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This Week in WWE: A March of Mayhem Brews on the Road to WrestleMania (March 28th, 2024)

WrestleMania season is in full swing, and the tension is thicker than a champion’s entrance robe. This week, while WWE’s flagship shows, Raw and SmackDown, took a break, the fire of competition continued to burn brightly on WWE Main Event and with the latest episode of ROH On Honor Club. So, let’s grab some popcorn, dim the lights, and delve into the captivating storylines and in-ring battles that unfolded on March 28th, 2024.

WWE Main Event Heats Up the Hulu Ring

While Raw might be the flagship show, WWE Main Event holds a special place in the hearts of many wrestling fans. Here, established superstars and rising talents clash in thrilling encounters, often setting the stage for future rivalries or cementing dominance. This week’s episode, taped before Raw, didn’t disappoint.

The “Queen of Spades,” Shayna Baszler, tightened her grip on the women’s division with a dominant victory over Katana Chance. Baszler’s technical prowess and suffocating submissions were on full display, leaving Chance gasping for air and the crowd in awe. This win further bolsters Baszler’s claim as a potential challenger for the Raw Women’s Championship at WrestleMania.

The tag team scene also saw some action with the formidable duo of Hank Walker and Tank Ledger picking up a hard-fought victory over the promising team of Edris Enofe and Malik Blade. Walker and Ledger’s experience proved pivotal as they weathered a storm of high-flying offense from the younger team. However, Enofe and Blade showcased their undeniable talent, leaving the audience hungry for more from these rising stars.

ROH On Honor Club: A Proving Ground for Champions

While WWE might be the industry giant, Ring of Honor continues to carve its own path with a focus on in-ring excellence and innovative storytelling. This week’s episode of ROH On Honor Club was no different, featuring a compelling main event and several intriguing matchups.

The ROH Women’s World Championship was on the line as the reigning champion, Athena, defended her title against the resilient Nikita in a “Proving Ground Match.” This brutal stipulation allows the use of anything outside the ring, turning the squared circle into a warzone. Athena emerged victorious after a grueling battle, but not without a cost. Her relentless assault on Nikita after the bell drew the ire of Hikaru Shida, setting the stage for a potential future rivalry.

Beyond the championship clash, the show featured several noteworthy matches. Dalton Castle, the flamboyant “Peacock,” brought his signature charisma and impressive athleticism to a successful outing. The ever-evolving women’s division saw Kiera Hogan and Diamante lock horns in a fast-paced and competitive encounter. These glimpses into ROH’s talent pool left viewers eager to see more of what the promotion has to offer.

The Road to WrestleMania: Alliances, Battles, and Surprises

Although there were no new episodes of Raw or SmackDown this week, the chatter surrounding WrestleMania 40 continues to grow louder. Here are some key takeaways from the ongoing storylines:

  • The Rock and Cody Rhodes: A Collision Course? Unseen footage emerged this week, showing The Rock confronting Cody Rhodes backstage after Raw. The nature of their conversation remains shrouded in mystery, but the tension was palpable. Could this be a sign of a dream match brewing at WrestleMania?
  • GUNTHER’s Historic Quest: The imposing behemoth, GUNTHER, officially announced his intention to make history at WrestleMania. The details remain unclear, but with his unwavering focus and undeniable strength, one can only imagine a monumental performance from the “Ring General.”
  • Becky Lynch Questions the Revolution: In a recent interview, Becky Lynch, a pioneer of the women’s revolution in WWE, expressed doubts about its execution. With a potential match against Rhea Ripley looming at WrestleMania, will Lynch use this platform to reignite the revolution or forge a new path?

The Final Bell: Anticipation Grows as WrestleMania Approaches

This week in WWE, while Raw and SmackDown went dark, the fire of competition continued to burn brightly. WWE Main Event delivered solid action, with Shayna Baszler and the tag team of Walker and Ledger solidifying their positions. ROH On Honor Club showcased its commitment to in-ring excellence with a captivating main event and exciting undercard matches.

As WrestleMania 40 approaches, the storylines become more intricate, the rivalries more personal, and the stakes higher than ever. Will The Rock and Cody Rhodes clash in a legendary battle? What historic feat will GUNTHER achieve? How will Becky Lynch’s perspective on the women’s revolution impact her match with Rhea Ripley? These are just a few of the questions swirling around the WWE Universe.pen_spark

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