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Really happy the rankings are coming back.

January 21, 2024

I liked they had that as it made them unique from WWE and I looked forward to the weekly update.


If AEW keeps this up,

January 21, 2024

2024 might be its best year in terms of all-around quality.



January 21, 2024

Seriously though, another great show tonight. Every match was genuinely good.

And credit to TK and that roster who have been absolutely cooking for a few months now since the re-focus on workrate/in-ring and it’s paying off because we will get at least decent to good cards each week with this roster full of guys/gals that can work well with each other regardless of how you match them up.

And this is with a ton of people currently out or injured too. Imagine when he gets these ppl back combined with the signings he’s undoubtedly made? I can see why TK is excited for what’s to come in the rest of the year.


2024 as a year of huge potential in AEW

January 21, 2024

Rankings being back sets up 2024 as a year of huge potential in AEW


A really good episode of Collision

January 21, 2024

I like unexpectedly good based on the card announcement but every one came to work and they all worked hard


Papa H in charge WWE i

January 21, 2024

Punk definitely isn’t known to be spiteful. And with Papa H in charge WWE is totally all about promoting competition and free love and no war and all that.


I can’t stand Punk now,

January 21, 2024

CM Punk was my personal GOAT. I refuse to watch WWE with him in it, because I know he’s only there for spite and to save his name and I’m disappointed WWE is obliging, and I think they’re doing so to hit at AEW.


I like most was so excited for Punk in AEW.

January 21, 2024

Looking back now, the amount he completely fucked with the structure and culture of AEW is unbelievable. It was a better show before him and it’s becoming a better show since he was FIRED!! I keep hearing podcasters and people on twitter now only refer to Punks exit as him leaving. As if it was his decision. Little boy couldn’t swim without his WWE floaties


AEW is slowly getting back

January 21, 2024

AEW is slowly getting back to pre Punk era goodness. I’m here for it.


Punk was great until he got hurt.

January 21, 2024

I can’t take away the stellar stuff he did before gunning for the world title.

But ultimately, he turned out to be a toxic hypocritical diva with the thinnest of skin, making mountains out of molehills and unable to take blame or even look to attempt to solve the problems he caused.


CM Punk tore through and pillaged this company so much

January 21, 2024

Dude props for sticking around. CM Punk tore through and pillaged this company so much that the culture and direction of AEW became a toxic mess just held together by the original dream. Tony gave as the antidote by firing the cause and tonight is one of the biggest indicators that AEW will make a full and complete recovery and come out the otherside much stronger for it.


Most genuinely excited

January 21, 2024

This might be the most genuinely excited I’ve been for an upcoming Dynamite in my year or so of casually watching AEW!


Please and thank you

January 21, 2024

So, the BBSG will screw Roddy out of his PPV match and we’ll get Daddy Ass vs OC? Please and thank you. He can drop it a couple weeks later but it could be the best early win for the super group that would be a direct FU to the UK.


Edge versus Suzuki!

January 21, 2024

Edge versus Suzuki! “Kaze Ni Nare” with Copeland in the ring? What universe am I in?


A great episode.

January 21, 2024

They were on one tonight.


Copeland vs. Suzuki

January 21, 2024

Copeland vs. Suzuki is a fascinating match because I have no idea what the fuck that match even looks like. Good or bad it will be fascinating to see what those two put together in the ring.


Great show

January 21, 2024

Overall although I was a little let down by the main event


properly booked show

January 21, 2024

It felt like a properly booked show from beginning to end compared to the thrown together feel of last week. Having Moxley, Kingston, Rosa, and Danielson back added some starpower.


This card looked good

January 21, 2024

I honestly wasn’t expecting the whole episode to be so great. A fun mix of rising talents and established names. The historic formation of the Bang Bang Scissor Gang was a cool surprise since neither were announced beforehand and it took me a few beats to realize with the BBG’s new theme. Also, Queen Aminata. Period.


Really fun episode.

January 21, 2024

One issue I do have:

Not sure why we’re STILL running Eddie vs BCC (or at least with Danielson and Claudio).

Eddie beat these two already. We don’t need to run this back so quickly after the tournament.


Great Collision,

January 21, 2024

but damn, Dynamite next week looks insane lol


Tony got the big bag from the TV deal

January 21, 2024

Seems like to me Tony got the big bag from the TV deal ready to go doesn’t need to worry about that anymore now he’s back focusing on just booking straight bangers every week. At least that’s my head cannon lol


AEW to get off his lawn tonight.

January 21, 2024

Adam Copeland continuing to tell the kids of AEW to get off his lawn tonight. On Dynamite he will face an older and more ornery man in Minoru Suzuki.


