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EVENT: AEW Dynasty 2024

DATE: April 21st, 2024 (21/7/2024)

CITY: St. Louis, Missouri

VENUE: Chaifetz Arena

4.9 out of 5 stars (based on 44 reviews)
Very good5%





Great PPV

April 22, 2024

Great PPV, excited for what’s next


That was a phenomenal PPV tonight.

April 22, 2024

That was a phenomenal PPV tonight. I really hope this night and Swerve becoming the AEW Champ marks a new page being turned in AEW. A new fresh start to finally get away from the bullshit (which many were to blame for) that has hurt the company since All Out two years ago. For the sake of the company and wrestling as a whole, I hope tonight marks a new era in AEW.


No one was ever going

April 22, 2024

No one was ever going to interfere in that match. Your not going to cloud the crowning of your first African American champion with shenanigans. It was going to be clean with Swerve getting his deserved moment in the spotlight.


All In, All Out, Wrestledream,

April 22, 2024

All In, All Out, Wrestledream, Full Gear, World’s End was decent but definitely the lowest point for an AEW PPV overall, Revolution, and now Dynasty is the most incredible run of shows.


what an awesome PPV

April 22, 2024

Was there live and that fucking RULED what an awesome PPV


Swerve’s emotion

April 22, 2024

that simple shot of Swerve’s emotion before the last Swerve Stomp was good. and maybe better than the original finish of the Swerve Stomp on a falling back Joe they wanted


I want Swerve

April 22, 2024

and Cody to get a pic with each other so badly


Incredible. Shows

April 22, 2024

Incredible. Shows what happens when you believe in yourself and put in the work.


I love it.

April 22, 2024

Shame Joe’s run was relatively short, but he’s an old vet. He knows Swerve is ready, & what a match. Hard to follow Ospreay/Danielson, but I think they killed it.


The last 3 matches of this PPV are legendary,

April 22, 2024

not many shows have 3 matches like that with the crowd being as hot as they were


Really happy swerve is finally champ

April 22, 2024

and that Joe held the strap but felt like a foregone conclusion. Wish Swerve was the one who just beat MJF instead


When life robs you by everything

April 22, 2024

on earth being crazily over priced these days the only thing that never steals your money is AEW ppvs


Wrestling is so awesome right now.

April 22, 2024

To get both Wrestlemania and this PPV in the same month fucking rocks


Solid flippin show,

April 22, 2024

and exactly what the company needed for all the negativity as of late


What a show, 0 complaints.

April 22, 2024

A massive success for the first Dynasty.


Other than maybe MJF,

April 22, 2024

I don’t think anybody wanted to be AEW World Champion more than Swerve. He really wanted that shit, man. He absolutely deserves being AEW’s first black World Champion.


St. Louis dont have morals.

April 22, 2024

It’s incredible how people pop for a guy that stalked a baby in his opponent’s house.


I hate it that AEW

April 22, 2024

is dead otherwise I would be amazed at what they just did.


Fantastic night overall.

April 22, 2024

When AEW hits, it fuckin hits.


AEW tonight.

April 22, 2024

Top tier PPV for AEW tonight.


As good as they are,

April 22, 2024

WWE doesn’t really need them. They’re already having trouble finding spots for guys who are equally talented.


That was awesome.

April 22, 2024

So happy for Swerve. Shoutout to Prince Nana too.


Imagine how good the shows

April 22, 2024

would be if the company was ALIVE


They fucking deliver.

April 22, 2024

AEW winning percentage on PPVs is insane.


His talent was always clear

April 22, 2024

but it’s really cool seeing someone build themselves up to the top by connecting like that


Osprey about to be like

April 22, 2024

“Enjoy the title now bruv cause I’m going to nick it at All Innit”


except for like twice

April 22, 2024

AEW PPVs never miss.


The AEW PPV’s ALWAYS deliver!

April 22, 2024

Every match on this ppv was great to excellent!


Say what you will about the hard cam side when

April 22, 2024

AEW has the nerve to put out all timers like this one a “B-PPV” it really don’t matter cause as a wrestling fan when there’s good wrestling everybody wins, Love yall my peeps be good people see you in May for DON-🫡


I know they probably put Stokely

April 22, 2024

with Willow so that he could turn on her, but he’s too good as her supportive hype man.


i didn’t want Willow winning solely cause

April 22, 2024

i don’t want her first reign to be just a month before Mercedes wins it. still glad she won.


PPV for no reason

April 22, 2024

Something’s up. Mone wouldn’t be coming out here after a match on a PPV for no reason, or just for a staredown


Malakai singles run after this please

April 22, 2024

and thank you Mr Kham


I think I saw Tama Tonga

April 22, 2024

getting put through a table in Briscoe’s tron lol


Over/Under on Adam getting

April 22, 2024

the pinfall over a younger talent again?


Really digging the lighting of this show.

