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beautiful Kelly

August 2, 2023

Great watch this interview with beautiful Kelly!!I love pizza too. About pasta!!🤣🤣🤣🍝 🍕🍕🍕👍👍



August 2, 2023

It’s going to be hilarious when Santos bumps into Elektra backstage! 😂😂😂😂😂


nxt tag team champions

August 2, 2023

I’m proud of these gentlemen the family new nxt tag team champions and santos future us champion


New NXT Tag Team Champions

August 2, 2023

🎊Congratulations To The New NXT Tag Team Champions The Don Of NXT Tony D Angelo And To The Returning Representative Of LWO Santos Escobar on their win against The Gallus Boys And Welcome Back Santos Escobar🎊


Santos Escobar returning to NXT

August 2, 2023

Santos Escobar returning to NXT, along with NXT tag team champs Tony D & Stacks getting a win, my goodness.


United States Champion

August 2, 2023

Santos Escobar is future United States Champion.


return to NXT

August 2, 2023

Santos Escobar is one of my absolute favorites I also followed him at IMPACT I like him and seeing him return to NXT was a great moment 🔥🔥🔥


Santos is BACK in NXT

August 2, 2023

Santos is BACK in NXT as Tony D’Angelo’s Mystery man, NXT really worth watching because of Corbin, Judgment Day, Trick-Melo gang, and now, Escobar ❤❤


Very good Tonight NXT show

August 2, 2023

Very good Tonight NXT show

I would really love to see Dragon Lee as champion.

Trik is a dead man.

Lyra is getting a good push, love it.

They should do more with Dijak, his character is good and he is great in the ring.

Bron Breakker is great as a heel.

Tyler Bate vs Noam will be great

My boy Wes went from being undefeated for months and months to losing 3 times in a row… but I hope that this is not the beginning of a heel turn but rather of a much more aggressive Lee and that the final goal is him winning the nxt title.


What i like or don’t like for Tonight NXT

August 2, 2023

What i Liked the Most and was the Best

6-man main event. There were some folks on the live thread who guessed it was Santos Escobar. Give yourselves some gold stars, guys. This was good, should’ve gotten more time.

Dragunov promo post-credit. Trick said he wanted to be on his own. He just stepped into the bucket, and next week should be a banger.

Schism “interrogation”. Short segment, and it’ll lead to a blowoff, and revenge for the Creeds at No Mercy. Count on it. The Creeds pretending to be on vaycay was funny, though.

Dijak over Eddy Thorpe. Good match, got just enough time for both men to shine. I love the “Sin City” motif to Dijak’s entrance, including the chyron.

Lyra over Jacy. Not much more need be said.

In the middle:

Tiffany Tik-Tok promo. Tiffybration #2 next week. I think we’ll see the start of some movement toward Tiffy vs. Lyra, likely at No Mercy. I don’t think there’s anyone else ready.

Dana & Kelani could lead to Dana vs. Kelani in due course.

Cora decides to “leave this place”. Yeah, right. Someone’s going to get jumped because of Cora’s jealousy, but I’m not sure who’d be her next feud.

Corbin over Chase. Poor Thea. You could see she wanted to pay Chase back for throwing in the towel, but Corbin wasn’t having it. Nice. I am thinking Gable Steveson joins Chase U for the rematch with Corbin.

Tonight What I don’t Like

Meta-Farce over Hayes & Lee. Mensah pushes Hayes into the path of the Kardiac Kick, and that’s the part that gets glossed over. Jakara should’ve been ejected for getting into the ring, but, like Ava a few weeks back, she gets a pass because she didn’t make contact. I say, no, you throw her out anyway. Noam Dar gets a likely title shot, and Tyler Bate feeds into the delusion by accepting a match under Heritage Cup rules for next week because Dar is not the champion. He thinks he is, and it’s the old saw about never losing the title. Well, let’s remember that it was Mensah, because Dar was goldbricking and pretended to be injured, who lost the title to Nathan Frazer. Since there were never any reports of Dar being legit injured, this angle sucked.


