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ROH on Honor Club: December 7th, 2023 – A Night of Upsets and Defining Moments

The ROH Honor Club was ablaze on December 7th, 2023, as the road to Final Battle began to heat up. From thrilling championship matches to shocking upsets and emotional backstage moments, the night was a roller coaster of excitement for Ring of Honor fans.

Starkz Shines Bright, Athena Looms Large

The evening kicked off with a bang as Billie Starkz faced Dani Mo in a TV Title Eliminator match. Starkz, fueled by her fiery passion and relentless drive, dominated the contest. After a series of high-flying maneuvers and powerful strikes, she put Mo away with a thunderous Swanton Bomb, securing her spot in the upcoming championship tournament.

However, Starkz’s celebration was short-lived. The reigning ROH Women’s World Champion, Athena, emerged from the darkness, a menacing grin plastered across her face. Athena ambushed Starkz, unleashing a brutal assault that left the challenger reeling. Despite security’s intervention, the two warriors brawled through the arena, showcasing the intense animosity that simmers between them. Athena capped off the chaos by delivering a devastating Star-Ten onto the Women’s Championship belt, sending a chilling message to Starkz and the entire women’s division.

Yuta and Danielson Issue Challenge

In a poignant moment tinged with somber reverence, ROH Pure Champion Wheeler Yuta and ROH legend Bryan Danielson appeared backstage. They addressed the ROH universe, expressing their deep respect for the fallen Jay Briscoe and his immense contributions to the wrestling world. With unwavering determination, they challenged Mark Briscoe and FTR (Dax Harwood & Cash Wheeler) to a trios match at Final Battle. This challenge was not merely a competitive proposition; it was a testament to the enduring spirit of ROH and a tribute to the legacy of a beloved champion.

Castle Reigns Supreme, Valkyrie’s Interference Foiled

Dalton Castle, accompanied by his loyal Boys, faced the ever-confident Johnny TV in a singles match. Despite Johnny’s flamboyant entrance and cocky demeanor, Castle remained unfazed. He displayed his signature athleticism and technical prowess, countering Johnny’s flashiness with strategic maneuvering and powerful strikes. In the final moments, Taya Valkyrie attempted to intervene on Johnny’s behalf, but Kiera Hogan swiftly intercepted her. This distraction proved costly for Johnny, allowing Castle to capitalize with his devastating Batarang finisher and secure the victory.

Maria’s Melodies and a Team In Disarray

Backstage, Maria Kanellis-Bennett, along with her charges Cole Karter and Griff Garrison, were interviewed. While Karter acknowledged the need for improvement and new gear, Maria stole the show with her impromptu singing, crafting a catchy tune to be their future entrance theme. This lighthearted moment provided a brief respite from the intense competition, showcasing the humor and personality that Maria brings to ROH.

Angelico Soars, Serpentico Gets His Comeuppance

In a captivating encounter, Angelico faced the veteran Christopher Daniels. Both wrestlers showcased their remarkable agility and technical expertise, leaving the audience enthralled. After a back-and-forth battle, Angelico seized the opportunity and landed a stunning aerial maneuver for the win. However, the animosity between them did not end there. As Angelico celebrated, Serpentico, Daniels’ devious partner, emerged and launched a vicious attack. This unprovoked assault was swiftly thwarted by the arrival of Orange Cassidy and Danhausen, who stood resolute in defense of Daniels.

Nese and Page Sign on the Dotted Line

In a highly anticipated segment, Tony Khan moderated the contract signing between Tony Nese and Bryan Danielson for their upcoming ROH World Championship match at Final Battle. The tension was palpable as the two warriors squared off, each radiating confidence and unwavering determination. Despite their contrasting personalities and in-ring styles, they both shared a mutual respect for each other and their craft. The signing ceremony concluded peacefully, setting the stage for what promises to be an epic clash for the ROH World Championship.

Rachael Ellering Silences the Critics

In a crucial match with major implications, Rachael Ellering faced off against the dominant ROH Women’s Champion, Athena’s associate, Leila Hirsch. The contest was a fierce display of power and determination. Ellering, fueled by her relentless spirit and unwavering focus, countered Hirsch’s aggressive offense with impressive technical prowess and striking power. After a grueling exchange, Ellering capitalized on an opening and delivered a decisive maneuver, securing the victory. This win solidified Ellering’s position as a top contender and sent a resounding message to the entire women’s division.

ROH on Honor Club: December 7th, 2023 – A Night of Upsets and Defining Moments (Continued)

The WorkHorsemen’s Dominance Continues

The WorkHorsemen (JD Drake & Anthony Henry) continued their dominant run by defeating a formidable team in AR Fox & Blake Christian in a fast-paced and hard-hitting contest. Drake’s brutal power and Henry’s technical prowess proved to be an effective combination, leaving their opponents reeling. This victory further cemented The WorkHorsemen’s position as a top contender for the ROH Tag Team Championships, and their sights are now firmly set on the gold.

Bask in Glory Secures the Win, But the Future Remains Uncertain

In a chaotic and unpredictable match, Team All Ego (Ethan Page & Matt Hardy) faced the unlikely pairing of ROH World Six-Man Tag Team Champions, Shane Taylor Promotions (Shane Taylor, O’Shay Edwards & Kaun), and Danhausen. The contest was a whirlwind of action, filled with high-flying maneuvers, strategic tag-ins, and moments of sheer madness. In the final moments, Bask in Glory capitalized on a miscommunication within their opponents, allowing Hardy to secure the pinfall victory. However, tensions within the team remained palpable, as Hardy and Page seemed more focused on their individual agendas than their partnership. The question of whether this uneasy alliance can survive the road to Final Battle remains unanswered.

Main Event Mayhem: Rush Retains, Gresham Loses His Cool

The main event of the evening saw the fiery Rush defend his ROH World Championship against the technical master, Jonathan Gresham. The match was a true clash of styles, as Rush’s raw aggression and brawling tactics collided with Gresham’s methodical approach and innovative holds. As the contest reached its climax, the tension became unbearable. Frustrated by Gresham’s technical prowess, Rush resorted to dirty tactics, delivering a low blow that left the challenger reeling. Despite the referee’s reprimand, Rush capitalized on the momentary advantage and executed his devastating Bull’s Horns finisher to retain the championship.

However, the night wasn’t over. Incensed by the blatant foul, Gresham lost his composure and unleashed a furious attack on Rush. He rained down punches on the champion, fueled by a mix of frustration and righteous anger. Security intervened, preventing the situation from escalating further, but the damage was done. This incident served as a stark reminder of the fierce emotions and competitive spirit that defines ROH wrestling.

A Night of Defining Moments and Unforgettable Performances

The ROH on Honor Club: December 7th, 2023, was a rollercoaster of emotions and unforgettable performances. From Billie Starkz securing her place in the Women’s Championship tournament to Wheeler Yuta and Bryan Danielson’s emotional tribute to Jay Briscoe, the evening was filled with moments that resonated with the ROH universe. The upsets, the victories, and the unexpected twists and turns all contributed to the captivating atmosphere that makes ROH unique. As the road to Final Battle continues, the anticipation and excitement only grow stronger. One thing is certain: the future of ROH is bright, and the next chapter promises to be filled with thrilling action, compelling storylines, and more defining moments that will further cement ROH’s legacy in the world of professional wrestling.

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