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WWE SmackDown Full Episode, 29 December 2023

Need to access from Netherland (Use Urban VPN Extension on Google Chrome and Change ip address to Netherland to watch full show below.


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The Smackdown Year in Review: A Night of Nostalgia and New Beginnings

The year 2023 has been a whirlwind for WWE SmackDown. We witnessed the ironclad reign of Roman Reigns, Logan Paul’s rise to US Champion, epic clashes between titans like Bianca Belair and Bayley, and the return of legends like John Cena and The Rock. As the year draws to a close, SmackDown takes a nostalgic pause on December 29th, presenting “The Absolute Best of 2023.” This isn’t just a clip show, though. It’s a celebration, a reflection, and a glimpse into the thrilling road ahead.

Reliving the Moments that Made Us Roar:

Prepare for a rollercoaster ride of emotions as SmackDown takes us through the year’s most electrifying moments. Feel the adrenaline surge again as Brock Lesnar decimates opponents with his F-5s. Relive the electric crowd as John Cena’s entrance music signals his triumphant return. Witness the jaw-dropping betrayals, the euphoric victories, and the moments that shook the very foundation of the blue brand.

The Bloodline’s Domination:

No year-end SmackDown retrospective would be complete without acknowledging the Bloodline’s unwavering dominance. Roman Reigns, the Head of the Table, has held onto the Universal Championship with an iron fist. His Uso brothers, Jimmy and Jey, have solidified their place as the most ruthless tag team in WWE. Witness the brutality of their reign, the fear they instilled in their opponents, and the moments where even their own bonds were tested.

Unexpected Twists and Turns:

2023 was a year of unpredictable swerves on SmackDown. Remember the shocking betrayal that tore Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens apart? Or the audacious return of Pat McAfee, laying waste to Austin Theory’s arrogance? These moments proved that no script is safe, no storyline predictable, and every SmackDown could hold a game-changing twist.

The Rise of New Stars:

While established veterans continued to shine, 2023 also saw the rise of exciting new stars on SmackDown. LA Knight’s electrifying persona kept fans on the edge of their seats. Damage CTRL, the alliance of Bayley, Dakota Kai, and IYO SKY, injected a venomous dose of ruthlessness into the women’s division. And let’s not forget the meteoric rise of Logan Paul, from controversial outsider to US Champion, proving that even the most unexpected figures can leave their mark on the blue brand.

A Glimpse into the Future:

But the “Best of 2023” isn’t just about nostalgia. It’s a springboard for the future. We’ll get a taste of what’s to come in 2024, with intriguing hints at upcoming storylines and potential dream matches. Will Roman Reigns’ reign finally be challenged? Will Sami Zayn and Kevin Owens find redemption? Will Logan Paul continue his ascent, or will he face the wrath of established veterans? The answers lie just beyond the horizon, and SmackDown will offer a tantalizing glimpse into the potential battles and triumphs that await.

More than just a clip show, “The Absolute Best of 2023” is a love letter to SmackDown and its passionate fans. It’s a chance to relive the year’s most thrilling moments, celebrate the rise of new stars, and prepare for the exciting possibilities that lie ahead. So grab your popcorn, crank up the volume, and get ready for a night of nostalgia, excitement, and a taste of what’s to come on the blue brand in 2024. This isn’t just the end of a year; it’s the beginning of a new era for SmackDown, and you won’t want to miss a single second.

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