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December 22, 2023

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Quick Results:

  • AEW International Championship Match: Orange Cassidy (c) def. Rocky Romero with a roll-up
  • Skye Blue def. Queen Aminata with a Blue Justice moonsault
  • The Kingdom (Matt Taven & Mike Bennett) def. The Hardy Boyz (Matt & Jeff Hardy) with a spike piledriver from Bennett
  • AAA Mega Championship Match: El Hijo del Vikingo (c) def. Black Taurus with a Phoenix Splash
  • Chris Jericho announces he will challenge Hangman Page for the AEW World Championship in the new year

Holiday Lights and Dynamite Explosions: AEW Rampage Holiday Bash (12/22/23) Recap

The spirit of the season took a backseat to some fiery feuds and championship clashes as AEW Rampage delivered its annual Holiday Bash extravaganza on December 22nd. With the echoes of Dynamite’s epic battles still ringing in the ears of the rabid Oklahoma crowd, Rampage didn’t waste any time diving headfirst into high-octane action. So, grab your eggnog (or whatever holiday beverage floats your boat) and buckle up, because we’re about to unpack the most thrilling moments from this explosive night.

Orange Cassidy Retains International Gold Against The Submission Specialist:

First up, the ever-chill International Champion, Orange Cassidy, defended his coveted title against the crafty technician, Rocky Romero. Romero, fresh off his impressive performance in ROH Final Battle, entered with a swagger, determined to prove that Cassidy’s laid-back persona masked a shallow champion. But from the opening bell, Cassidy displayed a surprisingly focused intensity. He countered Romero’s signature submissions with smooth reversals and even unleashed some unexpected athleticism, proving that beneath the sunglasses and thumbs-up facade, there’s a champion with serious depth. The closing moments saw a tense scramble for the pin, with Cassidy ultimately securing the victory by rolling Romero up for a three-count, sending the Orange Cassidy faction into a delirious frenzy. This match served as a reminder that while Cassidy may project an air of nonchalance, his in-ring prowess is far from casual.

Sky Blue Soars Above The Queen’s Return:

In the women’s division, Skye Blue, now with Julia Hart by her side, clashed with the returning Queen Aminata. The match served as a showcase for Blue’s newfound fire, a stark contrast to her earlier days as a timid rookie. From the get-go, Blue exuded confidence, peppering Aminata with a flurry of aerial maneuvers and showing off an edge sharpened by Hart’s tutelage. Aminata, ever the stoic powerhouse, tried to weather the storm with her devastating kicks and slams, but Blue remained resilient. The climax saw Blue execute a picture-perfect Blue Justice – a breathtaking corkscrew moonsault – onto Aminata for the pin, leaving the crowd roaring with approval. This win solidified Blue’s evolution as a force to be reckoned with, proving that under Hart’s guidance, she’s blossoming into a captivating competitor.

The Kingdom Reigns Supreme Over Hardy Dynasty:

But the holiday cheer took a dramatic turn when The Kingdom (Matt Taven and Mike Bennett) clashed with the legendary Hardy Boyz (Matt and Jeff Hardy). The match was a whirlwind of tag team chaos, filled with high-risk maneuvers and nostalgic callbacks to the Hardys’ heyday. Jeff, defying his advancing age, defied gravity with his signature Swanton Bomb, while Matt unleashed his trademark Poetry in Motion. However, The Kingdom proved to be a cunning foe. Roderick Strong, acting as their unofficial third man, repeatedly interfered, distracting the Hardys and creating openings for Taven and Bennett. The turning point came when Strong tripped Jeff from the ring apron, leaving Matt vulnerable to a devastating spike piledriver from Bennett, securing The Kingdom the victory. This result left the fans conflicted, celebrating The Kingdom’s cunning strategy while mourning the Hardys’ heartbreaking defeat. The aftermath saw tensions flare between Jeff and Matt, hinting at potential cracks in their legendary brotherhood.

El Hijo del Vikingo Defends Mexican Gold:

Across the border, the AAA Mega Championship found its way to Oklahoma as El Hijo del Vikingo defended against Black Taurus. This high-flying encounter was a showcase of lucha libre excellence, with Vikingo defying physics with his acrobatic offense and Taurus matching him move for move with his brutal power. The match was a whirlwind of flips, dives, and near falls, keeping the audience on the edge of their seats. Vikingo soared through the air like a human hummingbird, unleashing a picture-perfect moonsault to the outside onto Taurus. Taurus responded with a thunderous running powerslam, nearly claiming the title. In the end, though, Vikingo’s resilience prevailed. He capitalized on a Taurus misstep, executing a stunning Phoenix Splash from the top rope to retain his championship. This match was a masterclass in lucha libre action, reminding everyone why Vikingo is considered one of the best high-flyers in the world.