What a fantastic night.

January 21, 2024

Probably TK’s best show of the new year, so far.


Bullet Club Pink and Gold

January 21, 2024

I hope they run with Bullet Club Pink and Gold if only just for the merch


it was so much fucking fun

January 21, 2024

I was there in the building it was my first live wrestling experience andC! The building erupted for the formation of the Bang Bang Scissor Gang


Not just the feeling being restored

January 21, 2024

But a lot of the problems of the past are being fixed. I telling y’all the women’s booking has been fire but because of the baggage of the past I think people are hesitant to acknowledge that they have been killing it and featured in tons of segments consistently.


Really fun show.

January 21, 2024

Enjoyed Rosa vs Aminata. Hoping for Aminata to start getting wins sooner rather than later. Garcia vs Buddy was great. Looking forward to the steel cage match.


Pretty cool and awesome moment with Acclaimed and Bulletclub Gold scissoring!

January 21, 2024

I’m really loving the face turn thus far for BCG and let’s see if it holds up or they turn on Acclaimed to possibly become Undisputed Trios Tag Team Champions


In 20 years, people will ask.

January 21, 2024

Where were you when the Bang Bang Scissor Gang was formed? Matthew’s is my favorite active wrestler. He is so good. His blindly thrown knees are great.


Crazy that Mariah

January 21, 2024

Crazy that Mariah May hasn’t had a match since her debut. She needs to be featured more to continue building momentum.


By All In they could have back

January 21, 2024

Kenny, Cole, MJF, PAC, Kyle Oreily, Bandido,Britt, Hayter, Deeb, Athena and add Oseprey, Okada and Mercedes… WTF


I couldn’t hear most of Mox’s promo

January 21, 2024

Three guys sitting behind me were obnoxiously drunk (they were already drunk when they got there and kept drinking throughout the show) and were yelling irrelevant shit the entire time, I couldn’t hear most of Mox’s promo because they were being so loud.

Then there was another guy who was randomly shouting about Joe Biden and Nancy Pelosi during the main event, and he also made an all lives matter comment when Dante Martin was making his entrance


Dude no joke,

January 21, 2024

I had two assholes who almost got into a fight cause one of them sat in the other guys seat. Then one wouldn’t shut up about it all night and the other was shouting dumb shit all night behind me. It was an amazing show but they kind of ruined it and was my first bad experience with an AEW crowd.


Great show

January 21, 2024

Just got back to my hotel from the show. Great show but holy shit the people in my section were awful


Good catch.

January 21, 2024

On that note, I really hope he brings the Downward Spiral back and they start referring to it as such. If memory serves, he stopped using the move as soon as he distanced himself from the Brood and started the iconic tag team run with Christian in the Early 2000’s.


Anti-Venom, Edge-O-Matic, Edgecution, Downward Spiral

January 21, 2024

Anyone got any name suggestions for these classic Copeland moves that have yet to be renamed?


WCW Championship in 1993

January 21, 2024

The Bulldog should have won the WCW Championship in 1993


Stop looking like WWE

January 21, 2024

Too fucking much LED shit. Stop looking like WWE. If I wanted a show to look like WWE I’d watch WWE


Your parlay is done by the way

January 21, 2024

Cash to Buddy in the commercial break “Your parlay is done by the way” :joy: :joy:


AEW signed Skye Blue, Julia, Willow and other girls

January 21, 2024

When AEW signed Skye Blue, Julia, Willow and other girls they have them eat pins and try and get them reps and whatnot so that they’re good to go later down the track.

Fuck doing that with Queen Aminata though she’s farken awesome and she’s shit loads better then any of the other wrestlers when they signed with AEW. Strap the farken rocket to her and Mariah May and let them take over the women’s division in a year or two.


I cannot wait.

January 21, 2024

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AEW Collision: A Night of Explosions, Debuts, and Desperate Battles for Supremacy

The air crackled with anticipation in Garland, Texas, on January 20th, 2024. It wasn’t just the Texas heat that set the stage ablaze; it was the electric energy emanating from the heart of AEW Collision, a night destined to rewrite the landscape of professional wrestling. From the opening bell to the final echoes of the closing roar, Collision was a supernova of action, drama, and unexpected twists that left the audience breathless.

The night kicked off with a bang, not in the metaphorical sense, but with the literal detonation of chairs, courtesy of the monstrous Blackpool Combat Club. Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson, the reigning AEW World Tag Team Champions, unleashed their patented European uppercut-and-flying-kicks symphony on Eddie Kingston and Ortiz, the Mad Kings of New York. The intensity was palpable, a clash of styles that saw Kingston’s unhinged aggression meet the technical precision of BCC. The match was a brutal ballet, a testament to the resilience of the human spirit in the face of punishing pain. In the end, it was Kingston and Ortiz who emerged victorious, fueled by their unwavering brotherhood and Kingston’s signature “stretch plum” submission.

