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NJPW Presents CMLL Fantastica Mania 2024: Where Lucha Libre Explodes in the Land of the Rising Sun!

Mark your calendars, amigos and amigas, because the annual spectacle of high-flying, hard-hitting action known as NJPW Presents CMLL Fantastica Mania is upon us! From February 17th to the 19th, Osaka’s Edio Arena Osaka will be the epicenter of a cultural clash, as the best of New Japan Pro-Wrestling collide with the vibrant lucha libre stars of Mexico’s Consejo Mundial de Lucha Libre (CMLL).

For those unfamiliar, Fantastica Mania is a three-day event filled with tag team matches, thrilling trios bouts, and high-stakes singles encounters. It’s a chance to witness the unique styles of Japanese strong style and Mexican lucha libre blend seamlessly, creating a truly electric atmosphere. Whether you’re a seasoned puroresu veteran or a newcomer to the exciting world of lucha libre, this event promises something for everyone.

But before we dive into the specific matches and storylines, let’s take a moment to appreciate the significance of Fantastica Mania. This annual exchange program between NJPW and CMLL has fostered a special relationship between the two promotions, allowing wrestlers to gain invaluable experience and exposure to different audiences. It’s a testament to the power of professional wrestling to transcend borders and cultures, uniting fans through the shared love of athleticism, storytelling, and good old-fashioned competition.

Now, buckle up, because we’re about to take a deep dive into the heart of Fantastica Mania 2024!

Day 1: The Spark Ignites

The opening night sets the stage for the entire event, with several promising matchups guaranteed to ignite the Osaka crowd. We’ll see the NEVER Openweight Six-Man Tag Team Champions, LIJ’s BUSHI, SANADA, and Tetsuya Naito, defend their titles against the CMLL trio of Templario, Titan, and Volador Jr. This promises to be a fast-paced, aerial extravaganza, with BUSHI’s masked agility clashing against the high-flying prowess of Volador Jr. Let’s not forget Naito’s tranquilo charisma and SANADA’s technical wizardry adding further layers to the equation.

Elsewhere on the card, the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Champion, Taiji Ishimori, takes on El Hijo del Vikingo in a non-title match. Vikingo is a rising star in the lucha libre scene, known for his death-defying maneuvers and gravity-defying athleticism. Ishimori, meanwhile, is a seasoned veteran with a technical arsenal that can ground even the most flamboyant luchador. This clash of styles promises to be a technical showcase with high-risk moments that will have the crowd on the edge of their seats.

And that’s just a taste of Day 1! Other exciting matches include Shota Umino and YOHAN facing off against Angel and Flyer, Kazuchika Okada teaming up with Hiroshi Tanahashi to battle Forastero and Último Guerrero, and much more.

Day 2: The Flames of Rivalry

Day 2 cranks up the intensity with several grudge matches and championship opportunities. The NEVER Openweight Championship hangs in the balance as EVIL defends his title against the ever-opportunistic Bárbaro Cavernario. EVIL’s dark charisma and unorthodox tactics will clash with Cavernario’s raw power and aggressive style, making for an unpredictable and potentially brutal encounter.

The Junior Heavyweight division takes center stage once again, as Hiromu Takahashi challenges El Desperado for the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Championship. This is a rematch of their epic encounter at Wrestle Kingdom 17, where Desperado emerged victorious. However, Takahashi is known for his resilience and innovative offense, making this a highly anticipated contest with potential title implications.

Day 3: The Grand Finale

The final day of Fantastica Mania culminates in a series of high-stakes matches that will leave a lasting impression. In the main event, Hiroshi Tanahashi teams up with the legendary Último Guerrero to take on Kazuchika Okada and Forastero. This dream match pits two of Japan’s biggest stars against a veteran legend and a rising star, promising a blend of experience, innovation, and showmanship.

Elsewhere on the card, the Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Champions, Ryusuke Taguchi and Master Wato, defend their titles against the CMLL duo of Atlantis and Mistico. This promises to be a fast-paced, crowd-pleasing encounter, with Taguchi’s comedic antics and Wato’s acrobatic skills facing off against the legendary aerial mastery of Atlantis and Mistico.

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