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I love people getting mad at CM Punk already in this thread

November 28, 2023

I still remember how people were giving shit towards Cody when he went back too. Hypocrisy runs rampant in this business, but that’s how things operate in the wrestling world.


You can tell Punk was signed last minute just based on this show.

November 28, 2023

If you told me RAW tonight was designed in a lab to piss off everyone who watched only for Punk I would absolutely believe it. He just feels so opposite of everything else on this show and shoehorned in at the end


WWE Survivor Series: WarGames Rundown: WWE’s The Bump, Nov. 26th, 2023 Results


WWE Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 was an unforgettable night of action, with two thrilling WarGames matches, the return of CM Punk, and plenty of other surprises. On the following day, WWE’s The Bump took a look back at the event, recapping the biggest moments and interviewing the stars involved.

Women’s WarGames Match

The first WarGames match of the night saw Bianca Belair, Becky Lynch, Charlotte Flair, and Shotzi take on Damage CTRL (Iyo Sky, Asuka, Bayley, and Kairi Sane). The match was chaotic and action-packed from the start, with all eight women brawling it out inside the two rings and steel cage.

Belair and Lynch were the two standouts for their respective teams, with Belair delivering a powerful KOD to Asuka and Lynch hitting a devastating Manhandle Slam on Bayley. In the end, Belair, Lynch, Flair, and Shotzi emerged victorious, scoring a huge win for the Raw brand.

Men’s WarGames Match

The main event of the night was the men’s WarGames match, which saw The Bloodline (Roman Reigns, The Usos, Solo Sikoa, and Sami Zayn) take on Drew McIntyre, Cody Rhodes, Ezekiel, Kevin Owens, and Seth Rollins.

This match was even more brutal than the women’s match, with plenty of blood and violence. Reigns was the dominant force for The Bloodline, but McIntyre and Rhodes were able to match him blow for blow.

In the end, The Bloodline emerged victorious, thanks to a controversial pin by Reigns on McIntyre. However, the real story of the night was the return of CM Punk.

CM Punk’s Return

After the WarGames match, CM Punk made his shocking return to WWE. Punk had been absent from the company for over a year, and his return was met with a thunderous ovation from the crowd.

Punk didn’t say much, but his presence was enough to send a message to the entire WWE roster. It was clear that Punk is back with a vengeance, and he’s ready to make some waves.

Other Highlights

In addition to the two WarGames matches and Punk’s return, there were plenty of other highlights from Survivor Series: WarGames 2023.

  • Rhea Ripley defeated Rhea Ripley in a brutal match to retain her Raw Women’s Championship.
  • Santos Escobar defeated Rey Mysterio in a shocking upset.
  • Zoey Stark defeated Rhea Ripley in a breakout performance.


WWE Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 was a night to remember. It was a night of thrilling action, shocking surprises, and the return of one of the biggest stars in wrestling history.

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WWE Survivor Series: WarGames 2023 Rundown WWE The Bump