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Tradition dictates that since

April 18, 2024

Joe is standing tall, he will lose on Sunday.


man, Swerve gets crowned on

April 18, 2024

Sunday or the cowboy ruins it for him


I was ringside when Joe beat Angle

April 18, 2024

to win the world title at Lockdown ‘08 and that’s the only cool wrestling story I have but I’m fond of it


Swere is genre savvy,

April 18, 2024

used all his energy beating up security so he could get the last to get beaten up before the ppv boost


That title was straight up made for Joe,

April 18, 2024

he’s such a perfect world champ. Gonna be sad to see him lose it, however if he’s losing it to anyone, Swerve is that guy.


I actually wouldn’t mind a Swerve win

April 18, 2024

and then Joe doing what Swerve did to Hangman, back to Swerve.

Joe taking revenge attacking everyone around Swerve until he gets the rematch at DON. Fuck it, I love this feud let’s go one more PPV.


Swerve wins the match,

April 18, 2024

lights go off, Hangman comes back and beats the shit outta swerve, lights go out again, MJF comes back.


That was a good episode.

April 18, 2024

AEW is really good when it’s good. Feel like every week used to be like this a year or two ago, hope we get more of it


footage you were showing

April 18, 2024

Some people are saying, ‘Oh the footage you were showing was like the Finger Poke of Doom moment for AEW.’ That’s what you want it to be because you want to see us fail. There is no way, because I was in both companies, there is absolute no way that you can compare us to WCW. You can’t. You may want to, you may think you’re right. You’re wrong, you cannot compare us to WCW. I was there for both. You were not.”

you should watch wcw 2000 before you say that another show is like it lol.. and if you have, you’re legitimately just making the comparison in bad faith, because nitro 2000 did things that are nowhere near as bad as what any major promotion is doing in 2024.


I remember when pure babyface

April 18, 2024

Willie Hobbs came into AEW and broke Darby/Moxley’s hearts and joined team taz


Moxley fucked off on some side-quests

April 18, 2024

and he feels fresh as fuck right now


Brawl on Saturday

April 18, 2024

Yep. Really looking forward to that Bunkhouse Brawl on Saturday.


Who’s winning at Dynasty,

April 18, 2024

Joe or Swerve? I’m not that clued in, people leaning one way or the other?


i don’t think it got enough love

April 18, 2024

oh yeah Claudio/Bryan vs Fletcher/Hobbs from Saturday was awesome.


Look how good Dynamite

April 18, 2024

can be when you simply don’t mention the WWE


Putting Bryan, a noted psychopath with a significant injury record,

April 18, 2024

in a no-holds-barred match the night before your PPV’s biggest match is certainly a choice.


Danielson in a bunkhouse brawl

April 18, 2024

the day before the ppv? Wtf? No!


Damn, honestly I’m into every match/storyline on this PPV.

April 18, 2024

One of the best builds AEW has had in a long time.


Callie’ group really should be a menace

April 18, 2024

all up and down the roster just looking at their members. They’re all too good to just be in one singular feud as a group constantly


At least 5 matches haven’t been

April 18, 2024

added to the card like usual on the go home Dynamite, only 2. Still Collision tho


If I was a billionaire I’d be dead from hookers

April 18, 2024

and cocaine and not booking wrestling shows with all the cool doodz


Man just put hook/Jericho on the pre show.

April 18, 2024

That match is going to have no heat


Can we just pass on the FTW match please?

April 18, 2024

Give Danielson and Ospreay their time.


Ospreay v Claudio

April 18, 2024

is instantly an all time classic


That kid Ospreay acknowledged

April 18, 2024

is up there with that kid in the higher seats in the Death Jitsu shirt who felt every word of that Jon Moxley promo.


They should rehire Bobby Fish

April 18, 2024

and put him with Top Flight. Folks, Where’s the fly


Man’s so over

April 18, 2024

he was still getting a pop even after the break, good for him


Once the roster gets fully healthy,

April 18, 2024

AEW is gonna have a lot of fire power.


No mask?

April 18, 2024

That’s all fine and cool. But no Hoes? Nah I’m out


If Ospreay doesn’t somehow counter

April 18, 2024

the swing into a hidden blade then what are we even doing?


Cutting off Ospreay’s

April 18, 2024

entrance is evil


If Ospreay doesn’t somehow

April 18, 2024

counter the swing into a hidden blade then what are we even doing?


Has Luther wrestled

April 18, 2024

Has Luther wrestled since he became Storm’s manager?


My gut says Deonna

April 18, 2024

could kill it in a hot program. She debuted just when Timeless Toni was on fire and it kinda killed her but she’s got what it takes.


Show Timing and Info

April 17, 2024

Livestream links for AEW Dynamite 4/17/24 17th April 2024 Live Online will be added before the show starts. HD Fullshow replay links for AEW Dynamite 4/17/24 17th April 2024 Live Online will be added during the show. HD and HDTV Fullshow replay links for AEW Dynamite 4/17/24 17th April 2024 Live Online will be added after the show ends.


Dynamite Before the Dynasty: A Clash of Titans and Rising Tensions

The echoes of “Judas” are barely a whisper in the wind as we approach the penultimate stop on the road to AEW Dynasty. Tensions are at a fever pitch, rivalries are reaching their boiling points, and the air crackles with anticipation. This Wednesday, April 17th, 2024, AEW Dynamite explodes live from its usual stomping grounds, ready to deliver a night that sets the stage for a monumental pay-per-view.

