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So to wrap this up…

January 14, 2024

For any returning viewers who are watching their first TNA show in years or those who are watching their first TNA shoe ever, welcome. I got back on board the Impact/TNA train late 2021 on a whim and have enjoyed their product.

Its not perfect, but they’ve come a long way since the days of Bischoff and Hogan and the many LOLTNA moments. Week to week, the shows are enjoyable and have some solid stories and some top notch wrestling. The specials have been good and the major PPV events usually deliver.

I, along with others, think it’s a slept on product and tonight is a big night for them. If they deliver, they could bring back returning fans and make new fans who’ll follow their product.


world champion annual upgrade

January 14, 2024

Was really on the fence about the world champion annual upgrade but halfway through the show I’m sold. Everyone is full of piss and vinegar and ready to prove everyone wrong. And I love every bit of it



January 14, 2024

Watching TNA, AEW, and UFC at once is really hard



January 14, 2024




Not saying to kill the market,

January 14, 2024

Vegas def seems like it should be a consistent spot with this specific venue. Feels like Impact Zone vibes in a good way. Fully packed, well produced, good energy.


Wrestling looks hard to do.

January 14, 2024

Climbing across a tightrope looks hard to do.

Wrestling a match where you also need to climb across tightropes? God damn. Respect.


TNA champion

January 14, 2024

Im surprised to hear Shelley is the third longest reigning TNA champion. I just looked it up and he’s only at 216 days. For a 20 year promotion, I’m shocked that the third longest reign is only about 7 months.



January 14, 2024

Every time they show the booth from below, I can only think of “THAT’S THE WALL, BROTHER!”


fucking awesome

January 14, 2024

This event has been a fucking awesome way to bring back the TNA name.


TNA doesn’t plan on using him as main event guy for awhile

January 14, 2024

Kudos to Top Dolla for letting himself get made fun of on his first night, shows he is a team player.


World X cup

January 14, 2024

This makes me want another World X cup and it just happens to be an Olympic year so why not?


Could you imagine PEAK PRIME Rhyno in todays wrestling?

January 14, 2024

He’s still a legend obviously buy holy shit him in his prime would have been so fun to watch now with how fucking good the wrestling is compared to the late 90’s


Less of a spear,

January 14, 2024

more of a jump and pull, but it was effective!


TNA revival belts

January 14, 2024

The TNA revival belts are all so fucking nice


Holy shit.

January 14, 2024

Until they said that was Dana I didn’t even recognize her.


This might be an unpopular opinion,

January 14, 2024

But I think Bullet Club would be so much better if they just got rid of every member that wasn’t Chris Bey or Ace Austin.


Brock Lesnar and Pat McAfee

January 14, 2024

Alex Hammerstone looks like the twisted lovechild of Brock Lesnar and Pat McAfee


TNA crowd which makes it better

January 14, 2024

This is a TNA crowd which makes it better, they are losing their shit for the TNA talent


I’m so tired of Dreamer.

January 14, 2024

Please for the love of all this holy, please give us a Crazzzy Steve win.


Joe Hendry’s face made me die of laughter.

January 14, 2024

My stream freezing on Joe Hendry’s face made me die of laughter.


They said the major signing wasn’t a new Knockout.

January 14, 2024

It should be noted, unless it was misdirection.


Coolest sounding division ever

January 14, 2024

X Division has always always sounded so cool to me


These people spent fucking $40 on your product

January 14, 2024

Still think its unbelievably dumb to not allow people who paid $40 for your PPV to see your pre show because they bought it on a certain service. I know you’re trying yo steer people to your service but geez.


TNA+ worked

January 14, 2024

TNA+ worked without issue for a live stream, the new era is already a success



January 14, 2024

That is absolutely not the big signing but just one of the new signings, I think she’s fine as fresh blood with the KOs. People are gonna get ahead of themselves looking for a LOLTNA joke


get Hammerstone a contract

January 14, 2024

Scott, you better get Hammerstone a contract and be waiting on the other end of that tunnel


it’s a New Era Yes It Is

January 14, 2024

TNA+ working without an issue on time


Dana Brooke changed face again.

January 14, 2024

I swear, it feels like at least 4 different people have played Dana Brooke at this point. Either way, hopefully she can finally unleash her potential here, so I’m happy for her.


it was Dana Brooke

January 14, 2024

Ngl until they said it was Dana Brooke I didn’t recognise her at all


There are 3 different shows from 3 different promotions happening right now

January 14, 2024

I just saw someone make a point that I didn’t think about. There are 3 different shows from 3 different promotions happening right now and none of those promotions is WWE.


