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SmackDown Goes Raw: Talking Smack SmackdownLowdown Delivers Shocking Fallout (May 18th, 2024)

Strap yourselves in, wrestling fans, because this week’s Talking Smack SmackdownLowdown was a doozy! The fallout from SmackDown was nothing short of explosive, and the after-show delivered moments that had the WWE Universe buzzing. So, if you missed the action, or just want to relive the madness, then this is the blog for you!

The Usos Get Loud (And A Little Belligerent)

SmackDown’s main event saw The Usos retain their SmackDown Tag Team Championships in a hard-fought battle against The Street Profits. The tension was thick as thieves throughout the match, and it was clear that both teams had a lot riding on the outcome. The Usos, especially Jimmy, seemed particularly on edge. Maybe it was the pressure of defending their titles, or perhaps something else was brewing beneath the surface.

Whatever the reason, during the Talking Smack SmackdownLowdown, The Usos barged in, championship titles held high. Jimmy, still amped from the match, grabbed the mic and launched into a tirade. He ranted about how they were the undisputed tag team champions, the measuring stick for all others. He took shots at The Street Profits, calling them pretenders to the throne. Jey, uncharacteristically silent throughout Jimmy’s outburst, eventually tried to calm his brother down. But the damage was done. The Usos’ swagger had turned into something more sinister, leaving the WWE Universe wondering if the pressure was getting to them.

Liv Morgan Basking in the Glory (and a Potential Challenger Emerges?)

Liv Morgan, the newly crowned SmackDown Women’s Champion, was all smiles during her Talking Smack interview. Still buzzing from her victory over Sonya Deville, she spoke about the resilience it took to get to the top. She addressed the doubters, the ones who never believed she could achieve championship glory. But Morgan held her head high, radiating confidence as she declared herself the new era of the SmackDown women’s division.

However, her celebratory mood was interrupted by a newcomer. Xia Li, the NXT sensation who recently arrived on SmackDown, sauntered into the interview space. Li, known for her aggressive in-ring style, didn’t utter a word. She simply stood there, staring daggers at Morgan, before raising her fist in a silent challenge. The message was clear: Li has her sights set on the SmackDown Women’s Championship. This unexpected face-off sent a jolt of excitement through the virtual audience. Could Xia Li be the next challenger for Morgan’s title?

Madcap Moss Gets Messy (Literally)

Madcap Moss’ night took a turn for the worse, quite literally. Still reeling from his loss to Happy Corbin at SmackDown, Moss was brought in for an interview. However, before he could even utter a word, Corbin, ever the opportunist, stormed in carrying a bucket of what appeared to be… barbeque sauce? Yes, you read that right. Corbin, with a mischievous grin, proceeded to dump the entire bucket over Moss’ head, drenching him in the sticky red sauce.

Moss, understandably enraged, lunged at Corbin. A brawl ensued, with barbeque sauce flying everywhere. The Talking Smack set became a battlefield of slippery condiment and flying punches. Security personnel eventually intervened, separating the two bickering superstars. But the damage was done. Moss was a sticky mess, and Corbin had successfully added another layer of humiliation to their already bitter rivalry.

The New Day Drops a Bombshell

The always entertaining trio, The New Day, graced the Talking Smack stage with their signature brand of positivity. Kofi Kingston and Xavier Woods, with Big E joining in virtually due to his ongoing recovery, showered the audience with their usual brand of humor and motivational messages. However, their lighthearted demeanor took a serious turn when they addressed the recent attack on Big E.

With a somber tone, Kingston condemned the actions of the unknown assailant, vowing that The New Day would find them and bring them to justice. But then came the bombshell. Woods revealed that they had received intel suggesting the attacker might be someone within their circle, someone they trusted. This unexpected twist sent shockwaves through the WWE Universe. The suspicion and paranoia cast a dark cloud over The New Day’s usual optimism. Who could be targeting Big E, and why?

The Viking Raiders Issue a War Cry

The Viking Raiders, Erik and Ivar, known for their imposing presence and brutal in-ring style, made a surprise appearance on Talking Smack. They didn’t waste any time with pleasantries. Instead, they issued a challenge – a challenge directed at the entirety of the SmackDown roster. Through their translator, they declared that they were tired of facing the same old competition

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