Main Event Mayhem: A Dream Trios Match Ignites

The main event for Dynamite this week is a clash of titans that wrestling purists have been salivating over. The Elite, the iconic trio of The Young Bucks (Matt and Nick Jackson) and the legendary “Rainmaker” Kazuchika Okada, will lock horns with the formidable Death Triangle – PAC, Penta El Zero Miedo, and the ever-evolving Daniel Garcia. This eight-man dream match promises a tapestry of high-octane aerial maneuvers, bone-shattering strikes, and technical brilliance unseen before in an AEW ring.

The Young Bucks, hungry to reclaim their dominance in the tag team division, will be looking to synchronize their trademark moonsaults and superkicks with Okada’s Rainmaker dropkick for a devastating offensive. Meanwhile, Death Triangle, a well-oiled unit honed by years of brutal battles, will counter with their own arsenal of chaos. PAC’s brutal kicks and submissions, Penta’s dark charisma and fearsome finisher, the Fear Factor, combined with Garcia’s newfound technical prowess, pose a formidable threat.

Beyond the in-ring spectacle, this match serves as a microcosm of the larger narratives at play. The Elite, veterans with a chip on their shoulder, face a younger generation hungry for their respect. This clash of styles and generations promises explosive fireworks.

Dynasty Domination: Champion and Challenger Collide

The road to AEW Dynasty is paved with gold, and at the end of it sits the prestigious AEW World Championship. The reigning champion, Samoa Joe, a mountain of a man with an iron fist, will be making an appearance on Dynamite. His presence will undoubtedly be a statement, a reminder of the sheer force he brings to the title.

But Joe won’t be alone in the spotlight. His challenger at Dynasty, the enigmatic Swerve Strickland, will also be on hand. Swerve, known for his flamboyant charisma and in-ring agility, represents a different kind of threat. Can his innovative offense find a way through Joe’s impenetrable defenses? We’ll get a glimpse of their mental warfare on Dynamite, as both men address the upcoming championship clash.

Blackpool Combat Club Gears Up for War

The Blackpool Combat Club has been a dominant force in AEW. With Bryan Danielson at the helm, Claudio Castagnoli’s unwavering determination, and Wheeler Yuta’s youthful exuberance, they’ve established themselves as a force to be reckoned with. However, on this episode of Dynamite, Claudio stands alone, facing a formidable opponent – Will Ospreay.

Ospreay, known for his “Murder Osprey” persona and his daredevil style, is no stranger to pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the ring. This singles match serves as a crucial pre-Dynasty battle. For Ospreay, it’s a chance to showcase his dominance and send a message to Danielson, his opponent at the pay-per-view. For Claudio, it’s an opportunity to prove his own mettle and solidify his place within the Blackpool Combat Club. Expect a high-flying, hard-hitting encounter that will leave the crowd gasping for air.

A Family Divided? Jericho and Taz Face Off

One of the most intriguing storylines brewing in AEW involves the unlikely friendship, or perhaps mentorship, between Chris Jericho and Hook. Jericho, a veteran with a penchant for reinvention, seems genuinely interested in taking Hook, the FTW Champion and son of the legendary Taz, under his wing.

However, Taz, a stoic and no-nonsense figure, remains skeptical of Jericho’s motives. On this episode of Dynamite, these two titans will come face to face. Will Taz give Jericho a chance to prove himself as a mentor? Or will this meeting further exacerbate the tension, potentially fracturing their fragile bond?

The Women’s Division Heats Up: Purrazzo Seeks New Opportunities

The ever-evolving AEW Women’s division will see another chapter unfold. The ambitious and outspoken Angelina Love continues to push the boundaries, demanding a shot at the Women’s Championship currently held by Toni Storm. However, another competitor, the cunning Thea Trinidad, lurks in the shadows, eyeing the same prize.

This week, veteran wrestler and strategist Madison Rayne throws her hat into

the ring, setting up a potential three-way battle for dominance. However, there’s another story brewing within this division. Enter the talented but underutilized Mariah May. Under the tutelage of the ever-calculating Mercedes Martinez, May has been steadily honing her skills.

On Dynamite, May will take on Purrazzo in a match that could propel her into the spotlight. Will Purrazzo use this encounter to establish dominance or will the rising star, May, showcase her growth and stake her claim in the Women’s division?

Open Mic Opportunity: Unpredictable Chaos Awaits

One of the most exciting elements of AEW Dynamite is the ever-present possibility for unexpected twists and turns. The “Open Mic Opportunity” segment adds another layer of intrigue. Any wrestler, established or newcomer, can grab the mic and address the audience, potentially igniting a feud, announcing a challenge, or simply stirring the pot of drama.

This week’s Open Mic Opportunity holds the potential to be particularly explosive. With tensions high in the lead up to Dynasty, expect surprise appearances, heated confrontations, and maybe even a brawl or two. This segment is a wild card, a place where anything can happen, leaving the audience buzzing with anticipation for the pay-per-view.

Looking Beyond Dynamite: What Else to Expect

The events of Dynamite on April 17th will undoubtedly have a ripple effect going forward. Expect to see fallout from key matches, with victors basking in their glory and losers seeking redemption. There’s also a strong possibility of additional matches being announced for Dynasty, further amping up the hype for the pay-per-view.

AEW Dynamite: A Night Not to Be Missed

With a main event that promises a wrestling clinic, champion and challenger face-offs, a potential fracture within a newly formed duo, and the ever-present element of surprise, this episode of AEW Dynamite promises to be a night to remember. Whether you’re a die-hard wrestling fan or simply looking for an evening of high-octane action and captivating drama, AEW Dynamite has something for everyone. So, tune in on Wednesday, April 17th, and prepare to be blown away by the spectacle that is professional wrestling at its finest.

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