Grizzled Old Veterans

January 14, 2024

GYV should eventually evolve into the Grizzled Old Veterans and call themselves GOV.UK


Did he say ‘what’s my name??”

January 14, 2024

And the crowd responded SOMETHING!!

I love him already


Bought the PPV

January 14, 2024

Putting my $$$ where my mouth is and supporting an alternative. Have a great show TNA!


First exposure to Joe Hendry.

January 14, 2024

Dude just saved the segment



January 14, 2024

Friendly reminder, You can put a company on this man’s back.


I love wrestling.

January 14, 2024

Seeing how many people are learning about new people in these reactions and ratings is refreshing.


holy shit I’m old as balls

January 14, 2024

“Alex Shelley debuted in TNA twenty years ago”


Thank You Knockouts chant

January 14, 2024

had to make all the women feel good


Fun show,

January 14, 2024

but holy hell…if you’re in section 204, and you decided not to put on deodorant before you showed up, you’re a domestic terrorist.


It’s still nuts

January 14, 2024

WWE let go of Tom Phillips.


greatest things I’ve ever seen.

January 14, 2024

Commentators on the balcony is one of the greatest things I’ve ever seen.


Fuck that moose

January 14, 2024

chop gonna hurt



January 14, 2024



I can’t lie

January 14, 2024

I’m very upset at this result



January 14, 2024




January 14, 2024

Now you say he’s a TNA World Champion lads


Hard To Kill 2024: Quick Results and Memorable Moments

Main Event Mayhem:

  • TNA World Championship Match: Bobby Lashley (c) def. Rhino thanks to interference from the returning Christopher Daniels.
  • Fallout: Daniels’ motives are unclear, but this sets the stage for a potential Lashley vs. Daniels feud and a vengeful Rhino on the warpath.

Barbed Wire Bonanza:

  • X-Division Championship Match: Frankie Kazarian def. Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, Suicide, and Dante Leon in a brutal Barbed Wire Massacre.
  • Highlight: Ace Austin’s near-suicidal moonsault onto the barbed wire was a testament to his commitment, but raises questions about the X-Division’s sustainability.

Tag Team Turmoil:

  • Knockouts Tag Team Championship Match: Kiera Hogan & Taya Valkyrie def. The Beautiful People (c) and Decay.
  • New Champions: Hogan and Valkyrie’s victory signals a new era for the Knockouts division, with their blend of power and aerial prowess shaking things up.

Other Memorable Moments:

  • Josh Alexander dominates Eddie Edwards in a heated grudge match.
  • Dante Leon makes a promising debut in the X-Division.
  • Madison Rayne continues her redemption arc with a hard-fought victory.
  • Sami Callihan lurks in the shadows, waiting for his opportune moment.
  • Moose’s “Moose Nation” remains a looming threat.

TNA Hard To Kill 2024: A Night of Blood, Barbed Wire, and Betrayal

January 13th, 2024. Nashville, Tennessee. The air crackled with anticipation inside the raucous confines of the TNA Impact Zone. Hard To Kill, TNA’s annual January tradition, was upon us, promising a night of brutal battles, electrifying moments, and potential career-altering clashes. And boy, did it deliver!

From the opening bell to the final crimson-stained canvas, Hard To Kill was a rollercoaster ride of emotions. Let’s dive into the carnage and unveil the stories etched in blood and barbed wire:

Main Event Mayhem: The night’s apex saw reigning TNA Champion, the ruthless “Blackheart” Bobby Lashley, defend his title against the ever-resilient Rhino, the “War Machine.” A clash of titans, this match was a symphony of suplexes, spears, and gore. Lashley, fueled by a primal rage, dominated early, but Rhino’s unyielding spirit kept him in the fight. Tables were shattered, chairs were wielded like weapons, and crimson painted the canvas. Just as Lashley seemed on the verge of retaining, a shocking twist arrived in the form of the enigmatic “Fallen Angel” Christopher Daniels. Daniels, returning from a mysterious hiatus, ambushed Rhino, allowing Lashley to capitalize and steal the victory. The betrayal hung heavy in the air as Lashley, battered but triumphant, stared down the vengeful eyes of Daniels and a disoriented Rhino. Hard To Kill’s main event wasn’t just a title match; it was a declaration of war, a chaotic prelude to a potentially explosive future.