April 22, 2024

Reminds me of 1996 RAW or something.


If house of black lose ill

April 22, 2024

bite my keyboard & complain online


Okada finds his superfans

April 22, 2024

to do the DDT in front of lmao


How does your neck

April 22, 2024

bend that way damn


i always wonder about how guys like

April 22, 2024

Okada and Ospreay and Pac can all commute from their respective countries. I’d be tired just from the travel!


PAC is good at making

April 22, 2024

that look like an actual neck injury!


great tonight

April 22, 2024

JR is sounding great tonight


aew is alright

April 22, 2024

aew is alright

Joe Samoana

Show Timing and Info

April 21, 2024

Livestream links for AEW Dynasty 2024 4/21/24 21st April 2024 will be added before the preshow starts. HD Fullshow replay links for AEW Dynasty 2024 4/21/24 21st April 2024 will be added during the show. HD and HDTV Fullshow replay links for AEW Dynasty 2024 4/21/24 21st April 2024 will be added after the show ends


AEW Dynasty 2024: A Clash of Titans and Legends

Brace yourselves, wrestling fans, because AEW Dynasty is upon us! This Sunday, April 21st, the Chaifetz Arena in St. Louis, Missouri becomes the epicenter of professional wrestling as AEW presents a night of dream matches, championship battles, and generational clashes. Buckle up, because we’re about to delve into the heart of this stacked card, analyzing the storylines, predicting the outcomes, and raising the hype for what promises to be a truly unforgettable event.

The Main Event for the Ages: Danielson vs. Ospreay

The main event writes itself. Bryan Danielson, the American Dragon, a technical marvel and veteran of countless wars, takes on Will Ospreay, the IWGP United States Champion, a high-flying innovator known for his death-defying aerial assaults. This is a clash of styles, a meeting of the minds, and a dream match for any self-respecting wrestling purist.

Danielson, ever the strategist, will look to ground Ospreay and wear him down with his relentless mat work. Ospreay, on the other hand, will aim to take to the skies, pushing the boundaries of human athleticism and attempting to leave Danielson grasping at air. This is a battle of experience versus audacity, a chess match of counters and reversals, all culminating in a potential instant classic.

Can the American Dragon tame the Aerial Assassin, or will Ospreay usher in a new era of high-flying dominance? This is a match that transcends generations, a meeting point where technical mastery collides with breathtaking athleticism. Don’t blink, folks, because this one promises to be a showstopper.

A Championship Rematch with Stakes Raised: HOOK vs. Chris Jericho

The feud between HOOK and Chris Jericho has been a curious one. The young prodigy, undefeated and oozing quiet charisma, has been challenged by the veteran “Le Champion,” who seems to be on a mission to prove he can still hang with the new generation. Their first encounter was a hard-fought affair, with HOOK retaining his FTW Championship. This time, however, the stakes are even higher.

Jericho, desperate for a win and a return to relevancy, has adopted a new moniker – the “Learning Tree.” He claims to be mentoring younger talent, but his underlying frustration simmers just beneath the surface. HOOK, on the other hand, remains stoic and focused. He doesn’t need words; his actions speak volumes.

Will HOOK silence the doubters and definitively prove his dominance, or will Jericho manage to pull off an upset and reclaim his lost glory? This match is more than just a championship clash; it’s a battle between the established and the rising star. The outcome will have a significant impact on the landscape of AEW.

House of Black Seeks Championship Gold: Malakai vs. Kingston & Co.

The House of Black has cast a dark shadow over AEW for months. Malakai Black, the enigmatic leader, has led his disciples, Brody King and Buddy Matthews, on a path of destruction, targeting champions and leaving a trail of chaos in their wake. This Sunday, they set their sights on the TNT Championship, currently held by Eddie Kingston and his allies, Adam Cole and Mark Briscoe.

Kingston, the heart and soul of AEW, embodies the fighting spirit of the promotion. Cole, the former NXT Champion, brings a tactical brilliance to the table. Briscoe, a veteran brawler, adds a touch of unpredictable violence. Together, they form a formidable trio, but the House of Black is a different beast. Their dark rituals and unsettling presence create an aura of mystique and danger.

Will the House of Black claim another championship and solidify their dominance, or will Kingston and his unlikely allies rise to the occasion and defend the TNT Championship? This is a clash of ideologies, a battle between light and darkness. The outcome will have major implications for the future of the TNT title scene.

Other Matchups with Championship Implications:

The action doesn’t stop there! The TBS Championship is also on the line as Julia Hart defends her title against the formidable Willow Nightingale. PAC challenges the legendary Kazuchika Okada for the AEW World Championship in a Leather Match, a brutal stipulation that promises to push both competitors to their limits.

The finals of the Owen Hart Foundation Tournament pit the veteran duo of Nick Jackson and Matt Jackson against the ever-dangerous FTR. This promises to be a fast-paced, action-packed encounter with