Good opener with a good start to the match

August 2, 2023

Good building block episode for WWE NXT after GAB.

Lyra vs Jacy’s fued ending in a good opener with a good start to the match. I’ve said this before but I kinda miss Toxic Attraction together. Anyways, curious to see where both Lyra and Jacy go from here though.

Nice to see Dana not just leaving after beating Cora last week. Interested to see what Keilani does to show some aggression.

Feroz and Leon vs Vice and Lopez was a nice little tag match. Feroz and Leon continue to build their chemistry while this is Vice and Lopez’ first match together on TV. I like the tag division they’ve slowly been building in NXT. Feroz/Leon, Vice/Lopez, Keilani/Dana, and Meta-Four. Instead of having Chelsea and Sonya lose in can they coexist matches on MR, I’d like one of these teams to challenge them soon, specifically Feroz and Leon. (Or bring the NXT Tag titles back)

Lash and Jakara’s outfits were great tonight.

That little video package for Roxanne was good. The fued with Davenport improved her as a character for me for sure.

I wonder who Tiff will fued with next. Maybe Fallon or Wendy will reassurt themselves after stepping back for a while. Roxanne or Lyra seems likely too. Maybe even someone from MR like Tegan, Mia, or Emma would be cool. It’s going to good whoever it is most likely so I’m optimistic.

Excited for next week WWE NXT for July 8th 2023


Good NXT Show

August 2, 2023

It’s good to see Wes Lee, Mustafa Ali, and Thea Hail actually sell their frustrations after losing their title matches in non-clean fashions. It is something that we need to see more of in modern WWE. Too often, we’ve seen the likes of Kofi Kingston, Big E, Ricochet, and even The Fiend not give a damn about losing their title matches. The numerical win-loss records do not really matter as much as many fans believe; it’s the story being told when someone wins or loses that really makes that impact. This was easily the highlight of an otherwise bland episode of NXT.


Damian isn’t cashing in on Finn if he wins

August 2, 2023

One card that can be taken off the table for Summerslam. Damian isn’t cashing in on Finn if he wins. Rhea and Dom at NXT next week looks like business as usual for Judgement Day.

Still think Seth drops the WHC to either Finn or Damian at Summerslam. There would be no point in Damian winning the briefcase.


Tonight NXT Best Show

August 2, 2023

Tonight as usual was best Show. My favorite part was the Dom and Axiom exchange. Just the stupid kind of fun that I like.

Next week should be dope. Rey is showing up. Dom is facing Dragon Lee. Bron might be having his last match in NXT. Trick might be breathing his last breath and Tiffy will be there too. What’s not to like?


WWE NXT Entertaining Weekly Wrestling Show

August 2, 2023

IMO NXT is the Most Entertaining Weekly Wrestling Show


Pretty good nxt show

August 2, 2023

Love Lyra getting screen time and wins sucks being a Jacy Jayne fan

Dijak won a match hallelujah

Dar just beat a world champion

Great seeing Santos back in nxt , Legado Mafia wins


Dom confusing Axiom for Dragon Lee is comedy

August 2, 2023

Dom confusing Axiom for Dragon Lee is comedy. I don’t care.

Rhea went from calling Dragon Lee Batman to Axiom a power ranger.

Thank you for these 2 WWE.


Being the booker of NXT

August 2, 2023

Being the booker of NXT must be very easy. Just wait for some bullshit to happen in the parking lot and you have your main event for that week. Sometimes the full card.



Fallout from The Great American Bash

The post-Great American Bash edition of WWE NXT aired live on August 1, 2023 from the WWE Performance Center in Orlando, Florida. The show featured fallout from the pay-per-view, as well as several new matches and segments.

Lyra Valkyria vs. Jacy Jayne

The show opened with a match between Lyra Valkyria and Jacy Jayne. The two women had been feuding for several weeks, and this was their first chance to settle the score.