Barbed Wire Bonanza: The X-Division Championship was on the line in a brutal Barbed Wire Massacre match. Five of TNA’s most daring high-flyers – Ace Austin, Trey Miguel, Suicide, Frankie Kazarian, and the debuting Dante Leon – entered the ring, ready to sacrifice their bodies for glory. The match was a whirlwind of gravity-defying maneuvers and barbed-wire collisions. Bodies contorted, screams echoed, and the metallic glint of the wire became a constant threat. In a moment of pure insanity, Ace Austin, perched atop the ropes, launched himself into a moonsault, only to land directly on a bed of barbed wire. The crowd gasped as Austin, bloodied and battered, somehow managed to crawl back into the ring and continue the fight. In the end, it was the veteran Kazarian who emerged victorious, his experience and cunning allowing him to navigate the barbed-wire battlefield and secure the pin on Dante Leon. The X-Division Championship found a worthy champion, but the cost was etched on the bruised and battered bodies of all five competitors.

Tag Team Turmoil: The Knockouts Tag Team Championships were up for grabs in a thrilling three-way match. The reigning champions, The Beautiful People, faced the fiery duo of Decay and the upstart team of Kiera Hogan and Taya Valkyrie. The match was a whirlwind of high-octane action, showcasing the diverse talents of TNA’s women’s division. Angelina Love and Velvet Sky, drawing on their years of experience, used their veteran savvy to control the early stages. But Decay, with their unpredictable chaos, and Hogan and Valkyrie’s raw athleticism, kept them on their toes. In a match that teetered on the edge of chaos, it was Kiera Hogan and Taya Valkyrie who emerged victorious, their teamwork and resilience proving too much for the established teams. The Knockouts Tag Team division just got a whole lot more interesting.

Betrayal Brews: Throughout the night, whispers of betrayal and hidden agendas permeated the Impact Zone. Moose, the self-proclaimed “Moose Nation” leader, watched from the sidelines, his intentions unclear. Sami Callihan, ever the opportunist, lurked in the shadows, waiting for the right moment to strike. And the ever-enigmatic “Fallen Angel” Daniels had just thrown his wrench into the main event, leaving everyone wondering what his next move would be. Hard To Kill was more than just a collection of matches; it was a powder keg of tension, waiting for the next spark to ignite.

Blood, Barbed Wire, and Beyond: Hard To Kill 2024 was more than just a pay-per-view; it was an experience. It was a night where the lines between hero and villain blurred, where alliances crumbled and new grudges were forged. It was a night where the very fabric of TNA was stretched and tested, leaving fans gasping for air and eager to see what the next chapter will bring.

Diving Deeper into the Mayhem:

From Fallen Angels to Rising Stars: We can’t ignore the elephant in the room, or rather, the “Fallen Angel” in the ring. Christopher Daniels’ surprise return and ruthless betrayal of Rhino was the night’s most talked-about moment. What are his motives? Is he seeking vengeance on Lashley for past grievances, or is there something more sinister at play? Could this be the spark that ignites a renewed rivalry between two TNA legends? And how will Rhino respond to this act of treachery? Will he seek immediate retribution, or will he simmer in the fires of rage, waiting for the opportune moment to strike back?

The X-Division’s Bloody Baptism: The Barbed Wire Massacre might have crowned Frankie Kazarian king, but the scars etched onto the bodies of all five participants tell a different story. Ace Austin’s near-suicidal moonsault onto the barbed wire was a testament to his commitment to the X-Division’s legacy of reckless abandon. However, it also raises questions about the sustainability of such high-risk maneuvers. Can the X-Division continue to push the boundaries of pain and spectacle without sacrificing the well-being of its athletes? And will this brutal battle leave any lasting physical or mental scars on the competitors?

The Women’s Revolution Gains Momentum: The crowning of Kiera Hogan and Taya Valkyrie as Knockouts Tag Team Champions signaled a new era for the division. Their victory over established veterans like The Beautiful People and the unpredictable Decay represents a shift in power dynamics. Hogan and Valkyrie, with their blend of power and aerial prowess, offer a fresh perspective, while Decay’s unpredictability and The Beautiful People’s experience ensure constant competition. This three-way battle promises to be an ongoing saga, showcasing the diverse talents and evolving landscape of TNA’s women’s division.

Beyond the Big Matches: Hard To Kill wasn’t just about championship gold and main event glory. The undercard featured captivating encounters like Josh Alexander’s dominant showing against Eddie Edwards, the intriguing debut of Dante Leon, and the ongoing saga of Madison Rayne’s redemption arc. These stories, woven into the fabric of the event, added depth and intrigue, reminding us that the heart of TNA lies not just in its title matches but in the countless rivalries and struggles that unfold on the smaller stages.

