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WWE Backlash France Kickoff 2024: A Night of Surprises and Stellar Showdowns

The electricity crackled in the Parisian air as WWE kicked off a monumental weekend with the Backlash France Kickoff show! This high-octane event served as a tantalizing appetizer for the main course – the highly anticipated Backlash France pay-per-view. With championship gold on the line, returning legends, and a brand new interview show, the Kickoff show delivered excitement in spades.

The RKO Show Steals the Spotlight

A palpable buzz rippled through the crowd as the iconic entrance theme of Randy Orton echoed through the arena. But this wasn’t a typical “Viper” entrance. Flanked by the ever-unpredictable Kevin Owens, Orton introduced a brand new concept – The RKO Show! The dynamic duo promised a night of unfiltered interviews, chaotic interactions, and maybe even a vintage RKO or two. Their first guest? The reigning Undisputed WWE Champion, Cody Rhodes!

The tension was thick as Rhodes entered the ring. The animosity between him and the outspoken Owens was well documented, and the air crackled with anticipation. Orton, ever the master of control, steered the interview, drawing out some intriguing insights from the champion. Rhodes spoke confidently about his upcoming defense against “The Phenomenal” AJ Styles at Backlash, but a flicker of doubt danced in his eyes when Owens pressed him about potential weaknesses. The interview ended abruptly when Owens, true to his chaotic nature, shoved a microphone into Rhodes’ face, demanding he address rumors of internal strife within the locker room. The champion left the ring, visibly shaken, leaving the crowd buzzing with questions.

New Catch Republic Shocks the World

The tag team division set the stage on fire with a thrilling match pitting the up-and-coming New Catch Republic (NCR) against the established veterans, the Authors of Pain (Akam & Rezar). NCR, a duo shrouded in mystery, had been making waves with their innovative in-ring style and unmatched athleticism. This match was their biggest test yet.

The opening moments were a blur of high-flying maneuvers and technical brilliance. NCR, with their agility and tag team coordination, pushed the Authors of Pain to their limits. Akam and Rezar, known for their brute force, resorted to their power moves but struggled to contain the speed and precision of their opponents. Just as NCR seemed on the verge of victory, a devastating clothesline from Rezar on one half of NCR turned the tide. The Authors of Pain capitalized on the momentary lapse, delivering their signature double team maneuver for a hard-fought victory.

Despite the loss, NCR earned the respect of the audience with their valiant performance. Their stock in the tag team division has skyrocketed, and fans are clamoring for a rematch. Could these newcomers be the next breakout stars in the WWE?

A-Town Down Under Crashes the Party

The WWE SmackDown Tag Team Championship picture got a jolt with a surprise appearance by A-Town Down Under (Milo Greene & Otis). The charismatic duo, known for their laid-back Australian vibes and surprising strength, crashed the interview segment featuring The Street Profits (Montez Ford & Angelo Dawkins).

A hilarious exchange ensued, with Ford and Dawkins mocking A-Town Down Under’s laid-back attitude. However, the mood shifted when Greene and Otis challenged the champions to a title match at Backlash. The Street Profits, always up for a good fight, readily accepted. This impromptu segment added a new layer of intrigue to the tag team championship picture, leaving fans wondering if the laid-back charm of A-Town Down Under could dethrone the energetic Street Profits.

Face-to-Face: A Clash of Titans

The tension in the arena reached a fever pitch as Cody Rhodes and AJ Styles came face-to-face in a heated contract signing for their Undisputed WWE Championship match at Backlash. Both men oozed confidence, but a fire burned in their eyes. Rhodes, the champion, emphasized his resilience and determination to hold onto his title. Styles, the challenger, declared his unwavering belief that the championship rightfully belonged to him.

The verbal sparring escalated when Styles questioned Rhodes’ leadership, hinting at the alleged locker room issues Owens had brought up earlier. Rhodes countered by accusing Styles of being past his prime, clinging to the glory days. The exchange culminated in a tense shoving match, barely contained by security officials. This heated interaction left fans desperate for Backlash, where these two titans will collide in a championship bout that promises to be a classic.

Please continue… There’s more to unpack from this electrifying Kickoff show! Let’s delve into the remaining highlights and analyze what they mean for the upcoming Backlash pay-per-view.

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