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I heard TNA is back

January 19, 2024

And it is never going away….


main event was sick

January 19, 2024

Yeah that main event was sick


Nick Nemeth and Ash Elegance

January 19, 2024

I hope both Nick Nemeth and Ash Elegance do well here


great main man

January 19, 2024

was hoping josh would win to cement him as a worldbeater.


D’Amore has some serious promo skills

January 19, 2024

Man, D’Amore has some serious promo skills, that got me hyped. Shame AXS screwed the pooch all night with random commercials.


Amazing main event.

January 19, 2024

What a solid start for TNA Impact tonight! I’m really looking forward to next episode. Really glad that I got back into TNA again.


TNA is dead, long live TNA.

January 19, 2024

It’s dishonest to say TNA is back, IMO. Tonight was so far and away better than any stretch of TNA I followed since their inception 20+ years ago.

There’s still some fundamentals I think need to be cleaned up. Mostly oversaturating backstage interviews, which was a huge issue I had with IMPACT. I worry that we’ll head back to more silliness with the undead realm and Santino Marella…but let’s just focus on tonight.

Great episode of wrestling.

I can easily see TNA carving themselves out in the “ECW” position I thought I’d see GCW rise to.


First full episode of TNA Impact Wrestling

January 19, 2024

I’ve watched in a while and I liked it. Was some good wrestling and Nic fit in like a glove. I do think they could use one more main event level male wrestler on the brand.


TNA Needs to get back

January 19, 2024

On a real channel now


I cannot wait.

January 18, 2024

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TNA Impact 1/18/24: A Night of Shocks, Triumphs, and a Legacy Reborn!

The Impact Zone pulsed with the electric anticipation of a new year, a blank canvas ready to be splashed with the vibrant colors of TNA Wrestling. January 18th, 2024, promised an evening of high-flying acrobatics, bone-crunching slams, and storylines simmering to a boiling point. Did it deliver? Oh, it delivered alright, shattering expectations and leaving fans gasping for air in a whirlwind of twists and turns.

Let’s rewind, savoring the adrenaline-fueled moments that etched themselves into the annals of TNA history. The night kicked off with a clash of titans – the unstoppable force of Rhino, horns gleaming with defiance, against the ever-resilient Indian powerhouse Shera. This was a spectacle of raw power, a battle of immovable objects. Rhino, the grizzled veteran, weathered Shera’s thunderous slams like a seasoned oak, before finally connecting with a Gore that sent Shera crashing to the mat in a stunning upset.

Next, the X-Division Championship dance floor was illuminated by the dazzling footwork of Joe Hendry and the ever-inventive Rich Swann. Hendry, the flamboyant showman, weaved a tapestry of illusion and athleticism, but Swann, the Phoenix, countered with his aerial artistry and unwavering spirit. The match was a kaleidoscope of near falls and breathtaking dives, culminating in Hendry pulling off a picture-perfect Swanton Bomb to retain his gold.

The air crackled with anticipation as the multi-man mayhem of a six-way scramble unfolded. KUSHIDA, the master of submission, El Hijo Del Vikingo, the gravity-defying luchador, Trey Miguel, the acrobatic innovator, Laredo Kid, the high-flying daredevil, Mike Bailey, the smooth technician, and the wildcard entry – Jake Something, a man with a fire in his eyes and a piledriver in his arsenal. Chaos reigned, bodies flew, and alliances were forged and shattered with the speed of a hummingbird’s wings. In the end, it was Jake Something, propelled by sheer grit and determination, who emerged from the wreckage, clutching the coveted X-Division Championship contract, his eyes blazing with a newfound hunger.

The tension in the Impact Zone was thick enough to cut with a knife as Nic Nemeth, the self-proclaimed “Nature Boy,” swaggered to the ring, microphone in hand. He spoke of his illustrious career, his legacy etched in gold, and his burning desire to add the TNA World Championship to his trophy cabinet. But before he could bask in the applause, he was interrupted by a man who knows a thing or two about leaving a lasting impression – the “Samoan Submission Machine” Steve Maclin. Maclin, with a sneer that could melt glaciers, dismissed Nemeth’s claims of grandeur as mere whispers of a bygone era. He declared that the future belonged to him, and he wouldn’t hesitate to crush any who dared stand in his way. The exchange was a verbal Molotov cocktail, igniting a firestorm of anticipation for their inevitable collision.

The Knockouts division exploded in a clash of styles as the veteran Xia Brookside, known for her technical precision, took on the fiery Tasha Steelz. This was a masterclass in storytelling, a ballet of aggression and resilience. Brookside, with her smooth counters and lightning-quick strikes, kept Steelz on her toes, but the “Bunkhouse Brawl” never backed down. In the end, it was Brookside’s guile and unwavering focus that earned her the hard-fought victory, proving that experience can still outsmart raw power.