But the collisions didn’t stop there. The night was a veritable smorgasbord of high-octane action, each match a microcosm of the AEW ethos: unpredictable, innovative, and fiercely competitive. Jon Moxley, the Purveyor of Violence, faced off against the ever-resilient Shane “Swerve” Taylor in a match that was a masterclass in brawling brutality. Moxley’s trademark barbed wire bat made an appearance, its barbed embrace leaving Taylor bloodied but unbowed. In the end, it was Moxley who prevailed, his Lunatic Light shining through the crimson haze.

Meanwhile, the technical wizardry of Daniel Garcia was on full display as he battled the enigmatic Buddy Matthews in a match that blurred the lines between submission artistry and striking savagery. Garcia’s patented “Shark Bait” submission had Matthews gasping for air, but Matthews’ counterattacks, fueled by a desperation born of recent setbacks, were venomous. The match ended in a controversial draw, leaving both men battered and bruised, yet hungry for more.

The undercard was a showcase of rising stars and established veterans alike. The ever-soaring Matt Sydal, the Cosmic Cruiserweight, faced Roderick Strong, the Master of the Ring. Their aerial acrobatics defied gravity, leaving the audience gasping for air as they soared through the air like human kites. In the end, it was Strong’s cunning and veteran experience that earned him the victory, but Sydal’s performance solidified his place as a future champion.

But perhaps the most defining moment of the night was not a match, but a debut. The legendary Adam Copeland, better known to the WWE Universe as Edge, issued an open challenge, a dare to any soul brave enough to face him. And answer the call did a man cloaked in mystery, a masked figure with a scythe and a chilling aura. The “Reaper” Darby Allin, returning from a grueling hiatus, materialized from the shadows, his eyes burning with a cold fire. The match was a study in contrasts: Edge’s brutal power against Allin’s balletic agility, the veteran’s calculated strikes against the newcomer’s death-defying dives. In the end, it was Allin who stood tall, his scythe raised in victory, a chilling reminder that death can come at any time, even for the most decorated legends.

But Collision wasn’t just about individual triumphs and defeats. It was also about the ongoing power struggle that defines AEW. The Jericho Appreciation Society, led by the ever-narcissistic Chris Jericho, clashed with the Blackpool Combat Club in a war of words and intimidation. The tension was thick enough to cut with a knife, a promise of a future collision that could shake the very foundations of AEW.

And then there was her. Thunder Rosa, the AEW Women’s World Champion, a force of nature who defended her title against the formidable Queen Aminata. The match was a showcase of sheer athleticism and unyielding determination. Rosa’s suplexes were bone-crunching, her kicks whiplash-inducing, and Aminata responded with a warrior’s spirit, her strikes echoing like thunder. In the end, Rosa retained her title, but the respect earned in the ring between these two warriors was a victory in itself.

AEW Collision wasn’t just a wrestling event; it was an experience. It was a symphony of violence and grace, a tapestry woven from blood, sweat, and tears. It was a reminder that wrestling is more than just a sport; it’s a story, a drama, a spectacle that unfolds before our eyes, leaving us breathless and begging for more. And as the final echoes of the crowd’

As the final echoes of the crowd’s roar faded, a hush fell over the arena. The lights dimmed, the stage cleared, but the lingering energy of the night refused to dissipate. It hung in the air, a palpable reminder of the epic battles that had just unfolded. Each match, each moment, had left its mark, etching itself onto the collective memory of the audience.

The whispers began to circulate, fueled by speculation and the insatiable desire for the next chapter. Who would rise from the ashes of defeat? Who would answer the Reaper’s chilling challenge? Would the Jericho Appreciation Society finally topple the Blackpool Combat Club? The questions hung heavy, unanswered yet tantalizing, promising a future brimming with even more explosive collisions.

But perhaps the most significant takeaway from AEW Collision was a renewed sense of hope. In the face of adversity, of brutal battles and crushing defeats, the spirit of the fighters never faltered. They pushed their limits, defied expectations, and emerged stronger, scarred but unbowed. Eddie Kingston and Ortiz, bloodied but defiant, proved that brotherhood can conquer even the most fearsome foes. Matt Sydal, soaring through the air like a defiant phoenix, embodied the relentless pursuit of one’s dreams. And Darby Allin, the Reaper rising from the shadows, whispered a chilling promise of resilience in the face of darkness.