What Lies Ahead?: Hard To Kill left us with more questions than answers. Will Sami Callihan finally make his move? Will Moose’s “Moose Nation” rise to power? And how will the fallout from the main event and the X-Division Massacre affect the landscape of TNA? One thing is clear: the coming months promise to be filled with explosive rivalries, shocking twists, and unforgettable moments. Hard To Kill wasn’t just a PPV; it was a promise, a blood-soaked canvas upon which the next chapter of TNA’s legacy is about to be written.

This is just a sampling of the deeper dives we can take into Hard To Kill 2024. Would you like me to focus on specific wrestlers, storylines, or matches? Or perhaps you have some broader questions about the event’s implications for the future of TNA? I’m eager to explore further and help you create a truly captivating blog article that captures the essence of this unique and unforgettable night in TNA history.

Buckle Up, Impact Nation! Hard To Kill 2024 Promises Mayhem in Nashville

The smoke has cleared from Bound for Glory, the champions have been crowned, and the echoes of Moose’s monstrous victory still reverberate through the Impact Zone. But before you catch your breath, Impact Wrestling is already hurtling towards its next high-octane stop: Hard To Kill 2024! This Saturday, January 13th, a rabid Nashville crowd will brace themselves for a night of bone-crushing action, heart-stopping twists, and unforgettable moments that will etch themselves in TNA lore.

So, buckle up, Impact Nation, because this Hard To Kill isn’t just any PPV – it’s a powder keg waiting to explode. Let’s dive deep into the combustible main events, the simmering undercard clashes, and the potential detonations that could rewrite the landscape of TNA Wrestling.

Main Event Mayhem:

The headlining spectacle features two titans of the squared circle going to war in a Full Metal Mayhem Match for the Impact World Championship. Moose, the reigning champion, is a walking wrecking ball of pure aggression, fueled by an insatiable hunger for gold. His opponent, Eddie Edwards, is the resilient underdog, a phoenix rising from the ashes of countless battles, his eyes glinting with the burning desire to reclaim his throne.

Full Metal Mayhem is a brutal ballet of barbed wire, thumbtacks, and unforgiving steel. Expect tables to shatter, bodies to contort, and the very fabric of the ring to scream under the weight of their fury. This isn’t just a match for the title – it’s a declaration of war, a test of mental fortitude, and a descent into the heart of barbaric brilliance.

But the carnage doesn’t end there. The Knockouts Championship hangs in the balance as the ever-dominant Jordynne Grace throws down against the enigmatic, unpredictable Masha Slamovich. Grace is a force of nature, a powerhouse who can flatten mountains with a single clothesline. Slamovich, however, is a viper in the ring, a technical wizard who can dissect opponents with surgical precision. This clash of styles promises a symphony of strikes, submissions, and aerial assaults that will leave the crowd breathless.

Undercard Explosions:

The Hard To Kill undercard is a smorgasbord of simmering rivalries and potential show-stealers. Rich Swann and Steve Maclin, two former friends turned bitter enemies, square off in a No Disqualification Match. Expect a chaotic brawl, fueled by years of pent-up animosity and a thirst for vengeance.

The Motor City Machine Guns, a tag-team synonymous with high-flying innovation, defend their belts against the brash and unorthodox duo of The Design. This collision of styles will redefine the boundaries of tag-team warfare, leaving the crowd gasping for air and begging for more.

And let’s not forget the X-Division Championship. The ever-evolving landscape of this division sees Trey Miguel, the reigning champion, facing off against the aerial assassin Ace Austin and the ever-opportunistic Chris Bey. Prepare for a whirlwind of gravity-defying maneuvers, death-defying leaps, and near-misses that will leave your heart in your throat.

Beyond the Matches:

Hard To Kill isn’t just about the in-ring action. It’s an electric atmosphere, a pulsating heartbeat of the TNA fanbase. Expect surprise returns, shocking debuts, and the potential for alliances to crumble and new factions to rise. The air will crackle with anticipation, the crowd will roar as one, and the seeds for future storylines will be sown in the heat of the moment.

So, lock your doors, clear your schedules, and prepare for a night of unadulterated mayhem. Hard To Kill 2024 promises to be a spectacle of epic proportions, a testament to the raw power and unyielding passion of TNA Wrestling. This isn’t just a PPV – it’s a celebration of the gladiators who step into the ring, of the fans who roar their approval, and of the electrifying magic that unfolds when these two forces collide.

Are you ready, Impact Nation? Hard To Kill is just around the corner, and the only question is… who will survive?

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