The darkness pulsated on the ring canvas as MK Ultra, the bone-chilling duo of Killer Kelly and Masha Slamovich, stalked into the arena. Their opponents, the spirited duo of Jody Threat and Dani Luna, met them with unwavering defiance. This was a war of attrition, a brutal ballet of strikes and submissions. But even the combined might of Threat and Luna couldn’t withstand the relentless onslaught of MK Ultra. Kelly’s lethal kicks and Slamovich’s bone-crunching suplexes proved too much, leaving MK Ultra standing tall, draped in the shadows of their victory.

The main event was a battle of titans, a clash of philosophies – the immovable object that is Josh Alexander, the “Walking Weapon,” against the high-flying artistry of Will Ospreay, the “Aerial Assassin.” This was a masterpiece of storytelling, each move a brushstroke on the canvas of their rivalry. Alexander, a monument of raw power, battered Ospreay with earth-shattering suplexes, while Ospreay, a hummingbird on steroids, danced through the air, raining down gravity-defying maneuvers. The crowd roared, their hearts caught in their throats as the tide of the match ebbed and flowed.

In the final act of this epic drama, Ospreay, fueled by desperation and adrenaline, launched himself off the top rope in a moonsault attempt. But Alexander, anticipating the move, caught him mid-air and spiked him face-first into the mat with a thunderous Olympic Slam. The Impact Zone gasped, the air thick with the stench of near-defeat. Yet, Ospreay, the embodiment of resilience, clawed his way back up, a flicker of defiance burning in his eyes. He countered Alexander’s every move with breathtaking agility, culminating in a jaw-dropping Spanish Fly that sent the champion crashing through the announce table.

The arena erupted in pandemonium. Chants of “Ospreay! Ospreay!” echoed through the rafters, mingling with the thunderous stomping of feet. This wasn’t just about winning or losing; it was about heart, about pushing the boundaries of human endurance. With one final burst of energy, Ospreay caught Alexander off guard with a devastating OsCutter, a move as beautiful as it was brutal. Alexander crumpled to the mat, the lights fading from his eyes as the referee’s hand slammed down three times.

Will Ospreay, the Aerial Assassin, had dethroned the Walking Weapon, becoming the new TNA World Champion in a moment etched in Impact Zone history. The crowd roared, a wave of euphoria washing over the arena. Tears welled in Ospreay’s eyes as he hoisted the golden championship, the culmination of years of blood, sweat, and aerial acrobatics. This wasn’t just his victory; it was a testament to the human spirit, to the unwavering belief that even the most impossible dreams can take flight.

But the celebrations were cut short by a chilling cackle that resonated through the arena. The lights dimmed, plunging the Impact Zone into an unsettling darkness. From the shadows emerged Eddie Edwards, his eyes burning with a cold, predatory glint. He surveyed the scene, his gaze lingering on the fallen Alexander and the triumphant Ospreay. Then, with a smirk that promised chaos, Edwards raised his microphone and uttered three words that sent shivers down every spine: “This. Title. Belongs. To. Me.”

The Impact Zone plunged into stunned silence. The night that promised answers had instead delivered a cliffhanger of epic proportions. Ospreay, the newly crowned champion, now faced a new threat, a viper lurking in the shadows. And Josh Alexander, the fallen king, lay wounded on the canvas, his future uncertain. As the credits rolled, one question hung heavy in the air: what will become of TNA Wrestling in the face of this new storm?

This, dear readers, is the true beauty of TNA Impact. It’s not just about the high-flying acrobatics or the bone-crunching slams; it’s about the captivating narratives, the unexpected twists, and the unforgettable characters that leave you begging for more. So buckle up, because the journey in TNA Wrestling has just begun, and who knows what exhilarating chaos the next chapter will bring?

TNA iMPACT! on AXS TV: Gearing Up for Glory – January 18th, 2024 Preview

Greetings, wrestling warriors! The echoes of Hard to Kill still reverberate around the wrestling landscape, but there’s no time to bask in victory (or lick wounds) because Thursday night brings us another explosive episode of TNA iMPACT! on AXS TV. From tag team wars to championship clashes, the action is set to be fast, furious, and full of unpredictable twists. So, buckle up, TNA Nation, because here’s what you can expect on January 18th:

Grizzled Young Vets vs. Eric Young & Frankie Kazarian: The tension in the TNA locker room is crackling like a live wire. The brash and cocky Grizzled Young Vets (Zack Clayton and Shane Thorne) have made their intentions clear – they’re here to conquer TNA and leave a trail of shattered dreams in their wake. On Thursday, they get their chance to take down not just any opponents, but two seasoned veterans who know a thing or two about championship glory: Eric Young and Frankie Kazarian.

