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Fantastica Fiesta: NJPW & CMLL Ignite Korakuen Hall in Mania Masterpiece

The mythical Korakuen Hall pulsed with electric energy on February 18th, 2024, as NJPW once again joined forces with Mexico’s lucha libre powerhouse, CMLL, for “Fantastica Mania 2024”. This sixth night of the cross-promotional tournament offered a scintillating mix of high-flying acrobatics, fierce rivalries, and unexpected twists, cementing its place as a true highlight of the lucha calendar.

From the opening bell, the atmosphere crackled with anticipation. In the first encounter, a clash of generations unfolded as Ryusuke Taguchi, Hiroshi Tanahashi, and the debuting Pegasso united against Strong Kokeshi Machine 2 (Tomoaki Honma), Tiger Mask, and YOH. Experience prevailed, with the veterans showcasing their timeless skill and Taguchi’s signature comedic antics. But the young Pegasso stole the show, impressing with his agility and aerial prowess, hinting at a bright future.

Los Ingobernables De Japon (LIJ) continued their reign of chaos in the next match. BUSHI, KAMAITACHI, Yota Tsuji, and Tetsuya Naito faced a formidable challenge from Magnus and House of Torture (Yoshinobu Kanemaru, Yujiro Takahashi, and SHO). The encounter was a chaotic blend of violence and technical brilliance, with Naito’s tranquilo demeanor juxtaposed against the brutality of House of Torture. Ultimately, LIJ’s cunning and teamwork secured a hard-fought victory, further solidifying their dominance.

The lucha libre spirit truly took center stage in the following matches. Titán, a rising star from CMLL, showcased his impressive technical wrestling against the veteran Brillante Jr., ultimately emerging victorious with a devastating submission move.

Next came a high-octane spectacle as MUSASHI, Dark Panther, and Atlantis Jr. squared off against Hechicero, OKUMURA, and DOUKI. The luchadores soared through the air with breathtaking dives and reversals, keeping the crowd on the edge of their seats. In the end, MUSASHI’s aerial assault sealed the deal for his team, proving that experience and teamwork can triumph over sheer athleticism.

The Black Cat Memorial Match, held in honor of the late luchador Negro Casas, was a poignant and emotional affair. Mistico, Mascara Dorada, Stigma, and El Desperado, united under the banner of lucha libre excellence, faced the formidable Francesco Akira, Difunto, and the Guerrero Laguneros (Ultimo Guerrero and Stuka Jr.). The match was a tapestry of technical mastery, high-flying moves, and heartfelt tributes to the Black Cat. Ultimately, the spirit of lucha libre prevailed as Mistico secured the win with his signature La Mistica finisher, leaving a lump in every throat and a tear in every eye.

Soberano Jr. continued his impressive run in the tournament with a dominant victory over Templario. His agility and innovative offense were simply too much for his opponent to handle, solidifying his status as a contender for the Fantastica Mania trophy.

The main event saw Volador Jr. and Rocky Romero renew their long-standing rivalry. The crowd was divided, with chants of “Ingobernable!” and “Romero!” echoing throughout the arena. The match was a masterclass in storytelling, with both wrestlers showcasing their unique styles and signature moves. Volador Jr., fueled by the LIJ spirit, proved to be too crafty for the cunning Romero, securing a decisive victory and reaffirming his position as a top player in both NJPW and CMLL.

As the final bell tolled, Fantastica Mania 2024 left the Korakuen Hall crowd buzzing with excitement. The night showcased the best of both NJPW and CMLL, offering a blend of athleticism, drama, and technical mastery. From the debuting Pegasso to the emotional Black Cat Memorial Match, each encounter left a lasting impression. While the tournament continues, with only one show remaining, this night was a reminder of the magic that unfolds when two powerhouse promotions collide.

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