The Final Clash:

As the holiday lights dimmed and the final echoes of chants faded, Rampage concluded with a major announcement. Chris Jericho, flanked by his Jericho Appreciation Society, declared his intentions to challenge for the AEW World Championship in the new year. His target? None other than the dominant champion, Hangman Page. This bombshell dropped a nuclear winter on the already heated rivalry, setting the stage for an epic clash in the weeks to come.

Final Thoughts:

AEW Rampage Holiday Bash served up a delicious smorgasbord of action, drama, and championship clashes. While festive cheer may have been slightly dimmed by the intensity of the competition, the night resonated with the raw energy of high-stakes wrestling. From Orange Cassidy’s gritty title defense to El Hijo del Vikingo’s gravity-defying spectacle, the event offered a diverse showcase of wrestling styles that left the audience buzzing. And with Jericho’s audacious challenge hanging in the air, the new year promises to be an even wilder ride in the world of AEW. So, strap yourselves in, folks, because the ride is far from over.

Holiday Cheer with a Clothesline: Previewing AEW Rampage Holiday Bash (December 22nd, 2023)

The eggnog is bubbling, the tinsel is glistening, and the air is crackling with anticipation – not just for Santa Claus, but for a holiday brawl of epic proportions! This Friday, December 22nd, AEW Rampage delivers the annual Holiday Bash, a night where festive cheer collides with furious competition. Prepare to unwrap a gift-wrapped box of high-flying action, electrifying title clashes, and enough drama to make even Scrooge shed a tear. So, grab your mistletoe, strap on your Santa hats, and get ready to rumble – because the Holiday Bash is here to unleash a blizzard of unforgettable moments!

Champion’s Mantle: Orange Cassidy Defends the International Gold

He’s the Fresh Prince, the Sloth King, the master of the nonchalant thumbs-up – and he’s got gold around his waist. Orange Cassidy, AEW’s resident chill champion, puts his International Championship on the line against the fiery technical wizard, Rocky Romero. Remember, Romero isn’t just a pretty submission machine – he’s the devious consigliere of CHAOS, a man with a devious mind and a thirst for gold. Can Cassidy maintain his carefree cool under the pressure of a title defense, or will Romero pull off a shocking upset and claim his first AEW championship?

Rising Stars, Clashing Titans: Skye Blue vs. Queen Aminata

The women’s division of AEW is a kaleidoscope of talent, and this Friday, two rising stars collide in a battle for momentum. Skye Blue, with her infectious smile and newfound ferocity, thanks to the enigmatic Julia Hart, faces the returning Queen Aminata, a powerhouse with a regal presence and a hunger for domination. This is a clash of styles, of youth vs. experience, of sunshine vs. storm clouds. Can Blue continue her ascent under Hart’s tutelage, or will Aminata reclaim her throne with a ruthless display of power?

Kingdom Come: The Hardys Face the Royal Rematch

The Hardy Boyz – names synonymous with high-flying insanity and legendary moments – found themselves blindsided by a shocking defeat last week. The Kingdom, a duo of cocky veterans, Matt Taven and Mike Bennett, with their devious manager Maria Kanellis pulling the strings, proved their cunning in a tag team upset. Now, the Hardys demand retribution, a chance to prove that their legacy isn’t fading into the sunset. But the Kingdom isn’t about to relinquish their newfound momentum. This rematch promises a clash of generations, a desperate fight for pride, and a test of whether the Hardy Boyz can still defy gravity and reignite their flame.

Beyond the Spotlight: A Glimpse into the Future

The Holiday Bash isn’t just about the present – it’s a peek into the future of AEW. Keep your eyes peeled for intriguing vignettes, cryptic promos, and surprise appearances that hint at upcoming storylines and feuds. Will there be a shocking betrayal under the mistletoe? Will a long-dormant rivalry be reignited by a chance encounter? Will a new challenger emerge from the shadows to shake up the championship landscape? The Holiday Bash is a breeding ground for the unexpected, so brace yourself for anything!

A Night to Remember: Holiday Cheer with a Clothesline

This December 22nd, AEW Rampage delivers the perfect antidote to holiday stress. It’s a night to lose yourself in the electrifying world of professional wrestling, where champions are challenged, rivals clash, and underdog stories unfold under the dazzling lights. So, grab your friends, crank up the volume, and prepare to be captivated by the holiday brawl to end all holiday brawls. Remember, the Holiday Bash is more than just a wrestling show – it’s a celebration of community, of passion, and of the undeniable magic that unfolds when larger-than-life heroes and villains collide in a ring. This Friday, get ready to experience the holidays the AEW way – with a healthy dose of flying forearms and a side of festive fury!

Remember, this is just the beginning. The Holiday Bash is a treasure trove of potential storylines and moments. Please continue with the article, delving deeper into specific matchups, exploring the implications of potential outcomes, and injecting your own unique voice and analysis into the mix. Let’s make this a blog post that truly captures the essence of the Holiday Bash and leaves readers buzzing with anticipation!

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