Young and Kazarian are no strangers to adversity. They’ve battled through injuries, betrayals, and countless title fights. However, their recent clash with Brian Myers and Eddie Edwards left them worse for wear. Are they physically and mentally prepared to step back into the ring against the hungry GYV? Or will the young guns prove why they deserve respect – and a shot at gold? This tag team clash is more than just a match; it’s a battle of generations, of experience against ambition.

Knockouts Tag Team Championship: Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie (c) vs. The Influence (Madison Rayne & Tenille Dashwood): The Knockouts division continues to be a hotbed of drama and high-flying action. The reigning champions, the demonic duo of Rosemary and Taya Valkyrie, have held onto their titles with an iron fist, but their reign has never been a peaceful one. Enter The Influence, the picture-perfect tandem of Madison Rayne and Tenille Dashwood.

These two former champions know each other all too well. They’ve been tag partners, bitter rivals, and everything in between. Now, they’re united under one goal: dethroning the dark queens and reclaiming their place on top of the Knockouts mountain. However, Rosemary and Taya are not to be underestimated. They are a formidable force, their contrasting styles complementing each other perfectly. Can The Influence overcome their past and their opponents’ power to reclaim the gold? Or will Rosemary and Taya continue their reign of darkness?

X-Division Championship: Josh Alexander (c) vs. Blake Christian: The X-Division Championship hasn’t been this volatile in years. The Walking Weapon, Josh Alexander, has cemented his status as the division’s most dominant force, but challengers keep emerging from the shadows. One such challenger is the high-flying daredevil, Blake Christian.

Christian is a breath of fresh air in the X-Division. His innovative offense and fearless attitude have quickly garnered him a passionate following. He’s been on a tear in recent weeks, dispatching veterans and newcomers alike. Now, he sets his sights on the ultimate prize: the X-Division Championship.

This match promises to be a spectacle of athleticism and aerial acrobatics. Alexander is a seasoned veteran with an arsenal of power moves, while Christian is a young gun with boundless energy and creativity. Both men have something to prove in this highly anticipated encounter. Will Alexander silence the doubters and maintain his hold on the X-Division? Or will Christian shock the world and become the new champion?

“Commissioner’s Court” with Johnny Swinger: Remember that hilarious and chaotic segment from Hard to Kill? Yes, I’m talking about “Commissioner’s Court” with Johnny Swinger at the helm. Well, it’s back again this Thursday, and who knows what kind of mayhem Swinger has in store. Whether it’s celebrity guest appearances, outrageous rulings, or just plain Swinger silliness, get ready for a segment that will have you both laughing and scratching your head.

Other Matches and Segments:

  • Matt Cardona vs. Brian Cage: Two titans of the industry collide in what promises to be a hard-hitting affair.
  • The Trust vs. Decay: The mysterious masked men clash with the dark and macabre duo in a tag team battle.
  • Moose delivers another “Moose on Main Event” address. His words always stir controversy, so expect fireworks.
  • Don’t forget about the Knockouts Championship Series! Get ready for another exciting chapter in the tournament.

Prediction Time (continued):

  • Rosemary & Taya Valkyrie retain the Knockouts Tag Team Championships, but The Influence makes a strong statement through their performance.
  • Josh Alexander manages to overcome Blake Christian in a thrilling X-Division Championship match, but not without taking some serious damage.
  • “Commissioner’s Court” with Johnny Swinger descends into utter chaos, featuring an unexpected celebrity guest who throws everyone for a loop.
  • Matt Cardona defeats Brian Cage in a hard-fought battle, proving that he’s still a major player in TNA.
  • The Trust manages to edge out Decay in a dark and unpredictable tag team match.
  • Moose’s “Moose on Main Event” address throws down the gauntlet for a future championship opportunity, hinting at a potential dream match.
  • The Knockouts Championship Series delivers another round of intense competition, leaving the competitors and fans wondering who will ultimately stand tall.

Beyond the Ring:

Remember, TNA iMPACT! isn’t just about the in-ring action. It’s also about the stories, the rivalries, and the unexpected moments that keep you hooked. Who will make a surprise appearance? What new alliances will be formed? And what shocking betrayals are lurking around the corner? Stay tuned to find out!

So, there you have it, TNA Nation! January 18th promises to be an action-packed episode of iMPACT! with high-stakes matches, surprising twists, and a healthy dose of Swingerian madness. Don’t miss out on any of the excitement. Tune in to AXS TV and join the conversation on social media using #TNAIMPACT!

And hey, while you’re at it, why not share your predictions for Thursday’s show in the comments below? Let’s get hyped for another unforgettable night of TNA action!

Additional Notes:

  • Feel free to personalize this blog post further by adding your own opinions, predictions, and insights into the upcoming matches and segments.
  • You can also use this opportunity to highlight your favorite TNA stars and storylines.
  • Don’t forget to promote the show on social media and encourage your readers to tune in.

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