AEW Collision was a microcosm of life itself, a chaotic dance of triumph and tribulation, a brutal reminder that the path to greatness is paved with hardship. It was a night that etched its name into the annals of wrestling history, a testament to the unparalleled creativity and unyielding passion that defines AEW. And as the sun rose over Garland, Texas, casting a golden glow on the arena, one thing was certain: the echoes of Collison would reverberate for months to come, a constant reminder that in the ring and in life, the greatest collisions often hold the seeds of our most powerful transformations.

So, the next time you find yourself facing your own personal collision, remember the warriors of AEW. Remember their grit, their determination, their unwavering belief in the power of the fight. Remember that within every struggle lies the potential for rebirth, and that even in the darkest moments, the Reaper’s scythe can be a harbinger of new beginnings. For it is in the crucible of collision that we discover our true strength, and it is in the echoes of battle that we forge our greatest victories.

This is the legacy of AEW Collision, a night that forever changed the landscape of professional wrestling, and a story that will continue to unfold, one explosive chapter at a time.

The Crash You Can’t Ignore: AEW Collision 2024 – A Preview That Sizzles Like Dynamite

The air crackles with anticipation. The ring, a beacon of raw energy, awaits the warriors who will answer its call. This January 20th, AEW Collision isn’t just an event; it’s a collision of titans, a symphony of brutality and athleticism that will leave you breathless and begging for more. Brace yourselves, wrestling fans, for this ain’t your grandma’s bingo night. This is AEW Collision, and it’s about to explode in your face with the force of a piledriver off the top rope.

The Main Event: Adam Copeland’s Open Challenge – A Crucible of Chaos

He’s a legend. He’s a maverick. He’s Edge, and he’s issuing an open challenge that’s echoing through the AEWverse like a sonic boom. Who dares step into the ring with the Rated-R Superstar? Will it be a rising star hungry to prove their worth, or a grizzled veteran seeking one last dance with the devil? The possibilities are endless, the tension thick enough to choke on. Imagine the shockwaves if Kenny Omega answers the call, the clash of styles a supernova in the squared circle. Or picture the underdog story of a rising talent like Dante Martin shocking the world with a victory that catapults them to the top of the mountain. This Open Challenge is a tinderbox, and Edge is the match waiting to ignite it.

Blackpool Combat Club vs. Kingston & Ortiz: A Clash of Titans

Two forces of nature collide when Claudio Castagnoli and Bryan Danielson, the unstoppable Blackpool Combat Club, square off against the Mad King Eddie Kingston and his partner-in-mayhem Ortiz. This match is a masterclass in contrasting styles. The technical wizardry of Danielson weaving against Kingston’s wild, unhinged aggression promises a ballet of brutality. Meanwhile, Castagnoli, the Swiss Cyborg, will be a brick wall against Ortiz’s high-flying offense. This isn’t just a fight; it’s a war, a clash of empires for the soul of AEW. Will the submission artistry of the BCC reign supreme, or will Kingston and Ortiz unleash their unbridled chaos to claim victory? Strap yourselves in, folks, because this one’s gonna leave teeth flying.

Moxley vs. Taylor: A Return to Brutality

Jon Moxley, the Purveyor of Violence, is back, baby! And his sights are set on Shane “Swerve” Taylor, the smooth-talking, hard-hitting king of the streets. This isn’t a technical showcase; this is a bar fight in a steel cage. Moxley’s unhinged fury will meet Taylor’s calculated aggression in a collision that promises to leave both men battered and broken. Expect lariats that sound like thunderclaps, piledrivers that shake the very foundation of the arena, and enough blood to fill a vampire’s bathtub. This match isn’t for the faint of heart, but for those who crave the raw, primal essence of violence, it’s a feast for the senses.

And That’s Just the Main Card!

This is just a taste of the carnage that awaits at AEW Collision. We haven’t even touched on the technical wizardry of Buddy Matthews vs. Daniel Garcia, the high-flying chaos of the women’s division, or the unpredictable mayhem of the tag team matches. Every corner of this event is packed with potential for greatness, for moments that will be etched in the annals of wrestling history.

So, mark your calendars, clear your schedules, and prepare yourselves for a night unlike any other. AEW Collision isn’t just a wrestling event; it’s an experience, a sensory overload of pure, unadulterated adrenaline. It’s the clash of titans, the dance of demons, the symphony of screams that will leave you breathless and begging for more. It’s AEW Collision, and you can’t afford to miss it.

This is just the beginning. There’s so much more to explore. Let’s continue crafting this epic preview. Tell me, what are you most excited about at AEW Collision? What dream matches would you love to see? Let’s dive deeper into the heart of this event and turn this preview into a masterpiece!

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