, narrowly avoiding Grace’s devastating clotheslines. Just as it seemed Perez might retain, a distraction from her rival Valentina Feroz allowed Grace to capitalize with a Grace Driver for the three-count. Grace’s victory not only cemented her dominance but also opened the door for further inter-promotional dream matches between NXT and Impact Wrestling.

Triple Threat Turmoil: The NXT North American Championship Hangs in the Balance

The NXT North American Championship was up for grabs in a Triple Threat Match pitting the defending champion, Oba Femi, against the high-flying Wes Lee and the surging Joe Coffey. The match was a high-octane display of athleticism and power. Femi, known for his technical brilliance, controlled the pace early on. However, Lee, with his gravity-defying maneuvers, and Coffey, with his relentless aggression, provided stiff competition. Lee and Coffey formed a temporary alliance to take down Femi, but it soon crumbled as they turned their sights on the championship gold. The closing moments were a whirlwind of action. Lee executed a breathtaking Shooting Star Press on Coffey, but before he could capitalize, Femi swooped in with a devastating 450 Splash to retain his title. The champion stood tall, but the resilience of Lee and the sheer force of Coffey left everyone wondering if Femi’s reign is nearing its end.

An Underground Showdown: Baszler Takes on Vice in a Brutal NXT Underground Match

For the first time ever, NXT presented an “Underground Match,” a brutal, bare-knuckle brawl reminiscent of MMA fights. The participants? The legendary Shayna Baszler, known for her submission expertise and the rising star, Lola Vice. The atmosphere crackled with anticipation as the two women entered the makeshift octagon. The fight was a grueling display of grit and determination. Baszler, the veteran, utilized her technical mastery to ground Vice and inflict punishment. Vice, however, refused to back down. Fueled by youthful exuberance, she fought back with a flurry of strikes, leaving welts on Baszler’s face. The turning point came when Baszler attempted a kimura lock, her signature move. Vice, displaying surprising strength, countered with a roll-up, pinning the Queen of Spades for a shocking victory. The crowd erupted in a mixture of surprise and elation as Vice celebrated her improbable win. This unexpected upset not only solidified Vice’s status as a force to be reckoned with but also opened the door for more Underground Matches within NXT, potentially creating a thrilling new chapter in the brand’s history.

A Tag Team Revelation: Axiom and Frazer Take Flight

The experienced team of Luke Gallows and Karl Anderson, collectively known as The O.C., looked poised to dismantle the relatively new duo of Axiom and Nathan Frazer. However, the young guns defied expectations. Utilizing their incredible athleticism and innovative tag team maneuvers, Axiom and Frazer dominated large stretches of the match. Their dazzling dives and perfectly executed double-team moves left the crowd in awe. Despite their valiant effort, The O.C.’s veteran savvy eventually shone through. Gallows capitalized on a momentary lapse in concentration by Axiom, hitting him with a devastating Pump Handle Slam for the pinfall victory. Though defeated, Axiom and Frazer earned the respect of the NXT Universe and the seasoned veterans they faced. Their performance cemented their status as a tag team to watch in the years to come.

NXT Battleground: A Night of Controversy and New Beginnings

NXT Battleground 2024 delivered a night of thrilling action, unexpected twists, and the birth of new champions. While the controversial ending of the NXT Championship match left a bitter taste in some fans’ mouths, the NXT Women’s North American Championship match and Jordynne Grace’s victory provided a sense of excitement surrounding the women’s division. The NXT North American Championship and NXT Underground matches showcased the depth of talent within the brand, with Oba Femi retaining his title and Lola Vice emerging as a breakout star. Finally, the NXT Tag Team division received a glimpse of the future with Axiom and Frazer’s impressive performance.

NXT Battleground served as a reminder of NXT’s potential as a breeding ground for future WWE superstars. As the dust settles from this electrifying event, one question lingers: who will step up and claim their own piece of NXT glory? Only time will tell, but one thing is certain – the future of NXT is bright.

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