Valkyria got off to a strong start, but Jayne quickly took control. She used her size and power to wear Valkyria down, but Valkyria refused to give up. She fought back and eventually scored the victory with a roll-up.

Dijak vs. Eddy Thorpe

The next match was a singles match between Dijak and Eddy Thorpe. Both men were looking to make a statement, and they put on a hard-hitting match.

Dijak dominated early on, but Thorpe fought back and showed some impressive strength and agility. The match went back and forth, and both men had their chances to win. In the end, it was Dijak who prevailed, scoring the victory with a powerbomb.

The Schism Interrogation

The Schism interrogation segment was next. The Schism is a group of wrestlers led by Joe Gacy, and they have been accused of having masked followers who have been interfering in their matches.

In the segment, Gacy and the other members of the Schism interrogated their followers, trying to get them to confess. However, the followers refused to talk, and the segment ended with Gacy threatening them.

Lola Vice and Elektra Lopez vs. Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon

The next match was a tag team match between Lola Vice and Elektra Lopez and Valentina Feroz and Yulisa Leon. The match was a back-and-forth affair, with both teams getting their fair share of offense.

In the end, it was Feroz and Leon who came out on top, scoring the victory with a double team move.

Other Results

  • Carmelo Hayes defeated Grayson Waller to retain the NXT North American Championship.
  • The Creed Brothers defeated The Viking Raiders to retain the NXT Tag Team Championship.
  • Raquel Gonzalez defeated Io Shirai, Mandy Rose, and Dakota Kai to become the number one contender for the NXT Women’s Championship.

Overall, WWE NXT 8/1/23 was a solid show. There were some good matches, and the fallout from The Great American Bash was interesting. The Schism interrogation segment was a bit strange, but it was still entertaining. Overall, I would recommend checking out the show if you missed it.

The Verdict

WWE NXT 8/1/23 was a solid show that featured some good matches and interesting storylines. The fallout from The Great American Bash was well-handled, and the Schism interrogation segment was a bit strange but still entertaining. Overall, I would recommend checking out the show if you missed it.

What’s Next?

The next episode of WWE NXT will air on August 8, 2023. The show will feature more fallout from The Great American Bash, as well as several new matches and segments.

WWE NXT Sneak Peek:

The NXT Sneak Peek for August 1, 2023, is all about Tiffany Stratton. The NXT Women’s Champion is set to have a busy night, as she will be in action in two matches.

In the first match, Stratton will face Raquel Gonzalez. This is a rematch of their match at NXT TakeOver: Stand & Deliver, which Stratton won. Gonzalez is looking to get revenge, and she will be a tough opponent for Stratton.

After her match with Gonzalez, Stratton will be involved in a six-woman tag team match. Stratton will team up with Gigi Dolin and Jacy Jayne to take on Cora Jade, Roxanne Perez, and Indi Hartwell. This is a match between two of the top factions in NXT, and it is sure to be a wild one.

The NXT Sneak Peek also features a few other matches. Josh Briggs will face Von Wagner, and The Creed Brothers will face Edris Enofé & Malik Blade. These are two matches that could have a big impact on the NXT Tag Team division.

Overall, the NXT Sneak Peek for August 1, 2023, is shaping up to be a great show. With Stratton in action in two matches, and several other big matches on the card, it is sure to be a night of action and excitement.

Here are some additional thoughts on the NXT Sneak Peek:

  • It is clear that WWE is pushing Tiffany Stratton as the next big thing in NXT. She is being featured prominently in the promotional material for the show, and she is being given two matches on the card. This is a sign that WWE sees her as a potential future champion.
  • The match between Stratton and Gonzalez is sure to be a physical one. Both women are known for their hard-hitting style, and they are both looking to prove themselves. This is a match that could steal the show.
  • The six-woman tag team match is also sure to be a wild one. All six women are talented wrestlers, and they are all looking to make a statement. This is a match that could be a lot of fun.