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NJPW BEST OF THE SUPER Jr.31: The Crucible Heats Up (May 15th Preview)

The roar of the crowd. The electrifying spectacle of high-flying maneuvers. The prestigious title of “Best of the Super Juniors” hanging in the balance. It’s that time again, folks – NJPW’s BEST OF THE SUPER Jr. (BOSJ) tournament is back, and on May 15th, the third night unfolds in Niigata, Japan. With the blocks starting to take shape, tensions are simmering, and every match carries the weight of championship aspirations. Buckle up, junior heavyweight devotees, because this night promises to be a scorcher.

Before we delve into the night’s card, let’s take a quick rewind. The A Block has seen some early dominance from the veterans. El Desperado, the “Twister of Fate,” remains undefeated, showcasing his cunning and experience. Fresh off a victory against BUSHI, the masked marvel, DOUKI continues to impress with his technical prowess. But the young guns are nipping at their heels. Hiromu Takahashi, the “Ticking Time Bomb,” exploded with a thrilling win against Wataru, while the brash newcomer Blake Christian continues to prove his worth.

The B Block, on the other hand, is a battleground of contrasting styles. The high-flying stylings of SHO and YOH, collectively known as Roppongi 3K, have them neck-and-neck at the top. Titan, the representative from CMLL, brings a lucha libre flair to the mix. Meanwhile, veterans like El Phantasmo and Francesco Akira showcase their in-ring IQ and ruthlessness. Every point here feels crucial.

Now, let’s set our sights on the eight exhilarating encounters that await us on May 15th.

Match 1: Yuya Uematsu vs. Tiger Mask

The curtain rises with a clash of generations. Yuya Uematsu, the Young Lion, embodies the heart and hustle of NJPW’s future. Opposite him stands the legendary Tiger Mask, a symbol of unwavering spirit and masked mysticism. This encounter promises an old-school grappling display, with Uematsu eager to prove his mettle against a living legend. Expect a technical showcase with Uematsu pushing himself to his limits against the experience of the Tiger.

Match 2: Yoshinobu Kanemaru vs. BUSHI

This promises to be a chaotic and entertaining affair. Yoshinobu Kanemaru, the veteran trickster, is notorious for his unorthodox tactics and willingness to bend the rules. BUSHI, the masked warrior, brings a ferocious intensity and a penchant for high-impact offense. Their last encounter was a wild brawl, and this rematch promises more of the same. Be prepared for surprise roll-ups, devious pin attempts, and maybe even some mist in Kanemaru’s arsenal.

Match 3: Hiromu Takahashi vs. Francesco Akira

This is a clash of contrasting styles. Hiromu Takahashi, the “Ticking Time Bomb,” thrives on high-octane offense and an almost suicidal disregard for his own safety. Francesco Akira, on the other hand, is a calculated striker, favoring precision and brutality over acrobatics. This match will be a fascinating dance between Takahashi’s daredevil dives and Akira’s measured strikes. Can Hiromu’s recklessness overcome Akira’s stoicism?

Match 4: DOUKI vs. Wataru

This is a potential sleeper hit of the night. DOUKI, the masked technician, has looked impressive so far, utilizing his intricate submission holds and mat-based offense. Wataru, the veteran powerhouse, brings a stiff kick-based offense and a never-say-die attitude. This match could be a masterclass in technical wrestling, with DOUKI aiming to tap Wataru out, while Wataru tries to overpower him with sheer force.

Match 5: El Desperado vs. Blake Christian

Here’s a battle of experience versus youthful exuberance. El Desperado, the cunning veteran, has dominated the A Block thus far. His ability to manipulate the pace of a match and hit devastating strikes makes him a formidable opponent. Blake Christian, the brash newcomer, is full of raw athleticism and innovative offense. This will be a test for Christian, who needs to use his speed and agility to counter Desperado’s veteran guile. Can the young lion slay the veteran fox?

Match 6: YOH vs. Titan

This promises to be a high-flying extravaganza. YOH, one half of Roppongi 3K, is known for his aerial prowess and innovative maneuvers. Titan, the CMLL representative, brings a lucha libre flair to the table, focusing on dazzling acrobatics and high-risk moves.

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